Sponsors and Exhibitors

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The exhibition will be held in Tiburon 3 and the Ballroom Foyer at
07:30 - 18:30 Wednesday Dec 7
08:30 - 17:00 Thursday Dec 8


Acreo provides innovative microelectronics and optics solutions that contribute to growth and profitability. With our expertise we refine research into viable products based on leading edge technologies, thus helping our customers to develop the advanced products of tomorrow. Our spectrum of competence is based on advanced research and is uniquely broad. Together with our high tech laboratories we are able to help our customers to commercialize new exciting ideas. www.acreo.se

Cabot are experts in (1) Making and handling fine particles, (2) Modifying the surfaces of very fine particles, and (3) Designing particle-media composites for specific properties.

Cima NanoTech is an advanced materials company specializing in the production of nanometal-based dispersions for inkjet compatible conductive inks and transparent conductive coatings. The company’s core group of researchers have developed patented methods for consistently manufacturing a wide range of nanometal and nanometal alloy particles which form the innovative technology platform for its electronics-focused product development. www.cimananotech.com   
Cypak is a Swedish technology innovator making objects smart, secure and connected. Core technologies include the efficient integration of microelectronics and sensors into disposable materials, a new contact-less data transfer technology and security solutions to guarantee authenticity and integrity. Up-to-date technology has enabled the world's first disposable and intelligent pharmaceutical packaging and courier packaging with tamper detection. Cypak's business is to license technology and provide components to simplify and secure the process of collecting, managing and transferring sensitive data.

Dimatix Inc. is the world's premier provider of piezoelectric ink jet printheads and fluid dispensing micropumps. Our products are designed to accurately dispense a wide range of fluid types in micro-amounts for demanding imaging and fabricating applications. With more than 20 years advancing the performance of drop-on-demand dispensing devices and applications, Dimatix is the only developer and manufacturer in this industry with the technology, know-how, and creativity to lead the industry into the future. www.dimatix.com

IDTechEx Ltd provides independent analysis on the development and application of RFID, smart packaging and printed electronics.


Kester Founded in 1899, Kester is a leading global supplier of high performance connecting and interconnecting materials and related services for the electronic assembly and component assembly markets. Kester is known for high quality, advanced technology and superior technical support. With headquarters in Des Plaines, IL, Kester has additional manufacturing facilities in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Singapore, Germany, Japan, Brazil, Taiwan, Malaysia and China. Its worldwide manufacturing and technical capabilities provide the support required to serve major electronics manufacturing services providers, electronic component manufacturers and OEMs. www.kester.com
Microdrop Technologies GmbH  are experts in microdispensing of liquids in the nano- to picoliter range.

Panipol Oy (Porvoo Finland) manufactures polyaniline based inherently conductive polymers (ICP)- and polyaniline based formulations for several conductive applications.


Parelec develops, manufactures and markets Parmod® VLT conductive inks and pastes. Parmod® inks differ from other conductive inks in that their patented chemistry uses silver or other metals more efficiently to provide for 3-5 times greater conductivity and lower cost. Parmod® silver inks are applied by screen, rotary-screen or gravure printing processes on paper or polyester substrates to provide low cost RFID antenna with read distance equivalent to traditional etched antenna. www.parelec.com

PixDro Ltd (part of OTB group) is Inventor, developer and integrator of inkjet based systems and processes for variety of industrial applications. OTB designs develop and realize breakthrough inline production equipment that enables customers to get the best out of their business. Our drive for perfection has given us the edge in a competitive market. The result: Solid reputations for making dreams come true. www.pixdro.com, www.otb.nl 

Rieke Metals employs unique chemical technology for the production of highly reactive metals. These metals allow us to prepare a wide range of novel organometallic reagents. Use of these organometallic reagents, together with the right catalyst, allows Rieke Metals to prepare a broad spectrum of polymers including 3-Alkyl Polythiophenes. Additionally, this technology allows us to prepare a large number of functionalized 3-Alkyl Ploythiophenes which display a wide range of electrical properties. Polymers can be built to fit specific needs.
Spraylat Corporation provides conductive inks with excellent adhesion to treated paper and card stock.
SKC is a world leader in polyester films. The company produces its Skyrol ® brand of polyester films in both the United States and Asia.

Association sponsors

RFID Tribe, a global organization with local chapters, is a radio frequency identification (RFID) collaboration forum. The group of industry experts collaborates on RFID and sensor technology, standards, venture capital, products, solutions, industry trends, people and events. RFID Tribe serves as an engine for ideas, people and capital.

The Organic Electronics Association is the information and communication platform for companies and research institutes active in this emerging technology. Our Vision is to build a bridge between science, technology and application.


Media sponsors

Ink Maker has a proud history of 81 years of serving the printing ink and color industries. The editorial content consists of contributed technical papers and nontechnical features about trends, technology and global happenings to help our readers to improve their profitability. It is the only magazine in the ink industry that features a monthly interview with printers—the ink manufacturers’ customer. www.inkmakeronline.com 
PCB007 is the leading real-time online magazine for the Printed Circuit Board (PCB), Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) and PCB Design Industries. With over 14,000articles published, PCB007 is the Electronic Packaging Industry news leader. www.pcb007.com
PrintAction  Established in 1971, PrintAction continues its tradition as the leading business magazine of the Canadian graphic arts industry. Each month, PrintAction through its parent company,Youngblood Publishing delivers unmatched content about the strategies and aspirations of Canada’s most innovative and technologically sound printing companies. www.printaction.com
PrintCEO  is a weekly printed publication delivered to owners, presidents, and "C" level executives of the 400 largest and most influential printing firms in North America, and their peers among industry suppliers, technologists, and investors.
Taiwan Packaging Industry Magazine
The only packaging industry magazine in Taiwan www.package.com.tw
Universal Packaging Alliance
As the largest packaging website, U-PA.com offers most complete integrated service of packaging information all over the whole world.  www.u-pa.com

For more information contact Chris Clare c.clare@idtechex.com