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Heraeus GmbH
Heraeus, the technology group headquartered in Hanau, Germany, is a leading international family-owned company formed in 1851. With expertise, a focus on innovations, operational excellence and an entrepreneurial leadership, we strive to continuously improve our business performance.
We create high-quality solutions for our clients and strengthen their competitiveness in the long term by combining material expertise with technological know-how. Our ideas are focused on themes such as the environment, energy, health, mobility and industrial applications. Our portfolio ranges from components to coordinated material systems which are used in a wide variety of industries, including the steel, electronics, chemical, automotive and telecommunications industries.
In the 2015 financial year, Heraeus generated revenues without precious metals of €1.9 bn and a total revenue of €12.9 bn. With approximately 12,500 employees worldwide in more than 100 subsidiaries in 38 countries, Heraeus holds a leading position in its global markets.
Parelec offers Total solutions for both the Passive and Active RFID markets. Parelec's Parmod® conductive ink enables us to offer partners and customers lowest-cost highest performance passive RFID antenna. This superior performance is due to the patented technology of Parmod® ink's higher conductivity and custom antenna designed to fit a customer's specific needs. We also have an Active RFID with our iLocate™ solution which enables us to offer partners and customers the lowest cost solution due to low infrastructure cost and smart active RFID solutions. We have the only two-way encrypted communications supporting tag on the market, 128bit EAS encryption for all wireless communication and less than 1 foot location accuracy combined with zone location in a single solution. We were established in 1996 and have offices in Princeton NJ and R&D centers in NJ and Israel. Our Certified Partner Program brings together printers, chip manufacturers and systems integrators to deliver the best Total RFID Solution in the market today!. The Parelec patented Parmod® inks are also very suitable for Membrane Touch Switches, Circuits, High Density Interconnects and Defroster/Heaters
Pelikon Limited
Pelikon MorphPad™ and MorphTouch™ revolutionize the user experience on mobile phones and consumer devices by simplifying the user experience and providing increased functionality. The MorphPad and MorphTouch turnkey modules set against a black background with a wide choice of colours offer full tactile feedback, high contrast and visual impact. When power is off, the morphing keypad provides a clean, black dead front surface, which appeals to both consumers and product designers.
From rapid text entry to game control, multiple features and complex tasks are made easier and much more intuitive. Keyboards and keypads automatically reconfigure - or "morph" -- to reveal only the controls relevant to the user's immediate task, whether it is email, phone, MP3, or web browsing. Pelikon MorphPadsTM integrate tactile dome switches and optional touch sensing with a low-power, programmable, flexible backlit display into an ultra-thin keyboard/keypad module that is visible under all lighting conditions and from wide viewing angles. The ability to create stunning animations and intuitive mode swapping further enhances the user experience.
MorphPad and MorphTouch technologies enable carriers and handset manufacturers to promote new functions and additional services that may be limited by other interface products. MorphPad's ability to integrate additional functionalities like gaming and track pad creates opportunities for handset manufacturers and carriers to potentially achieve higher average revenue per user.
MorphPad™ was integrated in the Toshiba® Biblio ebook Reader, launched in 2009 in Japan by KDDI.
Pelikon is an MFLEX (Nasdaq: MFLX) company. MFLEX is the second-largest global flexible printed circuit board producer and module assembler. In fiscal 2009, MFLEX reported net sales of $764 million USD and celebrated its 25th year anniversary.

Bronze Sponsors

Agfa-Gevaert NV
Founded in 1867, Agfa is a leader in the graphics arts industry, in healthcare radiology and IT solutions as well as a number of niche markets, such as green hydrogen, synthetic paper and printed electronics. With its ORGACON product portfolio, Agfa stays at the cutting edge of material development for printed electronics and digitally fabricated PCBs. It includes coatings as well as screen print and inkjet inks for applications ranging from transparent electrodes to conductive circuitry for automotive, home appliances and consumer electronics.
BASF Corporation, headquartered in Florham Park, New Jersey, is the North American affiliate of BASF SE, Ludwigshafen, Germany. BASF has more than 18,200 employees in North America, and had sales of $17.9 billion in 2017. For more information about BASF's North American operations, visit External Link. At BASF, we create chemistry for a sustainable future. We combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. The more than 115,000 employees in the BASF Group work on contributing to the success of our customers in nearly all sectors and almost every country in the world. Our portfolio is organized into five segments: Chemicals, Performance Products, Functional Materials & Solutions, Agricultural Solutions and Oil & Gas. BASF generated sales of €64.5 billion in 2017. BASF shares are traded on the stock exchanges in Frankfurt (BAS), London
(BFA) and Zurich (BAS). Further information at External Link. BASF 3D Printing Solutions GmbH is a subsidiary of BASF.
Ciba is a leading global company dedicated to producing high-value effects for its customers' products. We strive to be the partner of choice for our customers, offering them innovative products and one-stop expert service. We create effects that improve the quality of life - adding performance, protection, color and strength to plastics, paper, automobiles, buildings, home and personal care products and much more. Ciba is active in more than 120 countries around the world and is committed to being a leader in its chosen markets.
FUJIFILM Dimatix, the world's premier provider of piezoelectric inkjet printheads and systems, has more than 32 years of experience in advancing the performance of drop-on-demand dispensing devices with its state-of-the-art MEMS technology. The Dimatix Materials Printer, a cartridge-based piezoelectric inkjet printing system that enables direct deposition of functional fluids to create products like displays, RFID antennas, smart tags, DNA arrays, smart packaging, solar cells, and wearable electronics, has been accepted as the industry standard for the accelerated development of inkjet solutions in electronics, displays, life sciences, photovoltaics, and other industries.
imaging Technology international (iTi)
imaging Technology international Corporation (iTi) is a leading digital fabrication systems supplier. Established in 1992, headquartered in Boulder, CO with its European office in Cambridge UK, iTi designs, develops and manufactures high precision digital material deposition systems that incorporate inkjet technology. iTi's strategy is to support customers from Lab2Fab with a comprehensive range of flexible, printhead independent R&D tools, which include the Drop Watcher and MDS 300 materials deposition system, through to high volume fabrication systems such as the VJet and Digital Web Press.
In 2009, iTi established the iTi Solar division to advance the economies of clean, renewable energy through the use of industrial inkjet technologies. iTi Solar develops precision industrial inkjet systems for use in the manufacturing of efficient, low-cost solar cells. iTi Solar's material deposition systems are used by a number of labs worldwide, including the US Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL).
iTi is widely acknowledged for its technical expertise in incorporating inkjet technology as a digital manufacturing process. Our in-depth understanding of the capabilities of inkjet technologies, combined with expertise in industrial design, electrical, mechanical and software engineering assist our customers in a wide variety of deposition applications.
iTi can shape a world-class solution that makes sense for your inkjet challenge - work with us from Lab2Fab.
ImageXpert is a leader in machine vision technology for inkjet drop-in-flight analysis, print quality inspection, and part inspection. ImageXpert produces the JetXpert Dropwatcher, the JetXpert Print Station, and other advanced analysis systems for R&D laboratories. ImageXpert is also a renowned integrator; combining printheads, drive electronics, ink supplies, and more into turnkey inkjet development systems.
InkTec Co., Ltd
Transparent Silver Inks, developed by InkTec with patented technology, are Ag-based conducting inks suitable to RFID Tag, PCB, reflective film, display, and EMI shielding, etc. Differently from other prior conductive inks based on nano-technology, InkTec inks are purely transparent silver inks which are not formulated by particle structure. The inks are stable even in long-term storage and applicable to various substrates because they enable ink sintering in low temperature for conductive trace.
ixPressia is a specialised inkjet software company with products designed for the industrial inkjet printing market.
Based in Cambridge, at the heart of the inkjet industry, our Hydra software products are proven to accelerate development for inkjet printer developers.
The Hydra suite of software provides a 'one kit suits all' solution, removing the need for custom printhead control software development by printer manufacturers.
Regardless of end user application, or printhead configuration, our software will drive your printer and includes full user-interface, RIP, print engine, motion control, ink management, head layout tools and simulation.
It is available as end user licence or developer edition and comes with training and support from our expert software and integration team.
Lambda Photometrics
Lambda Photometrics is one of the UK's largest and longest-established suppliers of high-tech solutions for scientific, industrial, military and medical applications. Lambda will be launching and demonstrating the Zygo NewView™ 600, a highly affordable and compact 3D optical profiler for research, development and production.
The NewView™ 600 offers high-precision 3D scanning of complex surfaces, simplified operation, configuration flexibility, and advanced surface characterization - including comprehensive surface texture, step-height, PSD analysis, and much more.
If you would like to experience the NewView™ 600 and measure your samples, components and parts, come along to the Lambda stand for a demonstration.
IIMAK and Nanodynamics have teamed up to commercialize functional electronic inks for both analog and digital printing. Conductive inks using traditional printing technologies can be used to mass-produce extremely thin, flexible and inexpensive electronic circuits. Digital conductive inks are applicable in variable on-demand, on-site, or customized printing. For more information visit
OE-A (Organic and Printed Electronics Association)
The OE-A (Organic and Printed Electronics Association) is a working group within the German Engineering Federation (VDMA). It was founded in December 2004. OE-A is the key international industry association for organic and printed electronics and represents the whole value chain of this emerging industry. Our members are leading international companies and institutions, ranging from component and material suppliers, equipment and tool suppliers, producers/system integrators and end-users to R&D institutes. More than 160 companies from Europe, North America, Asia and Australia are working together to promote the establishment of a competitive production infrastructure for organic and printed electronics. The vision of the OE-A is to build a bridge between science, technology and application. The activities of the OE-A include education, networking opportunities, strategic market understanding, roadmap for organic and printed electronics, quality control and measurement, applications and the exchange of ideas to unite the entire industry. The OE-A headquarter is in Frankfurt/Germany and our local North American office is in Pittsburgh/USA.
Further information on OE-A, member companies, member benefits, becoming a member, etc., please visit the OE-A Website.
OLLA Project
The OLLA project is a Pan European research project, which is funded by the European Commission. It's acronym stands for high brightness Organic LEDs for Lighting Applications, and targets to further develop OLEDs as lighting technology. Coming close to the project end, we here show our latest results at the Printed Electronics Europe.
The aim of the OLLA project is to research and develop high brightness, high efficient white OLEDs and demonstrate its use in general lighting applications.
PixDro is an innovative company, specialized in the research & development of industrial inkjet applications and the manufacturing of advanced inkjet printing systems for research and industry. Our experience in the inkjet printing market has resulted in various innovative technologies and products.
Our products consist of printing modules embedded in an open system architecture allowing PixDro to customize our systems (LP 50 and LP 150) for client specific processes and applications. These building blocks enable easy integration and migration from entry-level single layer printing for R&D purposes to volume printing in an industrial system.
With these products and modules PixDro facilitates the development of applications and offers a migration path to a complete industrial production system.
As part of the OTB-Group, PixDro offers complete printing solutions including pre and post processing; thereby, providing a complete solution for your requirements.
UK Photonics Cluster
Photonics Cluster (UK) is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting the optoelectronics industry specialising in the area of Solid State Lighting. Activities include training courses such as the unique LED Safety Course and Practical Light and Colour Measurement Course, the DTI Global Watch LED Technology Missions to Japan and USA and our headquarters host the Solid State Lighting Research Centre. This suite of laboratories are the only test laboratories dedicated to SSL luminaire and lamp testing and are furnished with the latest specialist-testing equipment.
PolyIC develops and markets products based on the platform technology printed electronics: In the course of this PolyIC offers products from the field "Touch Sensors & Passive Devices".
"Touch Sensors & Passive Devices"
Touch sensors based on the PolyTC® technology offer transparent, conductive and flexible possibilities for touch screens and capacitive keys in any variants. Furthermore, this technology enables the setup of flexible circuit structures as passive devices for a huge variety of further applications. The highlight is the possibility to combine decoration and function to achieve a maximum of design flexibility.
Soligie utilizes high speed, roll-to-roll manufacturing to produce printed electronics with a variety of conductive, resistive and proprietary materials on flexible substrates such as PET, paper and foil. Soligie offers a full range of services including: concept design, circuit design, design for manufacturability and final volume production. We combine emergent materials with proprietary manufacturing processes and produce electrical components such as memory, sensors, displays and batteries for integration onto thin, flexible substrates. Soligie currently serves the military, medical device, smart packaging, RFID and flexible interconnect markets.
Thin Film Systems
Thinfilm is enabling the Internet of Everything through our NFC (near field communications) solutions. We provide consumer-focused NFC mobile marketing as well as industrial and supply chain solutions, including blockchain applications. Thinfilm delivers end-to-end support throughout the entire process, starting with the manufacturing of NFC tags using our roll-to-roll printed electronics production process. Our offering also includes our CNECT™ Cloud Platform, which captures data and provides actionable insights into consumer behavior and business logistics, as well as integration support to apply tags to physical items.
Thin Film Electronics ASA is a publicly listed company in Norway with global headquarters in Oslo, Norway; US headquarters in San Jose, California; and offices in Linköping, Sweden; San Francisco; London; Hamburg; Singapore; and Shanghai. For more information, visit External Link.
TTP plc
The Technology Partnership (TTP) makes new technology and new products possible by the way we work. We build teams of talented, bright, accomplished people and give them the freedom to share their knowledge and enthusiasm within the business. We have a commitment to world-class engineering and science and firmly believe it can have a huge impact on the commercial success of our clients. A team over 300 exceptionally skilled and accomplished scientists, engineers and business innovators, with in-depth industry expertise, work closely with our customers to turn great ideas into reality. We invent, design, develop and engineer new products, processes and instruments. The scope and variety of our projects can be very different, but we routinely define the need, assess the market opportunity, specify the goals, create the solution, build the prototypes, engineer for production and then transfer the output into a manufacturing supply chain. External Link
Veeco provides solutions for nanoscale applications in the worldwide scientific research, semiconductor, data storage, and high- brightness-LED/ wireless markets. Our Metrology products are used to measure at the micro- and nanoscale, and include atomic force microscopes, scanning probe microscopes, and stylus and optical profilers.Our Process Equipment tools help create nanoscale devices and include ion beam etch and deposition, physical vapor deposition, molecular beam epitaxy, metal organic chemical vapor deposition, precision lapping and dicing technologies.
UK Displays and Lighting Network
UK Displays and Lighting Network was launched in April 2006 as part of the DTI - "Knowledge Transfer Networks' programme. UKDL is a vibrant central hub of activity for the displays and lighting community. Designed to stimulate innovation in the key technology sectors by promoting collaboration, best practice and knowledge sharing between industry and academia. By encouraging partnerships and teamwork, UKDL aims to support science base through to end-users. Positioning the UK as the innovation engine for Europe.
UKDL supports and strengthens the UK Displays and Lighting Sector through tutorials, workshops and seminars with training and education embracing all levels of industry, commerce and academia. We encourage commercial and industrial collaborations between members that result in creation of wealth for UK plc through the profitable activities of members.
Xennia has a broad range of capability in inkjet technology applicable to printed electronics. Xennia is a leading developer and supplier of inks and processes including conductive, resistive, semiconductor, electrochromic, etch resist, colour filter and OLED inks. Xennia is also able to supply robust industrial inkjet modules and systems for production applications, and can support inkjet development programmes by supplying development tools and printing systems.
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