Photovoltaics Beyond Conventional Silicon


Masterclasses will be held on the days around the conference. At each masterclass you will have the chance to attend specialized presentations from consultants and academics, giving you insight on the field of photovoltaics and printed, flexible electronics technologies. Handouts will also be provided.




June 16

Masterclass 1
Photovoltaics: Principles - Advances - Markets(Hyatt Regency Tech Center)

Masterclass 2
Introduction to Printed Electronics - Energy Harvesting
(Hyatt Regency Tech Center)

June 19

Masterclass 3
Photovoltaics: Fabrication Techniques
(Hyatt Regency Tech Center)


Masterclass 1: Photovoltaics: Principles-New Technologies-Markets

June 16, Morning Session | Hyatt Regency Tech Center

Registration starts:8:00am
Masterclass starts:8:30am
Masterclass ends:12:00pm

Dr Harry Zervos, Technology Analyst - IDTechEx
Prof Ghassan Jabbour, Director of Research-Optoelectronic Materials and Devices - Arizona State University Flexible Display Center

A masterclass designed to give an overview of the basic principles of the different emerging photovoltaic technologies, focusing on thin film solar cells such as CIGS and CdTe, organic photovoltaics, hybrid organic/inorganic solar cells , dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs). The masterclass will also include a brief look at implementations, the emerging markets, investors and players involved with these technologies. Insight into these technologies will be given by Ghassan Jabbour of Arizona State University.



Masterclass 2: Introduction to Printed Electronics- Energy Harvesting

June 16, Afternoon Session | Hyatt Regency Tech Center

Registration starts:2:00pm
Masterclass starts:2:30pm
Masterclass ends:6:00pm

Mr Raghu Das, CEO - IDTechEx
Joe Keating, Senior Applications Engineer - Infinite Power Solutions
Gary Johnson, President & CEO - Thin Battery Technologies

An introductory masterclass that gives an overview of printed and potentially electronics technologies and predictions on market growth in the next few years. The masterclass will be covering varying fields; from displays and lighting all the way to thin film solar cells, batteries and logic. A more in depth presentation of energy harvesting will follow, with the kind participation of Infinite Power Solutions, global leaders in designing, manufacturing, and marketing thin film batteries (TFB) for micro-electronic applications.



Masterclass 3: Photovoltaics: Fabrication Techniques

June 19, Morning Session | Hyatt Regency Tech Center

Registration starts:8:00am
Masterclass starts:8:30am
Masterclass ends:12:00pm

Raghu Das, CEO - IDTechEx
Dr Mark Hartney CTO - USDC
Rick Mental, Business Manager - GSI Technologies
Stan Farnsworth, VP - Marketing - NovaCentrix Corporation

A masterclass that is focused on the major fabrication techniques for photovoltaic cells. With a number of different technologies available, a variety of manufacturing techniques is available, depending on materials, demands for specific properties, performance and efficiencies. A number of printing techniques will also be covered as they promise versatility, ease of manufacturing and low cost, factors that will influence the much-awaited decrease in cost per watt that will allow ubiquitous adoption of PV power.


Photovoltaics "Beyond Conventional Silicon" USA - Focusing on flexible, printed, organic & inorganic technologies. Innovative solutions that open up immense new markets.

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