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Dec 5-6, 2006

Ritz Carlton Hotel, Phoenix

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The Organic Electronics Association (OE-A) is a working group within the German Engineering Federation (VDMA) and was founded in December 2004. OE-A is an information and communication platform and represents the whole process chain in organic electronics. Our members are international leading companies and institutions, ranging from R&D institutes, component and material suppliers, equipment and tool suppliers to producers / system integrators and end-users. More than 65 companies from Europe and the US work together to promote the establishment of a competitive production infrastructure for organic electronics. The vision of OE-A is to build a bridge between science, technology and application. Nearly 3000 member companies from the engineering industry make VDMA the largest industry association in Europe. 
RFID Tribe, a global organization with local chapters, is a radio frequency identification (RFID) collaboration forum. The group of industry experts collaborates on RFID and sensor technology, standards, venture capital, products, solutions, industry trends, people and events. RFID Tribe serves as an engine for ideas, people and capital.
The UK Displays and Lighting network was launched in April 2006 as part of the DTI - “Knowledge Transfer Networks’ programme. UKDL is a vibrant central hub of activity for the displays and lighting community. Designed to stimulate innovation in the key technology sectors by promoting collaboration, best practice and knowledge sharing between industry and academia. By encouraging partnerships and teamwork, UKDL aims to support science base through to end-users. Positioning the UK as the innovation engine for Europe.

UKDL supports and strengthens the UK Displays and Lighting Sector through tutorials, workshops and seminars with training and education embracing all levels of industry, commerce and academia. We encourage commercial and industrial collaborations between members that result in creation of wealth for UK plc through the profitable activities of members. 


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CircuiTree is the world's best source of information for the printed circuit board industry. Founded in 1987, CircuiTree covers both business trends and technical developments in the global PCB community, and remains a valuable resource for managers and engineers alike. The publication's corps of editors and writers appear at every major industry trade show, traveling the world to reveal the challenges and solutions facing our industry. In addition, each year CircuiTree hosts its CircuiTree LIVE! Conferences in Asia and North America, providing manufacturing engineers with the knowledge and tools they need to improve their processes. For more information, visit
Coatings World is directed at industry personnel throughout the world concerned with developing and manufacturing paints, coatings, adhesives and sealants. Our staff-written feature articles and news items provide information on new technologies, production and marketing aspects of the worldwide paint and coatings industry. Printed electronics applications for coatings include insulating, conductive, sealing, adhesive/bonding.
Contract Pharma is a global publication for the Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical outsourcing industry. It provides the industry with the most up-to-date news, outsourcing information, business trends, commentary, and viewpoints from industry leaders.
Data Collection Online's reference library and weekly e-newsletter service focus on the automatic identification and data collection (AIDC) industry. Manufacturers, resellers, and system integrators of bar code and RFID technologies are prominently featured on this Web site. Locate providers of fixed and handheld mobile computing devices (and supporting infrastructure) for printing and scanning bar code labels and RFID tags in our supplier directory. Download product specifications through the product showcase and case studies and white papers from the download library.

Please take a moment to join our community and discover the benefits of your free membership. For more information, view our editorial calendar for the list of topics we cover.

Electronic Chemicals News-- Electronic Chemicals News-- dedicated to coverage of business developments in electronic chemicals industry, including the strategies and financial performance of the industry leaders. Learn the latest corporate news on firms in the LCD and flat panel display markets, chip manufacturing, superconductivity, nanotechnology, advance polymers and other specialty chemicals. Published by Chemical Week magazine, it is the best biweekly source for financial news and information needed to capitalize on the burgeoning electronic chemicals marketplace. To find out more, call 800-777-5006, or 301-354-2101. Or, go to
Emerald Engineering Your free gateway to world-class engineering information: Emerald publishes a strong specialist range of engineering titles including a portfolio of three ISI rated electronics titles. The content of these journals is guided by our commitment to publish theory into practice papers. Our journals are international in scope and coverage offering a global outlook on research developments and trends. These titles publish cutting edge research from leading institutions and blue-chip organizations such as BMW, Cambridge University, NASA, Nanyang Technological University and Nokia. To find out more about Emerald electronics titles please visit our website at
The flexographic network is an industry based, technical website devoted to the promotion of the flexographic printing industry. Established in 1997 it has grown to be a huge resource to those in the industry looking for suppliers, advice, products, reviews and technical information. The flexochat forum is a primary resource within the site and is supported by a huge, (membership driven) knowledge base. Members comprise printing regulars, industry figureheads, small businesses and large multinationals. All members making their mark in a friendly and important cog in the flexographic machine. A comprehensive directory of flexographic suppliers and related resources helps make this site the primary place for all answers when the issue is flexographic

Flexidis. The FlexiDis (EU-funded) 24-partner project aims to research technology, fabrication tools, and substrate handling with a balance of experimental and numerical studies coordinated with focused demonstrator development for bringing flexible active-matrix displays to the market.   

Ink Maker has a proud history of 81 years of serving the printing ink and color industries. The editorial content consists of contributed technical papers and nontechnical features about trends, technology and global happenings to help our readers to improve their profitability. It is the only magazine in the ink industry that features a monthly interview with printers-the ink manufacturers' customer. 
Ink World  is the most widely read source for ink news, providing in-depth information on development, manufacture and sale of all lithographic, flexographic, gravure, radiation-cured, letterpress and specialty inks, coatings and allied products. In the pages of Ink World, top company officials discuss their thoughts about the industry. Reports on developments affecting printers and suppliers of ink companies are also covered. 
Label & Narrow Web is the major source of information and education for the narrow web segment of converting and printing. Each issue contains useful and penetrating articles on matters of primary interest to the label and narrow web professional. From technical innovation and marketing trends to product development, Label & Narrow Web examines the critical topics that affect narrow web markets internationally. 
Medical Product Outsourcing  is dedicated to the growing trend of medical device and in-vitro diagnostics outsource manufacturing. Its in-depth coverage includes comprehensive feature articles, industry news, trends and other developments pertinent to the CM-OEM relationship. From regulatory mandates to market shifts to legal concerns, each issue is filled with relevant information to help device manufacturers and their vendors stay informed about the industry.
MATERIALS ENGINEERING NEWS covers the latest developments in all aspects of advanced and high-performance materials, engineered materials, new materials products and technologies, and business news of the materials industry.
The Materials Market Research File (MMRF) helps industry professionals find and compare new and forthcoming market research in various areas of the engineering and base materials including metallic, mineral and polymeric materials, as well as electronic materials, textile, building, coating, and other industrial materials. Solely focused on materials and using internet linking instead of commission based shop distribution, we are able to provide access to research and analysis not available from other publication clearinghouses. The MMRF is updated continuously and provides information on market intelligence such as industry reports, conference proceedings, directories, lists, newsletters etc., plus access to the Editorial Calendar, Media Information and Current Issue of the leading English language Trade Magazines.
Nonwovens Industry is the only monthly trade magazine dedicated to the worldwide business of nonwovens. For more than 30 years, the magazine has tracked the growth of the nonwovens industry through years of changes, technology, evolution and market development. No other magazine has been around for as long or covered as much of the global nonwovens business. Our outstanding editorial staff follows industry trends and issues, conducts market surveys and technology updates and tracks the latest nonwovens news around the globe, as it happens. We also attend every major nonwovens industry trade show and conference.
Packaging & Converting Essentials supports the online marketing activities of suppliers to the packaging, converting, graphical and related industries via posting of industry related news releases and a supplier-website focused directory. The topics cover materials manufacturing and converting, the graphical industry, the packaging industry equipment manufacturing and supply-chain related activities. The target groups are companies and professionals active in the printing, converting, packaging, retail and distribution industries. 
PCB007 is the real-time, online magazine for the Printed Circuit Board (PCB), Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA), Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS), Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) and PCB Design Industries. With over 15,000 articles published, PCB007 is the most comprehensive news source for industry professionals publishing news and information as it happens. Readership covers the entire industry including executive management, sales and marketing, product and process management engineers, designers, and more. PCB007 is the Electronics Packaging Industry news leader.
Printing Impressions , America's most influential and widely read publication for commercial printers, is the single industry publication where business management turns for information. Printing Impressions, ranked 63rd on B-to-B Magazine's Top 100 list, profiles industry entrepreneurs and reveals the secrets of their success. It continues to lead the way with special sections addressing key issues and opportunities facing the industry. Printing Impressions' goal is to keep printers informed, inspired and enlightened.

RFID Solutions Online's reference library and weekly e-newsletter service focus on incorporating RFID technology into data collection, asset management, and supply chain track and trace solutions. We feature both closed loop solutions as well as emerging open loop applications for the retail supply chain. Visit regularly to stay abreast of industry mandates and the evolving EPC Network standards upon which they are based. Locate providers of tags and labels, readers and printers, middleware, and integration services in our supplier directory. Download specifications through the product showcase and case studies and white papers from the download library.

Please take a moment to join our community and discover the benefits of your free membership. For more information, view our editorial calendar for the list of topics we cover.


Veritas et Visus. In Latin, “Veritas et Visus” means “Truth and Vision”. Our mission is to provide readers with pertinent, timely and affordable information about the fascinating and rapidly expanding flat-panel display industry. Our five newsletters cover the following areas Flexible Displays, 3D, Touch, High Resolution, and Display Standards. Detailed information is available online:


LED Journal serves the rapidly expanding market for light-emitting diode and solid-state lighting technology. It covers all aspects of applications and technology development of LEDs, as well as business and market news of the LED and solid-state lighting industry. For more information please visit 


Nanotechnology Law & Business is the authoritative, peer-reviewed source for professionals involved in micro- and nanotechnologies. Whether you are an institutional investor seeking to understand how nanotechnology will impact certain markets, a lawyer mapping the patent landscape surrounding a particular technology, or a company navigating regulatory issues, the journal can serve as a powerful analytical tool. Each issue of Nanotechnology Law & Business covers the topics of: market impact of newly emerging technologies, intellectual property, legislative initiatives and regulatory issues, ethical and societal implications, case studies of different business models and corporate strategies, venture capital and other financing mechanisms, and international legal and business issues. 


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The third annual Printed Electronics USA event - covering the progression to the next stage - commercializing the technology. Now Includes tours to the Flexible Displays Center at ASU!