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iNEMI RFID/Item Level Tag (ILT) Roadmap Workshop

Thursday, February 21, 2008   1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. Provincetown Room, 4th floor


RFID has demonstrated significant growth across a number of industry segments driven by business drivers such as asset tracking, process validation, and logistics. Adoption to date however has been for high value items that demonstrate early return on investment and mandated scenarios. In order for RFID to be ubiquitous in the commercial arenas such as for low cost consumer items, significant progress must be made to close a number of technology and infrastructure gaps. The iNEMI RFID team has worked for a year to create a draft version of an Item Level Tag (ILT) roadmap. This document attempts to identify the critical technologies and business processes that must be improved in order to drive adoption of RFID at the item level.

The purpose of this meeting is to:
• Review the iNEMI RFID ILT Roadmap draft and provide critical feedback on:
• Key barriers (both strategic & tactical) that are limiting adoption
• Projected future improvements in key technical and business attributes
• Identified industry efforts that can close gaps and accelerate deployment
Intended Audience
• Key decision makers for deployment of RFID technology (across supply chain)
• RFID industry thought-leaders representing technology developers and application/product providers (current & future)
• Early adopters of RFID

Benefits of Participation
By participating in this meeting you will gain additional insight into the challenges and opportunities related to deployment of RFID item level tags. You will also interact with key RFID stakeholders and develop a strong appreciation for the future impact of this important technology. In addition, you can provide feedback to improve the value of the ILT roadmap and shape the proposed collaborative projects that will close the identified business and technical gaps. The above stated will influence the strategy and investments of your company as it considers its future plans for RFID.





About iNEMI
The International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative’s mission is to identify and close technology gaps, which includes the development and integration of the electronics industry supply infrastructure. This industry-led consortium is made up of approximately 70 manufacturers, suppliers, industry associations and consortia, government agencies and universities. iNEMI roadmaps the needs of the electronics industry, identifies gaps in the technology infrastructure, establishes implementation projects to eliminate these gaps (both business and technical), and stimulates standards activities to speed the introduction of new technologies. The consortium also works with government agencies, universities and other funding agencies to set priorities for future industry needs and R&D initiatives. iNEMI is based in Herndon, Va., with a representative office in Shanghai, China. For additional information about iNEMI, visit http://www.inemi.org.


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