IDTechEx Webinar

Environmental Gas Sensors: Technologies, Applications & Opportunities

New developments in the gas sensors industry have led to a revolution in low cost air quality sensors, a market that our analysis predicts will be worth more than $3 billion by 2027. Air pollution is currently monitored using government sponsored monitoring stations, while these instruments can collect a lot of good quality data, they are expensive to build and maintain, a new wave of miniaturization and cost reduction in the chemical gas sensor industry is enabling a new environmental monitoring ecosystem.
The webinar, based on the new IDTechEx Research report Environmental Gas Sensors 2017-2027, will cover:
  • The growing problem of air pollution and its effect on activity
  • Analysis and comparison of new technologies enabling miniaturised sensors
  • Future trends towards the application of sensors into mobile and wearable devices
  • Urban monitoring projects utilising gas sensor technology
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