RFID Smart labels USA 2008

Hot RFID Sectors, Full Technology Analysis, Market Insight


Masterclass 1 & 2: Tuesday February 19, 2008, Marriott Copley, Boston, MA

Masterclass 3, 4 & 5: Friday February 22, 2008, Marriott Copley, Boston, MA

Masterclasses will take place on the 4th floor at the Boston Copley Marriott.

Get the answers to your questions in our interactive optional masterclasses. The five expert-led masterclasses are intended for audience participation and discussion. They are effectively interactive consultancy sessions, delivered by IDTechEx, providing impartial analysis and comment. 


At each masterclass you will have the chance to handle many samples, become part of the masterclass by asking your questions and take away printed copies of presentations. The masterclasses will ensure you get the most from the conference by bringing you up to date with the latest issues and market developments. Experts will be on hand to discuss your questions.


Masterclasses 3,4 and 5 include a tour to ThingMagic



Masterclass 1: RFID Technologies, Markets, Players & Forecasts

Morning Session, Tuesday February 19, 2008, Marriott Copley, Boston, MA

Raghu Das, CEO - IDTechEx Inc
Clarke McAllister, President - ADASA Inc
Don Taylor, Vice President, Global Marketing - InkSure
This masterclass provides a complete introduction and update to RFID systems, markets and trends  everything from printed RFID to Active RFID technologies; how many tags Wal-Mart are using and ROI for their suppliers; hot niche profitable RFID sectors; the biggest RFID orders and vital ten year market, territorial and technology forecasts. The session covers:
  • An introduction to RFID systems and hardware choices
  • Chip and chipless tag technology evaluations and their applications
  • Examples of RFID being used, how many tags or systems have been sold and into which markets
  • Markets driving volume use of RFID to 2018
  • New applications and advice on entry to market
  • Comparison of RFID frequencies
  • The RFID value chain, major players and opportunities
  • Failures and successes
  • RFID standards, impediments and actual progress by vertical market
  • RFID forecasts and trends 2008-2018


Masterclass 2: How to Manufacture RFID: From Design and Materials to Finished Product

Afternoon Session, Tuesday February 19, 2008, Marriott Copley, Boston, MA

Raghu Das, CEO - IDTechEx Inc
Eitan Avni, Director of Sales - KSW Microtec AG
Pamela Campbell, Global Market Development - PPG Industries
Aviv Sotto, Sales & Marketing Manager - Hanita Coatings
Max Golter, VP Sales - Bielomatik
Aimed at converters, packagers, labelers, printers, label suppliers, specifiers, buyers and brand owners, this masterclass will explain the full value chain of manufacturing RFID smart labels from design to finished product. Topics include evaluation of manufacturing methods, chip attachment processes, antenna technologies, overprinting and insertion, specifying RFID labels, managing data and best practice. Delegates will be able to handle many different samples. The session covers:
  • Understanding the tag production value chain and entry points
  • Evaluation of the choices for manufacturing complete RFID labels, tickets and cards
  • How things are made and what they cost
  • Manufacturing RFID tag antennas: technologies, performance and cost
  • Substrates, inks and adhesives: suppliers, costs and performance
  • Chip attach options
  • Analysis of routes to high volume manufacture
  • Oversupply and undersupply
  • Applying RFID to products: required throughput, testing and finish
  • Major players, emerging players and unsatisfied needs i.e. opportunities
  • Current industry manufacturing capacity and future needs


Masterclass 3: Active RFID, RTLS and Sensor Networks

Morning Session, Friday February 22, 2008, Marriott Copley, Boston, MA

Raghu Das, CEO - IDTechEx Inc
Josh Slobin, Director of Marketing - AeroScout Inc
Antti Korhonen, CEO - Ekahau

This masterclass addresses the needs of both potential users and suppliers to understand Active RFID, RTLS and sensor networks from East Asia to Europe and the USA. Where are we now in the technology and the market and what comes next? What are the emerging needs and killer applications and how will the market develop over the next ten years? It is all here in interactive form:


  • Technology choices, challenges, opportunities
  • Applications and market forecasts 2008-2018
  • Near Field Communication  the active RFID reader in a phone
  • Active RFID combined with GPS, GSM, WiFi, Bluetooth etc
  • Uses for RTLS, trends, suppliers to watch
  • Ubiquitous Sensor Networks (USN), including smart dust, Smart Media and similar concepts Types of USN, trials and impediments, suppliers to watch
  • Case studies and business cases
  • Activities of over 50 companies examined


Masterclass 4: RFID Profit and Company Strategy

Morning Session, Friday February 22, 2008, Marriott Copley, Boston, MA

Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman - IDTechEx

This masterclass covers the realities of the RFID market  where is the money, what are the needs that will lead to success? All delegates to this masterclass receive the report RFID Profit, Fundraising and Acquisition Strategy free of charge. The session covers:

  • League table of largest RFID companies and lessons from how they got there
  • RFID acquisitions analyzed and what comes next
  • RFID investments analyzed and what comes next
  • V curve of profit, Boston matrix and other tools to position you optimally in the market
  • Hot countries, technologies and frequencies for profit
  • What can be defended against the impending Chinese onslaught and what can not
  • Who will be the global winners in future and why
  • Large profitable niches  how to spot new ones
  • Cash traps, warning signs and lessons of failure


Masterclass 5: Printed RFID and Printed Electronics

Afternoon Session, Friday February 22, 2008, Marriott Copley, Boston, MA

Raghu Das, CEO - IDTechEx Inc
Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman - IDTechEx
RFID is rapidly taking off for a wide range of applications, with 1.3 billion tags being shipped in 2006 rising to over 500 billion tags in 2016. The endgame is the item level tagging of all items but this calls for an ultra low cost tag, costing little more than a barcode does today. Printed RFID is one of the most promising technologies to achieve this. Today, we already have fully printed sub one cent RFID tags, some meeting EPC data specifications. These do not use thin film transistor circuits though and have various performance compromises. Additionally, over 50 companies are developing printed thin film transistor circuits which can mimic the silicon chip and be used as a printed RFID tag. But how do these compete with the lowering cost of silicon chips? Is more value and functionality required? What are the enabling technologies, progress of the leaders and timelines? Which are the most suitable applications for printed RFID initially? This masterclass answers these questions; assesses the technologies, how they work and latest progress.

Aimed at those who are new to the topic or who need to understand the big picture to assess the challenges and opportunities, this masterclass will arm you with the latest knowledge of the applications and technology developments involving printed electronics - from printed RFID tags to printed displays. Printed electronics enables you to replace components such as silicon chips, conventional displays, interconnects, batteries and much more with electronic and electrical devices that can be printed. Not all is printed today - we cover those too - but printing is seen as the end game to enable low cost dispersed manufacturing. Learn of the toolkit of technologies that are available and emerging at this masterclass.
  • Applications of printed electronics: now and near future
  • Lessons to be learnt from early successes and failures
    • The value chain
    • Market forecasts
  • The need for printed electronics
    • Key markets that need printed electronics: reasons why and their technology requirements
    • Creating new markets versus competing with conventional electronics in existing ones
  • Assessment of technologies, companies, strategies and progress so far, including
    • Thin film transistor circuits (organic, inorganic semiconductors, thin film silicon)
    • Displays (OLEDs, electrophoretic, electroluminescent, electrochromic and others)
    • Sensors, batteries, actuators and conductive inks
  • A discussion of printing techniques, their relevancy and challenges
  • Challenges and the roadmap to the full printed electronics toolkit


The seventh RFID Smart Labels USA event by IDTechEx - covering Printed RFID to Real Time Locating Systems. Register online now and save 10%.

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