Case Studies

IDTechEx have been involved with quite a few successful introductions so far:

Connecting with the brand owners: A large Asian printing company wished to learn the needs and progress of major global brand owners.

IDTechEx leveraged its strong contacts with global end users to inform the clients about their key interest areas, and also to facilitate business conversations. The client is now exploring multiple partnership options with several end users directly.

Acquiring technology for sub-micro particle production: A $4 billion Asian material company wanted to acquire the technology to develop sub-micron particles more efficiently.

IDTechEx identified all the companies with the right technology in Europe and North America and put the client in contact with the recommended firms, enabling them to directly pursue partnership talks. The client since has had advanced discussions with at least one firm.

Entering the e-textile value chain: a Japanese conductive ink supplier wanted to identify and learn about potential users of its conductive inks in the emerging e-textile value chain.

We identified all the major players including the Asian sub-continent and Taiwan, provided a brief background on each, and supplied contacts details of the relevant person(s) working on e-textile at each organisation.

A company developing organic photovoltaics wanted end user feedback.

IDTechEx identified the top 6 companies in outdoor advertising, found the right contacts working on new technologies for outdoor furniture, interviewed them and learned about needs/challenges.

A client wanted to offer printing services to the supercap industry.

We identified all supercapacitor companies, interviewed and profiled key players providing intelligence on sales, technology, product mix, etc, contacted companies to establish interest, advanced conversation so that there was an NDA in place. The client is now commercializing its service.

A Client wanted to commercialize its new silver nano inks.

We identified 4-5 potential users across many target markets which we had identified. For each company we provided the contact details.

Developing new opportunities for graphene supply: A graphene start-up with a novel and scalable production method wished to become involved in the supercapacitor industry, a major target market for graphene.

IDTechEx identified all the global suppliers of supercapacitors and lithium ion capacitors (LIB). IDTechEx then examined and outlined the material composition and processing techniques used by each company. Here, IDTechEx used patent searches and interviews as its primary information sources. IDTechEx then selected a limited number of potential partners/customers based on (a) compatibility of manufacturing techniques, and (b) potential growth prospects. IDTechEx then facilitated business conversations between client and potential partners/customers. The client is now actively following up the leads.

Client introduction service for a raw material manufacturer.

A North American manufacturer of a high quality raw material wished to be introduced to car companies doing R&D on batteries for electric vehicles to enter their supply chain. IDTechEx identified two of the largest car manufacturers worldwide and discussed their client’s pitching strategy. It then approached the two companies and successfully arranged both meetings, one of which face to face. The clients were so satisfied with IDTechEx’s service that they commissioned a second, more in-depth business development proposal. 

This bespoke service is designed to accelerate your technology and product commercialization process by connecting you with the right potential partners and customers globally.

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