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Microcontrollers and Single-Board Computers 2016-2026

A microcontroller is a tiny primitive programmable computer on a single IC. The related newer single board computer features system-on-a-chip, high-level I/O, graphics processing unit, video and connectivity. This report explains what is possible with them, costs, future evolution and widening applications. Forecasts are given for the markets involved and for the devices.
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Internet of People: Technology 2015-2025

This Internet of People (IoP) report is unique in being up-to-date and very thorough in examining the big picture involved including wearable, flexible, tightly rollable and stretchable technology and replacing batteries with multi-mode energy harvesting. The maturing mobile phone, tablet, and laptop industry will reinvent itself with widely dispersed peripherals in smart patches, glasses, watches, headgear and more and they will transition to web enablement then replacing complete mobile phone functions. 55 billion IoP devices could be sold in 2025.
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Environmental Gas Sensors 2017-2027

Technologies, manufacturers, forecasts
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Internet of Things (IoT) 2017-2027

Things that think: IP addressed sensor node systems
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Triboelectric Energy Harvesting (TENG) 2017-2027

Commercialisation: Interviews, Forecasts, Materials Opportunities
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Wearable Technology for Animals 2017-2027: Technologies, Markets, Forecasts

ID, tracking, facilitation, safety, security, behavior monitoring, control, medical diagnosis, treatment
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E-Textiles 2016-2026: Technologies, Markets, Players

Electronic fibres, yarns and textiles, and conductive inks, including key innovators, manufacturers, players and products
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AR & VR Smartglasses and Functional Contact Lenses 2016-2026

From augmented and virtual reality headsets to the advent of embedded electronic functionalities in lenses
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