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RFID Update
RFID Update is the RFID industry daily. Launched in early 2004, RFID Update is a free editorial briefing published every weekday for the growing ranks of top-level executives involved in the deployment of RFID. Each issue delivers the breaking news and analysis most pertinent to successful RFID implementations, helping readers understand global RFID developments as they happen.

Media Partners

AIM Global
AIM is a global industry alliance which represents the interests of everyone using barcoding, RFID and related data capture technologies including manufacturers, software vendors, integrators, governments, and end-users.
AIM membership is about supporting standards, community, advocacy and knowledge. Specifically, you will receive early access to industry technical research and information. Your membership gives you the opportunity to influence the direction of our industry and actively participate in research.
Belonging and participating with your peers will increase credibility for your products, services and organization.
Data Collection Online
Data Collection Online's reference library and weekly e-newsletter service focus on the automatic identification and data collection (AIDC) industry. Manufacturers, resellers, and system integrators of bar code and RFID technologies are prominently featured on this Web site. Locate providers of fixed and handheld mobile computing devices (and supporting infrastructure) for printing and scanning bar code labels and RFID tags in our supplier directory. Download product specifications through the product showcase and case studies and white papers from the download library. Please take a moment to join our community and discover the benefits of your free membership. For more information, view our editorial calendar for the list of topics we cover.
DATACollection magazine is published in France, Italy and Spain. Each of the three local language editions is a reference for the Automatic Identification (AIDC), Traceability and Mobility markets and all the related software solutions.
With editorial and marketing staffs based in each country of publication, DATACollection guarantees a mix of global, local and industry experience. The magazines offer consistency in the general editorial content but regional flavour in the articles aimed at the local reader base of end users and resellers.
The topics of Bar code, RFID, Voice, Mobile and Wireless computing are all covered in the monthly issues. Other subjects covered include special technology reviews in accordance with the editorial calendar. Examples of such reviews are reports on biometry, contact and contact-less smart cards as well as vision systems.
GS1 UK has driven innovation in the supply chain for over thirty years. It is part of the global GS1 organisation, dedicated to the development and implementation of global data standards and solutions for the supply chain. The GS1 System is the most widely used supply chain standards system in the world. GS1 UK helps industry to implement these data standards through the use of bar codes, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Global Data Synchronisation (GDS) and electronic business messaging.
MoreRFID.com is a leading global information provider of RFID news, report, articles, and events. Currently MoreRFID.com operates both English and Chinese sites.
PassAgeNow! (PAN) - Bringing you Anything & Everything CONTACTLESS. Now, The Age of CONTACTLESS Has Arrived!
At the dawn of the contactless era, PAN magazine was conceived & launched since the beginning of 2007 (after its sister publication - CardsNow!Asia (CNA) - achieved the world's No. 1 status since October 2004).
Building on the successful foot steps of CNA, PAN strives to be the industry's most preferred and referred publication with features on the industry's most experienced and trusted experts and professionals.
When you think of promoting & reaching out to your contactless industry's customers worldwide, remember that PAN has the network ability to reach your target audience most effectively, just like how CNA does it, as the world's current No.1 trade & technology magazine for the cards industry.
PAN has a circulation of about 27,000 copies every issue (and an estimated global readership of 80,000) reaching out to nearly 100,000 contactless industry professionals.
RFID Switchboard
Planning to implement RFID and related technologies? RFIDswitchboard.com is dedicated to making your life easier. This free, industry-sponsored portal organizes real world, no-nonsense content in logical, easy-to-follow sections. Learn engineering tips, data strategies, implementation techniques, shortcuts, even step-by-step guidance to solve problems you may face. Get direct answer to your questions from a wide variety of technology providers, using your anonymous Switchboard Inbox to avoid phone calls and emails.
RFID Product News
RFID Product News, published 4 times a year, is packed with interesting product news, exciting features, and useful departments that will help readers stay ahead of the curve as RFID technology expands and RFID products multiply. RFID Product News and RFID Reader e-Newsletter will keep our readers up-to-date on the most important advances in technology, products, services, the most crucial trends and the most efficient RFID solutions that hit the market. www.rfidproductnews.com
Industry Wizards
IndustryWizards.com is a global community of subject matter experts in industrial technology, including RFID, RTLS, Lean Manufacturing, AutoID, Sensors, Information Technology, Standards, Regulations, Intellectual Property and Patents. Whether you are just learning, trying to improve your manufacturing operations, facing a mandate from a trading partner, or need a subject matter expert, you can find help here.
SYS-CON.com network of i-Technology sites is the premier online source with the most influential online publications that provide key decision makers with the resources they need to evaluate and leverage new and existing technologies that can boost their IT systems' efficiency, and provide their company with competitive business advantages. Addressing issues, trends, and technologies, such as Java, AJAX, SOA, Eclipse, Linux, .NET, Wireless, Flex, Web 2.0, Virtualization, Enterprise Open Source, and Web Services, no other media sites deliver such depth and breadth of information to aid IT professional in making the right purchasing decisions.
SYS-CON.com delivers to advertising partners the most efficient and highest performing outlets to reach their target audience. With a combined 1.2 million IT professional, SYS-CON Media has the tools (SYS-CON.TV) and the experience you need to deliver a message that is striking and unforgettable.
The ninth annual RFID event from IDTechEx, attended by over 350 delegates in 2007!

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