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27-30 September 2010
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Speakers & TracksEXHIBITION
MasterclassesCompany Visits
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RFID in China 2015-2025
IDTechEx has been analysing the RFID market in China where 80% of global production takes place. In this comprehensive article IDTechEx explores the market in China, assessing the role of the government, shifts in the value chain, differences between government-led and market-oriented companies, and trends in consumption of RFID tags by type (HF, UHF, MWF, etc) and application. This article will share our insight into this growing market territory and will provide ten-year market projections for the Chinese market segmented by more than 16 RFID applications.
alt="Passive RFID grows by 1.12 billion tags in 2014 to 6.9 billion"
Passive RFID grows by 1.12 billion tags in 2014 to 6.9 billion
More than five years later than the industry had expected, market research and events firm IDTechEx find that the passive RFID tag market is now seeing tremendous volume growth.
alt="Highlights from the RFID in Retail Event"
Highlights from the RFID in Retail Event
IDTechEx presented at the invitation-only RFID in Retail conference in Paris in October, hosted by IC provider NXP. This article provides some of the highlights from the event.
alt="Internet of Things: big impediments, big needs"
Internet of Things: big impediments, big needs
At the heart of the newly popular Internet of Things (IoT) is internet-enabled sensing nodes.
alt="IoT, energy harvesting and storage & printed electronics"
IoT, energy harvesting and storage & printed electronics
Powering the internet of things: simple words to type but not necessarily the simplest of tasks to undertake. In 2008, the number of smart devices connected to the internet exceeded the number of people on the earth. By 2020 it is estimated that this number could reach over 50 billion, although one needs to bear in mind that this number wildly varies depending on how the IoT is defined, as the concept of the IoT is still very fluid and flexible in terms of what it describes/incorporates. Regardless of definitions, many of these devices will report to central servers and databases, while other devices may communicate directly with each other and develop their own intelligence. A lot of these are devices are familiar to most, such as smartphones and tablets but most of these IoT devices will be extraordinarily small and in many cases unseen: wireless sensors, tags, beacons, each of them characterized by enormous variety of operational environments, form factors and dimensions. This article explores synergies between IoT, energy harvesting and storage and printed electronics.
alt="Wearable technology for animals - a $2.6bn market worth watching"
Wearable technology for animals - a $2.6bn market worth watching
Wearable technology for humans is all the rage. As "the next big thing", it involves head-on clashes between some of the largest companies on the planet. Those interested in such technologies would therefore be wise to take a look at wearable technology for animals.
alt="Internet of Things: Node potential of 10 billion yearly"
Internet of Things: Node potential of 10 billion yearly
The new IDTechEx report, "Internet of Things: Business Opportunities 2015-2025" is unique in being up-to-date and very thorough in examining the challenges not just the opportunities for this hyped subject.
alt="Internet of Things: The King has no clothes"
Internet of Things: The King has no clothes
Some use the term Internet of Things (IoT) to rename a large number of existing topics including the burgeoning world of cellphones, tablets and wearable connected devices, better referred to as the Internet of People (IoP).
alt="Progress with passive RFID"
Progress with passive RFID
Last week IDTechEx presented at RFID Journal Live in the US. In this article, we summarise some of the latest trends in the RFID market and highlights from the event.
alt="Highlights from IDTechEx's Berlin 2014 show"
Highlights from IDTechEx's Berlin 2014 show
This year's IDTechEx event on energy harvesting and storage was held in Berlin, Europe. Following attendee feedback and a successful introduction of parallel tracks on the topic of the Internet of Things (IoT) in Santa Clara, California at the end of 2013, the event saw the transformation of the wireless sensor networks (WSN) part of the conference to an event that incorporated significant attention to the advent of the IoT and the way the technologies covered would interact in order to create further adoption and proliferation.