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Conference Agenda


Wednesday, 08 Oct 2008

 Printed Electronics Markets, Technologies and Products: Keynote Presentations
09:15Toppan Forms
10:15Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
10:45Coffee & Networking Break
 Progress to lower cost, flexible, printed, lightweight Photovoltaics
11:30Gifu University
11:55National Chiao Tung University
12:20G24 Innovations / Osaka University
12:45Lunch & Networking Break
 Thin film and printed transistors and memory
14:40University of Cambridge
15:05Nano ePrint
15:30Thin Film Electronics
15:55Coffee & Networking Break
16:30Imperial College
 Printed, laminar and flexible sensors, sound and batteries
16:55NXT Technology
17:20Waseda University
17:45University of California
18:10Networking Drinks
19:00End of Day 1

Thursday, 09 Oct 2008

 Flexible, printed and large area OLED displays
08:45Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology
09:10DuPont Displays
09:35Kodak Japan
 E-paper Technologies: Rollable, reflective, low power and light weight displays
10:00Bridgestone Corporation
10:25E Ink
10:50Coffee & Networking Break
 Technologies enabling the printing of electronics
11:25imaging Technology international
12:15Asahi Kasei Chemicals
12:40Lunch & Networking Break
 New electronic materials: conductors, semiconductors, rare material replacements, carbon based materials
14:00Merck Chemicals
14:25BASF Future Business
14:50HC Starck
15:15Hitachi Chemical
15:40Coffee & Networking Break
16:10Frontier Carbon Corporation
 Future Possibilities with Printed Electronics
16:35University of Tokyo
17:00End of Day 2
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