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IDTechEx Ltd is a knowledge based company providing research and analysis on the development and application of RFID, smart packaging and printed and organic electronics. The company gives independent marketing, technical and business advice and services on these subjects in three forms - consulting, publications and conferences.

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   About RFID Smart Labels USA 2007

Attended by over 530 delegates from 31 countries in 2006, the sixth annual RFID Smart Labels USA  and Active RFID/RTLS event, hosted by IDTechEx, covers the full rnaeg of RFId applications and technologies.

RFID Smart Labels USA is the longest running RFID and Smart Labels event, held annually in the US from 2002. It is the ONLY major RFID Smart Labels event to be run by independent RFID analysts who understand the most pressing issues - we bring you the opportunities, the big issues and the answers to your questions.

Click here to stay updated with this event. For exhibition, attendance or any other enquiry, please email Nicola Bateman n.bateman@idtechex.com.


The sixth RFID USA event by IDTechEx - covering Smart Labels to Real Time Locating Systems! Register now and receive access to over 2,500 RFID Case Studies!