RFID Sensors: Technology Types, Lessons Learnt and Prospects | IDTechEx Research Article

RFID Sensors: Technology Types, Lessons Learnt and Prospects

In this premium article, analysts Xiaoxi He and Raghu Das describe IDTechEx's latest research in RFID sensors. Radio frequency identification (RFID) tags have been deployed in a number of applications such as apparel tagging, logistics, transport, airport luggage tagging, library items, contactless cards, car clickers, etc. for several decades, culminating in a market size of $12Bn market size in 2017. RFID usually involves tags, interrogators and corresponding software to enable wireless communication between the tags and interrogators. Usually, the only data that is sent is the information stored on the tag such as the unique ID. However, now IDTechEx sees an increasing trend of tags incorporating sensors, providing variable sensor information sent to the interrogators.

Mr Raghu DasDr Xiaoxi He
RFID Sensors: Technology Types, Lessons Learnt and Prospects

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