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The two optional expert-led masterclasses are interactive consultancy sessions. At each masterclass you will have the chance to handle many samples, and take away printed copies of presentations. They will ensure you get the most from the conference and leave understanding the issues with answers to your questions.

Masterclass Schedule

For Masterclass 2 attendees: You should have received an email notifying which Masterclass 2 session you will be attending. Please email for enquiries.

Masterclass 1

First Masterclass 2
For Tour No 4

Second Masterclass 2
For Tour No 1, 2, & 3

0800 Register
Main College Foyer
0830 Masterclass 1 Starts
Fellows Dining Room
1130 Masterclass 1 Ends
Tour 1, 2, & 3 start
1130 Lunch & registration    
    1215 Masterclass 2 Starts
Fellows Dining Room
      1430 Tour 1, 2, & 3 end

Main College Foyer
    1500 Masterclass 2 Ends
Tour 4 starts
1500 Masterclass 2 Starts
Fellows Dining Room
        1800 Masterclass 2 Ends

Masterclass 1: Printed Electronics - Applications and Opportunities

Wednesday 19 April 2006 08:30 - 11:30
Fellows Dining Room Churchill College

Raghu Das, CEO & Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman
IDTechEx, UK

Printed electronics and electrics are merging as many new products combine both functions. This market will exceed that for silicon chips. It will subsume many large components and it creates displays, batteries, laminar fuel cells and lighting. Silicon chips cannot do that.

In this Masterclass we discuss electronic, electric and combined options under the banner of printed electronics. We explore the vast number of replacement and newly created markets from vastly improved human interfaces for high volume products to RFID replacing ten trillion barcodes yearly. If these things are not done with printed electronics then they will not be done at all. We explain why.

We show how money is being made today and we size the market sectors through to hundreds of billions of dollars yearly in twenty years. We give role models of success and lessons of failure and list the companies to watch.

Masterclass 2: Printed Electronics - Technologies, Players, and Roadmaps

1st Run: Wednesday 19 April 2006 11:30 - 15:00
2nd Run: Wednesday 19 April 2006 15:00 - 18:00
Fellows Dining Room Churchill College

Dan Lawrence, VP Business Development

Organic electronics involves many technologies and the results include everything from Thin Film Transistor Circuits TFTC to electrochromic and other displays. However, inorganic and mixed organic/ inorganic structures are also receiving much attention. Thus, although over 40 companies are developing organic TFTCs, Xerox, Hewlett Packard and Merck are independently developing inorganic versions based on new compounds.

On the other hand, is it worth progressing thin film silicon for logic and power or has it run out of road? Inorganic displays such as thermochromic and electroluminescent ones have a great future. We explain this big picture and what may result.

We examine the challenges of physics, material science and production such as codeposition of many components to save cost and improve reliability - and how they are being tackled. We consider whether it is sensible that we have more organizations developing Organic Light Emitting Diodes OLEDs than all other options put together.

We assess whether and when this could produce radically improved electronic displays and low cost low power lighting and electronic billboards. With flexo, litho, screen, gravure and ink jet used for printed electronics will one win or not? We look at the technical hurdles and alternatives, including neglected opportunities.


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