Research Articles

09 Oct 2015

A $14bn market for advanced and post lithium-ion batteries in 2026

Whilst existing battery technologies such as lead acid and lithium-ion batteries will dominate the battery market in the following 10 years, advanced and post lithium-ion batteries given the right conditions can potentially take a considerable dent of about 10% of whole battery market by 2026.
08 Oct 2015

Webinar Thursday 22 October: Smart eyewear markets and forecasts

IDTechEx are hosting a free webinar on Thursday 22 October 2015, Smart eyewear, near and on-eye wearable computing: Markets and forecasts 2015-2025
07 Oct 2015

OSRAM, Qualcomm, Coca-Cola, UTRC Feature at Printed Electronics USA

IDTechEx launches the Printed Electronics USA conference agenda with over 200 speakers
06 Oct 2015

Energy independent vehicles: new focus

The most dramatic new advances and visions have no name initially. So it is with electric vehicles that need no external charging or refuelling - no, not even wireless charging.
02 Oct 2015

Progress towards vehicles that could run forever

Forget the obsession with driverless autonomous cars; energy independent vehicles are the megatrend. Electric land vehicles, boats, underwater craft and aircraft already exist that never plug in or refuel.
28 Sep 2015

Flexible sensors come to market thanks to tens of millions investment

Large investments have been made to enable flexible, thin sensors rather than rigid sensors.
25 Sep 2015

Small electric vehicles $33 billion market

Small manned electric vehicles - e-bikes to car-like micro EVs - often sell in the largest numbers. Although they are usually lower in cost than regular cars, they will reach over $33 billion in 2026 according to IDTechEx analysis.
22 Sep 2015

Visualizing the 3D printing landscape

The 3D printing industry is still going from strength to strength. According to the IDTechEx report 3D Printing 2015-2025: Technologies, Markets, Players this industry is set to grow from $1bn in 2012 to $20bn in 2025.
21 Sep 2015

Perovskite photovoltaics excitement

Perovoskite photovoltaics promises over 20% efficiency, low cost materials and even flexible, transparent and stretchable versions dearly needed for new applications. Record power to weight ratio is needed for the electric vehicle end game, the land vehicles, boats and aircraft described in the IDTechEx report, Energy Independent Vehicles 2016-2026.
17 Sep 2015

CENEX LCV Event: 48V Systems, Energy Storage, SR Motors

Another major focus was 48V systems some in EVs but mainly for microhybrid (stop-start) and mild hybrid (torque assist) for managing the now huge amounts of energy in and out with new forms of harvesting and tougher duty cycles and also more power-hungry accessories. That has resulted in a large number of redesigned and new accessories in anticipation of new standards.
17 Sep 2015

Exotic new sources of free electricity: $50 billion market

High Power Energy Harvesting (HPEH) is a term beginning to be used for creation of electricity where it is needed using ambient "free" energy. That zero-pollution, high-energy conversion typically captures light (photovoltaics), heat difference (thermoelectrics and heat pumps) and movement (electrodynamics).