RFID Smart labels USA 2008

Hot RFID Sectors, Full Technology Analysis, Market Insight

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There will be over 60 in-depth presentations with time for discussion at each. Each speaker has been carefully selected based on their significant work with RFID, such as covering the World's largest implementations, lessons learnt and needs for adoptions. In addition, we feature RFID companies with ground breaking technologies.


IDTechEx is careful to select and cover the real RFID situation and outlook. For over eight years we have tracked and analyzed the RFID industry. This premium content event analyzes who is making money, what is failing and what is to come. Don't follow the crowd - here you will learn the situation and understand the bigger picture.


Please refer back to this list for the latest speakers, or click here to stay updated with the event. Speakers include:

The seventh RFID Smart Labels USA event by IDTechEx - covering Printed RFID to Real Time Locating Systems. Register online now and save 10%.