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Tuesday, 07 Apr 2009

08:55Centro Ricerche Fiat
09:20Nokia Research Center
09:45Plastic Logic
10:10Coffee & Networking Break
10:45NASA - Johnson Space Center
11:10SBf Spezialleuchten Wurzen
12:25Lunch & Networking Break

Track 1

 Radical New Printed Electronics Products
14:25Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart
 Healthcare & Bionic Man
16:05Coffee & Networking Break
17:10Toumaz Technology
18:00Cubic Corporation
17:35RATP (Paris Transport)
18:25Day 1 Ends

Track 2

 Thin/Flexible Batteries
14:00Power Paper
 Conformal/Flexible Displays
14:25Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology
15:15Texas Instruments Deutschland
15:40QD Vision
16:05Coffee & Networking Break
16:45Liquavista UK
17:10Prime View International
18:00Day 1 Ends

Track 3

14:25Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
14:00CTF Solar
 Organic Photovoltaics
15:15Konarka Austria R&D
15:40Fraunhofer ISE
16:05Coffee & Networking Break
17:10University of Potsdam
18:00IAPP - TU Dresden
17:35TU Ilmenau
18:25Day 1 Ends

Wednesday, 08 Apr 2009

Track 1

 Transistors & Logic
08:55Faculdade de Ciencias e Tecnologia
08:30University of Cambridge
 Roll-to-Roll Manufacture Challenges/Opportunities
10:10Sächsische Walzengravur
10:35Coffee & Networking Break
 Digital Printing
12:55Lunch & Networking Break
14:30Optrex Europe
12:05Trident Industrial Inkjet
11:40Samsung Electro-Mechanics
 Stretchable Electronics for Clothing
14:55Interactive Wear
15:20Embedded Systems Lab of University Passau
16:10Coffee & Networking Break
15:45Sefar - Filtration Solutions
16:40Philips Applied Technologies
17:30Fraunhofer FIT
17:55Day 2 Ends

Track 2

 Conductive Materials
08:30Applied Nanotech
08:55Agfa Materials
09:20IFW Dresden
09:45Vorbeck Materials
 Organic & Inorganic Semiconductors
10:10HTWK Leipzig
10:35Coffee & Networking Break
11:15Merck Chemicals
 Sensors & Actuators
11:40NanoTecCenter Weiz Forschungsgesellschaft
12:30NXT Technology
12:55Lunch & Networking Break
 Graphene Carbon Nanotubes
14:30Rutgers - The State University of New Jersey
15:20Thin Film Electronics AB
15:45DB Schenker
KSW Microtec
16:10Coffee & Networking Break
 Smart Substrates & Stretchable Electronics
17:30TNO Science and Industry
17:55Day 2 Ends

Track 3

 Thin Film Inorganic Photovoltaics - CIGS & CDTe
08:55Würth Solar
08:30centrotherm photovoltaics
10:10Helsinki University of Technology
09:45Universitat Jaume I
10:35Coffee & Networking Break
 Solar Textiles
11:15University of Michigan
11:40Power Textiles
 Photovoltaic Materials
12:05TITK Institute
12:30DuPont (UK)
12:55Lunch & Networking Break
 Photovoltaics Manufacture
14:55Imaging Technology International (iTi)
15:20Risø National Laboratory
 Energy Harvesting
15:45University of Southampton
16:10Coffee & Networking Break
 Barrier Materials
17:05Alcan Packaging
17:55Day 2 Ends

Wednesday April 08, 2009

Stretchable Electronics for Clothing (14:55 - 17:55)

14:55 - 15:20 "Wearable Electronics - Applications, Trends and Opportunities for Printed Electronics"
  • Opportunities for Printed Electronics in several application segments like Fashion/Sports, Wellness/Medical, Safety/Security with products like Keypads & Displays, Heating Pads, EL/OLED, Organic Solar Cells, and RFIDs
  • Applications of new technologies in fashion industry are marketing driven, creating new opportunities and market awareness for both fashion and technology vendors
  • Printed Electronics will gain popularity in textile industry as the emerging technologies mature - first organic solar cells, OLEDs and displays will be seen in products within the next years
15:20 - 15:45 "Wearable Electronics and Applications"
15:45 - 16:10 "Current Approaches to Bridge the Gap Between Electronics and Fabrics"
  • Fabrics as substrate for electrical circuits
  • Insight into heating fabrics
  • Pitfalls to market a smart fabric product
16:10 Coffee & Networking Break
16:40 - 17:05 "Smart Wearable Systems: Trends and Challenges"
  • Definition of Smart Wearable Systems and related main applications/trends
  • Challenges to be solved for the related timely introduction in the market
  • Related proof-points and activities carried out in Philips Applied Technologies
17:05 - 17:30 "Wearable Electronic Solutions - mystic, challenging or reality explained at the first telecommunication glove G-cell and power heating"
  • Technical requirements on PCB, FPC and assembly for wearable applications
  • Electronic design and reliability studies for embedded glove and power heating solutions
  • Technology and product roadmap 2010/11
17:30 - 17:55 "Printed Electronics; Weird Stuff: How people might come to use, hate, break, or love it"
  • How people relate to new technologies such as printed electronics
  • The case of designing new technologies for firefighters
  • Some considerations on creating technology that people use happily
17:55 Day 2 Ends


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