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Dec 5-6, 2006

Ritz Carlton Hotel, Phoenix

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Conference Agenda


Day One: December 5th

Day Two: December 6th

  Track 1 Track 2
Applications and case studies of Printed Electronics in action


Thin film transistor circuits (TFTCs)


Venture Capitalist / Investors Forum


Sensors and lighting


Sound and power





Day One: Tuesday December 5th 2006

Applications and case studies of Printed Electronics in action


07:30 Registration

8:20 IDTechEx, UK Dan Lawrence, VP Business Development

8:30 Pelikon, UK Chris Fryer, CTO
Memtron John Solgat, New Business Development Manager
A Revolution in Display Technology: Electroluminescence & Real Life Applications'


8:55 Air Force Research Laboratory, USA Dr Darrel G. Hopper
Flexible Electronics for Military Applications
  • Needed for displays, antenna, SHM, eGear, eTextiles, eHarvesting
  • Rollability for stowage and transportation
  • Technical challenges beyond the ordinary


9:20 Toppan Forms Co Ltd, Japan Mitchell Shinozaki, Manager
Playing in the New Game of Smart Media
  • Toppan Forms Strategy on Printed Electronics and Smart Media
  • Toppan Forms Position and Playing Role in the Printed Electronics Value Chain
  • Toppan Forms Technologies and Applications


9:45 ArjoWiggins, France Peter Herdman, Exploratory Research Manager
Augmented Paper
  • Why paper persists despite the advent of the paperless office
  • How we can make paper even more irresistible
  • Merging the paper and digital realms


10:10 Coffee and networking break

10:40 Nokia, USA David Lu, New Manufacturing Technology Manager
RFID in Mobile Phone Manufacturing
  • RFoP - RFID on Printed Circuit Board
  • Embedded RFID in mobile phone
  • One-Chip-Solution for manufacturing process and quality control

11:05 PolyIC, Germany Wolfgang Mildner, Managing Director
Printed RFID - From a Vision to Production
  • Markets and Applications for printed electronics
  • PolyIC latest achievements: approaching 13.56MHz RFID tags
  • Current status and Roadmap


11:30 Plastic Logic, UK Stuart M. Evans, Vice-Chairman
The Five Laws of Plastic Electronics and why they matter

11:55 Lunch and networking break


Thin film transistor circuits (TFTCs)

13:10 General Electric Global Research Ji Ung Lee
Reconfigurable Carbon Nanotube Switch
  • Reconfigurable Carbon Nanotube Switch
  • Reconfigurable Logic
  • Ideal Diode Behavior: Optoelectronics and Photovoltaics


13:35 Motorola, USA Jad Rasul, Sr. Process Engineer
Printed Electronics with High Performance Solution Processed Nanocomposite Gate Insulator
  • High performance nanocomposite dielectric
  • Bottom gate organic field effect transistors (OFETs)


14:00 Oregon State University, USA Doug Keszler
Solution-based processing of inorganic oxide electronics
  • Low-temperature processing of insulators and semiconductors
  • Diffusion printing and patterning
  • Circuit fabrication and performance


14:25 OrganicID/Weyerhauser, USA Klaus Dimmler
Developments in Printed RFID Tags
  • Printed RFID Technology
  • Current Status of RFID Technology
  • Challenges to future progress

14:50 Coffee and networking break

15:20 T-Ink, USA Andy Ferber, Co-Chairman
Printed Electronics: Not just fun and games
  • Beyond toys
  • What a difference a year can make. New applications
  • Textiles and Transportation

Venture Capitalist / Investors Forum
15:45 - 17:30

IDTechEx, UK Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman

Dow Chemical Venture Capital, USA Nicholas Darby

Venture Capital, Eastman Kodak Co Subra Narayan, Director

BASF Venture Capital, Germany Darren Budd, Investment Manager
SunBridge Partners, USA Ken Ehrhart, General Partner


Day Two: Wednesday December 6th 2006

Track one




08:00 Registration

9:00 OE-A, Germany Klaus Hecker, Managing Director
Intoduction to Organic Electronics Association

9:00 Arizona State University, USA Gregory B. Raupp, Director Flexible Display Center
Flexible Active Matrix Backplane Technology Development in a Pilot Line Manufacturing Environment
  • Critical path in high information content flexible display technology development
  • Process development on 6" wafer-scale line
  • Unique toolsets and processes required to enable fabrication on flexible substrate
  • Scale-up to GEN II
  • Outlook for transition to printing

09:25 UK Displays & Lighting Network, UK Ric Allott, Deputy Network Director
A short review of the Flexible Displays & Electronics activities in the UK.
  • Key materials activities
  • Production process developments
  • Novel systems integration proposals

9:50 ITRI, Taiwan Kevin Cheng, Printable Science Department Display Technology Center Manager,
Prospect of Ink-Jettable Electronics & Displays: The Design Guide in Real Fabrication
  • Global activities of ink-jet printing of electronics and displays
  • Potential difficulties and reliabilities in fabrication caused by ink-jet printing and its strategies
  • Design guide: The challenge from stand-along platform to roll-to-roll line


10:15 Coffee and networking break

11:00 Sharp Laboratories, LCD Process Technology Lab, USA Steven Droes, Member of Technical Staff
Flexible Display Technology
  • Requirements and technologies for Thin-Film-Transistor fabrication on flexible substrates
  • Choice of substrate and trade-offs
  • Is there a killer app for a flexible display - what might be an entry point?

Sensors and lighting

11:25 NANOIDENT Technologies AG, Austria Franz Padinger, CTO
A new generation of semiconductor foundries for printed electronic devices
  • Photonic Solutions Platform
  • Production Processes
  • Applications

Sound and power

11:50 CEA/LITEN, France Bertrand Fillon, Senior Research Program Manager
Emerging field for thin flexible power sources
  • The benefits of developing thin film technology on a low cost substrate
  • How to produce cheap circuits where multicomponents are needed and silicon is not an option
  • How polymer electronics can be used to form Thin Film Power Circuits and Transistor Circuits (TFTCs)

12:15 NXT Technology Inc., USA Geoff Boyd New Business Development Director
Recent developments in ultra thin form factor sound solutions for smart-packaging and other Printed Electronics applications
  • Introduction to NXT Distributed Mode Loudspeaker (DML) Technology
  • Ultra thin form factor (DM) loudspeakers deliver interactive high information content using audio
  •  Recent developments for smart packaging and other printed electronics applications

12:40 Lunch and networking break

14:00 IDTechEx, UK Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman
How Smart Skin Patches are using Printed Electronics
  • Benefits of smart skin patches
  • The technology
  • Future of smart skin patches

14:25 NovaCentrix Steve Leach, CEO
Printed Electronics: High Performance in a Flash
  • The Technology
  • The Benefits
  • Examples and Applications

14:50 Thin Battery Technology Gary Johnson, CEO

Coffee and networking break


Track two


9:00 Parelec, USA Richard Morris, Sales Manager
"Printing RFID tag antennas"
  • Assessment of high speed printing methods and their suitability for printing antennas
  • Interactions within the love triangle - ink, substrate and print technique

9:25 NanoDynamics, USA Gregory M. Berube
Nanoscale Platelet Silver Particles for Printed Electronic Applications
  • Introduction - conductive materials for Printed Electronics and their requirement
  • Synthesis and characterization of nanoscale silver platelets
  • Potential applications and ways nanoscale silver platelets may facilitate Printed Electronic applications

9:50 HC Starck, USA Dr. Wilfried Lövenich, Technical Marketing Specialist
Tailoring BAYTRON® P [PEDOT/PSS] for the production of highly conductive transparent films.
  • Polyethylenedioxythiophene-polystyrenesulfonate (PEDOT/PSS, BAYTRON® P) is a versatile, solution-processable inherently conductive polymer useful for making transparent conductive and antistatic films.
  • Understanding the basic structural properties of the PEDOT/PSS polymer and its chemical & physical interactions with a variety of coating additives enables end-users to prepare stable, easy-to-use coating dispersions and to optimise coating formulations for specific applications.
  • Recent advances in the production of highly conductive PEDOT/PSS dispersions will be discussed and compared to other transparent conductive layers such as indium-tin-oxide (ITO). Examples of applications which use these highly conductive PEDOT/PSS materials in place of ITO will be presented.

10:15 Coffee and networking break

11:00 EMD Chemicals, USA Robert Miller, Corporate Business Development - Materials
Organic Semiconductors: Ready for Prime Time
  • Commercially Available OSCs
  • Performance Milestones of OSCs
  • Recent OSC Advances at EMD Chemicals/Merck KGa

11:25 Honeywell, USA Dr Rui-Qing Ma, Product Manager
Perspectives on materials for printed electronics
  • Current technologies and challenges
  • Emerging opportunities in printed electronics
  • Unmet material needs

11:50 DuPont Teijin Films, USA John Stewart, Marketing Manager
Latest Developments in PET and PEN Films for flexible electronics
  • Improved film physical properties shrinkage level and uniformity, flatness, and cleanliness
  • Film surface type and treatment advances
  • Latest examples of film in use

12:15 Ferro Corporation, USAMel Mehta, Regional Sales Manager
Materials For High Performance, Low Temperature Printed Conductors
  • Engineered silver flakes and powders
  • Reactive system bases
  • Inkjet materials


12:40 Lunch and networking break


14:00 FUJIFILM Dimatix, USA Dr. Linda Creagh, Business Development Director, Deposition Products
Intelligent Printing System for Material Deposition and Fluid Development
  • Success with ink jets in manufacturing
  • Keys to success in new markets
  • New technology for high resolution electronics
  • Tools for intelligent ink jet printing

14:25 Heliovolt, USA Dr Ronald Gale, CEO
Reactive Transfer Films Synthesis: a Novel Method for Advanced Coating Production
  • The RTFS method combines pressure, voltage, and pulse heating of two independently optimized precursor films in a contained environment to reactively create coatings
  • Printing of advanced functional coatings by the RTFS method provides unique flexibility for the control of material properties
  • A specific example of RTFS will be described in the context of the synthesis of CIGS compound semiconductor coatings for photovoltaic applications, where HelioVolt Corporation's proprietary implementation of the process is referred to as FASSTT.

14:50 International University, Germany Dr Dietmar Knipp, Asst. Professor of Electrical Engineering
Combining printing and thin film silicon technology
  • Micro Contact Printing
  • Thin Film Transistors
  • Nanocrystalline silicon

  Coffee and networking break

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The third annual Printed Electronics USA event - covering the progression to the next stage - commercializing the technology. Now Includes tours to the Flexible Displays Center at ASU!