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Crucial to our subscription service is our dedicated analyst access service. Our team will get to know you and will look after you, ensuring that you have access to all the data, insights, and analysis and business advice that you require.

Our Market Intelligence Services brings in-depth business intelligence and independent analysis to you throughout the year on emerging technologies. Our Market Intelligence Services covers 3D printing, emerging materials and devices, energy harvesting, energy storage, electric vehicles, printed, flexible, organic electronics, wearable technology and other related technologies.

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Subscription includes

Market Research Reports

Market Research

Technology and market research reports from IDTechEx’s existing portfolio of reports.

IDTechEx Research Articles

Research Articles

Executive summary-style snapshots of the market or detailed and concise technology assessments and updates on specific technologies.

Market Data

Market Data

Granular, segmented and supported ten-year market forecasts. Visualise our data online or download a spreadsheet to do your own analysis. Learn about our assumptions.

Company profiles

Company Profiles

Company profiles based on direct interviews with organizations across the value chain.

Company Benchmarking

Company Benchmarking

Use our interactive tool to benchmark companies based on the unique IDTechEx Index and visualise company rankings.



Watch IDTechEx's webinars during and any time after the live broadcast.

Presentations Access


Access to over 800 presentations given at past IDTechEx conferences and tradeshows, with more being added after each future event.

Event Summaries and Round-ups

Event Summaries
and Round-ups

Summaries of key developments and learnings from conferences and tradeshows attended by IDTechEx.

Analyst Access

Analyst Access

Dedicated technical analysts will spend time discussing your key technology and business questions.



Interact with our analysts to connect with our global network of more than 150,000 contacts.

Strategy Sessions

Strategy Sessions

Dedicated technical analysts will work with you during interactive sessions to develop solutions for your technology and business needs and challenges.

Case Studies

Case Studies

IDTechEx maintains extensive case study databases on several of its topics, helping you see what is and is not successful.

New interactive tools

  • Market forecasting tool
  • Company benchmarking
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