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Conference Agenda

The conference covers the full breadth of the industry, including organic semiconductors and thin film silicon (enabling transistor circuits), power, sensors, displays (such as OLED, electrochromic, electrophoretic, electroluminescent), materials, manufacturing techniques and of course their application.

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DAY ONE - Thursday 20 April

Global Market Overview

8:30-9:00 IDTechEx, UK Raghu Das, CEO

"Printed electronics progress and state-of-the-art in East Asia"

  • Latest progress from Japan, Korea, Taiwan and elsewhere
  • Activities of major players

9:00-9:30 IDTechEx, USA Dan Lawrence, VP Business Development

"Update on North American markets and research in printed electronics"

  • The major players, regions, and markets for printed electronics developing in North America
  • Differences between the Americas and other regions in terms of technology focus
  • Regional start-ups or multi-nationals, comparative strengths and weaknesses

9:30-10:00 Printed Electronics Ltd, UK Steve Jones, Business Development Director

“Printed electronics: opportunities and threats”

  • The boundaries between conventional electronics and printed electronics
  • Areas that need to be developed before the wider community will accept printed electronics
  • The major limitation with inkjet printing
  • The major challenge with inkjet printing


Investing in Printed Electronics

10:00-10:30 Intel Capital, Western Europe Abdul Guefor, Investment Director

"Intel Capital and strategic venturing"

  • Intel Capital mission and overview
  • Investment philosophy and criteria
  • Intel and printed electronics

10:30-11:00 Refreshment and networking break

11:00-11:30 Amadeus Capital Partners Ltd, UK Hermann Hauser, Director

"The Amadeus approach to investing"


Thin Film Transistor Circuits

11:30-12:00 Motorola, USA Dr Jie Zhang, Principal Staff Engineer

"Challenges and opportunities for printed electronics"

  • Market opportunities for low cost electronics
  • Challenges in printed electronics
    • Printing process and technologies
    • Functional inks for printed electronics

12:00-12:25 Hewlett Packard, USA Dr Thomas Lindner, R&D manager 

"Printed Electronics - HP's Technology beyond Ink on Paper"

  • Capability of HP's Ink Jet Capability
  • Printable Materials and active Devices
  • The next Horizon: Digital Fabrication

12:25-12:50 University of California, Berkeley, USA Dr Vivek Subramanian, Associate Professor

"Advanced printed materials and devices for RFID applications"

  • Performance needs of printed RFID
  • Development of advanced engineered materials for printed RFID
  • Characteristics of fully-printed active and passive components for printed RFID

12:50-13:50 Lunch and networking break

13:50-14:15 PolyIC, Germany Wolfgang Mildner, Managing Director

“Printing RFID"

  • Future applications and products for printed electronics

  • Technology status and latest achievements of PolyIC

14:15-14:40 VTT, Finland Dr Jukka Hast

"Towards roll-to-roll fabricated integrated modules"

  • Roll-to-roll manufacturing
  • Module integration
  • Components, possibilities and restrictions

Printed Memory Circuits

14:40-15:05 Thin Film Electronics, Sweden Dr Per Bröms, Brand Manager/Product Manager

"Printed memory"

  • Introduction to polymer based non-volatile random access memory
  • Anti-counterfeit devices as an example of early applications
  • Printed memory roadmap


Photovoltaics, Batteries and Sensors

15:05-15:35 Konarka Technologies, Austria Dr Christoph Brabec, Director Polymer Photovoltaics

"Printed flexible photovoltaics - a pathway to low cost power supply"

  • Printing
  • Polymer Photovoltaics
  • Polymer Electronics

15:35-16:00 NANOIDENT, Austria Klaus Schroeter, CEO

"Organic photodetectors"

  • Introduction to NANOIDENT's photonic sensor platform
  • Advantages of organic photodetectors vs. silicon photodetectors
  • NANOIDENT ORGANIC FAB: Next generation semiconductor fab
  • Markets and applications for organic photodetectors

16:00-16:30 Refreshment and networking break

16:30-16:55 SCEAS, University of Manchester, UK Krishna Persaud, Professor
"Conducting polymer gas and odour sensors"

  • Conducting polymers as sensors in the form of an array for measurement of complex mixtures of volatile chemicals
  • When exposed to analyte vapours, the electrical conductivity of the polymer film changes. This is correlated quantitatively to the concentration of the vapours, and is readily reversible.
  • Methods of deposition of conducting polymers onto polyimide substrates

16:55-17:20 VARTA Microbattery GMBH, Germany Dr Martin Krebs

" Batteries for Printed Electronics"

  • Recent development in portable battery business
  • Flat batteries below 1mm thickness
  • Trends and technics in printed batteries

Panel discussion
"How to make money out of Printed Electronics"

Stuart Evans, CEO, Plastic Logic, UK

Richard Kirk, Managing Director, elumin8, UK

Steve Jones, Business Development Director, Printed Electronics Ltd, UK

Abdul Guefor, Investment Director, Intel Capital, Western Europe

Dr Nick Stone, Novalia, UK

19:00 Meet the Experts Gala Dinner
St John's College (by pre arrangement only)



DAY TWO - Friday 21 April



Displays Section Chairman Chris Williams, UK Director, UK Displays & Lighting Network

09:00-09:30 elumin8 Systems, UK Richard Kirk, Managing Director

"New large area moving colour displays"

09:30-10:00 Orgatronics, The Netherlands Edward Voncken, CEO

Low cost manufacturing solutions for OLED’s by using inkjet printing

  • Different type of printing challenges
  • Integral inkjet printing approach
  • Manufacturing solutions and project examples

10:00-10:30 Cambridge Display Technology, UK Dr Jonathan Halls, Strategic Technology Planner  

"Polymer OLEDs: Recent Progress and Particular Challenges for Flexible Displays"

  • Recent progress in PLED performance and manufacturing
  • Commercialisation status and market drivers
  • Flexible P-OLED status and Challenges

10:30-11:00 Refreshment and networking break

11:00-11:30 John Lewis PLC, UK Katharine Williams, Telephony & Shelf Edge Labelling Systems Manager; Episys, UK Nigel Rix, Commercial Director

11:30-12:00 NTERA Inc., Ireland Dr. David Corr, Managing Director Dublin, Chief Scientist

"Experience the brighter world of visual DNAs"


Manufacturing Printed Electronics

12:00-12:30 Cenamps, UK Dr Mike Pitkethly, Chief Executive Officer

"Polymer electronics for a flexible functional future - bridging the gap between lab and production"

  • Addressing the challenges of scale-up
  • The vision of a prototyping facility in the North East of England
  • Using the facility as a platform for sustainable industrial growth

The Technology Partnership, UK Dr Colin Marsh, Manager, New Applications

"Novel manufacturing methods for printed electronics"

  • Next Generation Digital Deposition
  • 3D Fabrication
  • Hybrid Technologies

13:00-14:00 Lunch and networking break

14:00-14:30 Conductive Inkjet Technology Ltd, UK Mike Johnson, Director

"The future has arrived - reel-to-reel printed electronics"

  • The CIT process
  • Application areas
  • The MetalJet 6000
  • Next steps

14:30-14:55 Industrial Inkjet Ltd, UK John Corrall, Director

"Requirements for printing electronics now and in future and some solutions from Japan"

  • Review of challenges in printing of electronics
  • Some solutions from Konica Minolta

14:55-15:20 Printed Systems, Germany Arved Huebler, CTO

"The first FAB for mass printed electronics"

  • Our vision of printed electronics
  • The FAB, the products
  • The future

15:20-15:30 Rieke Metals, USA Dr Reuben Rieke, President & CEO

"Novel polythiophenes from highly reactive metals"

15:30-16:00 Refreshment and networking break

16:00-16:25 PixDro, USA Dror Mualem, VP Marketing
"Application & system requirements For printed electronics"

  • PixDro technologies for printed electronics

    • Thin layers
    • Accurate dispensing into cells & small areas
  • MEMS ink jet head

  • Laboratory printer LabP150

  • Industrial printer InkP350

  • Future development trends for printed electronics


Testing and Materials

16:25-16:50 Cabot, USA Dr Karel Vanheusden

"Inkjet printable flexible display circuitry"

  • Requirements for inkjet printable flexible displays
  • Inkjet conductors, resistors, and dielectrics
  • Real-Life examples of inkjet printed display circuitry

16:50-17:15 Veeco, Europe Freek Pasop, Manager

"Surface metrology for printed electronics"

  • Principles of Stylus Profilometry, Optical Interferometry and Atomic Force Microscopy
  • Pro's and con's of these techniques for printed electronics applications will be explained
  • Applications of optical, non contact 3D measurements will be highlighted

17:15-17:40 Parelec, USA Geva Barash, CEO

"The role of RFID labels for consumer applications"

  • RFID labels - their capabilities
  • Developments in printing for RFID labels
  • Choosing a source for your RFID labels
  • RFID as a driver in the labeling industry


New Products

17:40-18:00 Novalia, UK Dr Nick Stone

"Printed electronic interactive trading cards"

  • Identifying printed electronic opportunities
  • Available technologies
  • Printed electronics in action: Interactive trading card game


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