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Printed electronics Asia 2009, the third annual conference, builds on the extensive research IDTechEx has conducted in Asia over the last ten years. It puts you at the heart of the activity. The money spent on attending will be small compared to the investment needed for you to research progress in the territory, giving you exclusive insight and competitiveness.


Attendees have access to the hotbed of activity of printed electronics in Asia by hearing the latest from leading developers across the region. IDTechEx is also hosting tours to local companies, which have included in the past Sony, Toppan Forms, Dai Nippon Printing, Mitsubishi, Hodogaya Chemical, Toppan Printing and the University of Tokyo. No other show brings these heavyweights together all at one event for you.




I congratulate IDTechEx for managing to offer the tour option, because I am sure that it could not have been easy to convince the Japanese to open their doors as willingly as they did.
General Electric
When I attended IDTechEx Printed Electronics conference this year I experienced what is really meant by Printed Electronics. The event was very well organized and had the right mix of suppliers, developers and users attending. I found the red-hot lectures and sessions throughout the whole conference compelling and I left the venue with numerous new contacts, new ideas and a very good overview of the world of Printed Electronics and the opportunities it holds for the company that I work for. Recommendable!
I find the meetings that you put together, both for their technical content and the networking opportunities, to be precisely what I am looking for: a quick update on what is going on at the leading edge of a very rapidly growing field.
General Electric
Most important event in Europe regarding PE
Fusion UV Systems GmbH
This is 'the' conference in the field. The delegate list looked like my email database. All movers and shakers are here. The recent progress at CIT made this networking event highly relevant.
The perfect networking environment.
Prelonic Technologies
Very well organized conference, good platform for networking
Fusion UV Systems GmbH
If you are involved in printed electronics in any way, this conference is a must for networking with academics, material suppliers, equipment suppliers, processors and even potential customers.
This event has been carefully organized providing opportunities for interactions between all levels of the business market.
Very good overview on all major PE topics. Good mixture of all important printed electronics fields and applications! Congratulations!
Renolit AG
This conference was an excellent opportunity for us, as a spin-off company, to come into contact with key players in the field from the material and the equipment side.
This must be the largest event in the field and so attracts the relevant contacts from academia, materials suppliers, equipment manufacturers and end users.


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Printed Electronics Europe 09
Learn about all the technologies, all the applications and all the opportunity at Printed Electronics Asia. IDTechEx is running an exclusive VIP Tour to Tokyo, Japan with company visits, a 2 day conference and exhibition. Meet, learn from, and network with the leading companies involved in organic, printed inorganic and other thin film electronics in East Asia.

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