Development of Neuroprosthetics in Today's Market

IDTechEx Analysts Dr Laura Baers & Dr Alexis Karandrea discuss neuroprosthetics and the development of methods to restore a lost neurological function through engineering, in cases where there is no pharmacological cure, including retinal implants and brain-computer interfaces.

RFID - Current & Future Opportunities #TechRoundUp

The total RFID market is worth $11.2 billion in 2017, what are its future applications and opportunities? IDTechEx CEO Raghu Das joins Dr David Pugh to discuss this exciting industry.

Apple news & the future of wearables #TechRoundUp

IDTechEx Analysts Dr David Pugh & Mr James Hayward discuss Apple developing a LTE-enabled Apple Watch and how this may impact their business model, battery life and what the future of wearables could look like.

Banning Internal Combustion & Diesel Vehicles by 2040 #TechRoundUp

Dr Richard Collins & Dr David Pugh discuss the latest EV developments on this weeks IDTechEx #TechRoundUp

Energy Independent Electric Vehicles Overview

Energy Independent Electric Vehicles (EIVs) are the end game and IDTechEx will be showcasing the opportunities at their next event.

Composites, Drones & LPWAN IDTechEx #TechRoundUp

Dr Laura Baers & Dr Richard Collins discuss composites and their uses in drones and enabling internet infrastructure.

IDTechEx reviews The Tesla Model X at the IDTechEx Show! Berlin

IDTechEx Chairman Dr Peter Harrop, reviews the Tesla Model X, discusses Elon Musk's future projects and where the electric vehicles industry is headed.

3D printing structural electronics

TNO discuss their developments on 3D printed structural electronics using selective laser centering from a polymer pattern, and shows examples of their 3D printed products.

Next generation rotary engine for hybrid vehicles

An 'eco-engine' for the 21st Century

Human touch that turns into music

Playtronica is a platform that bridges entertainment, education and art through interactive musical experiences.