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19-22 September 2005
Cambridge, UK
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19 Sept   Optional masterclasses: RFID
Optional masterclasses: Smart Packaging
20 Sept   RFID in the pharmaceutical industry
RFID for retailers
RFID in manufacturing & logistics
RFID in transport
Case studies and development from around the world
21 Sept   Implementing RFID
Manufacturing RFID
Smart Labels beyond RFID
22 Sept   Optional masterclasses: Manufacturing RFID
Optional masterclasses: Printed Electronics

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Day One - 20 September

 Users RFID needs and implementation experiences


Registration, networking & exhibition


IDTechEx, Peter Harrop, Chairman, UK
"Making enduring profits from RFID"

  • Trends in the RFID value chain
  • RFID forecasts 2005-2015
  • Lessons from 1,600 case studies

RFID in the pharmaceutical industry

30 billion RFID tags will be needed each year to track drugs. Increasingly through legislation (e.g. from the FDA) and the need to reduce counterfeits and gray markets, pharmaceutical companies are piloting and committing to using RFID. Hear the challenges and potential for RFID in this market.



Bill Young, Principal Scientist, Applied Technology, UK

Jeff Veitch, Project Manager, UK
"Applying RFID in Pharma R&D"

  • The practical aspects, challenges and opportunities of RFID tagging within an R&D environment
  • With local memory and an unique serial number within each RFID label, there are opportunities to enhance existing processes or create new ones, which can reduce costs and increase accuracy
  • "Hey, there is a supply chain here..."
  • Examples from GSK R&D

Aegate, Paul Cox, VP Technology, UK

"Combating Pharmaceutical Fraud"

  • Authentication at the point of dispensing
  • Case study: UK Pilot
  • Challenges and Solutions: The opportunity for smart labels

RFID for Retailers

Despite technical challenges, retailers are globally adopting RFID but where is the return on investment (ROI)? What are the benefits of pallet, case and item level tagging to retailers and why do they want to be first and how? Hear from some of the world's premier retailers.


IKEA, Jesper Samuelsson and Jan Spjuth, Sweden
Lund University, Mats Johnsson, Associate Professor, Sweden

"A co-operative approach by IKEA and Lund University: RFID in closed loop systems"

  • Our pilot project used to identify, measure, analyse and implement RFID technology in closed-loop settings
  • How we can achieve traceability for high value and production critical components, loading units (containers, trailers), unit loads, racks and other packaging systems using RFID technology.

Kaufhof Warenhaus AG, Uwe Quiede, Project Manager RFID, Germany

"RFID in the textile supply chain of Kaufhof"

  • Pilots and experiences of item level tagging.
  • Roll out plans for item tagging for garments.
  • Experiences of pallet level tagging at the Metro Group
10:15 Networking & exhibition

Marks & Spencer, James Stafford, Head of RFID Projects, UK

"Using RFID to improve service to Marks & Spencer customers"

  • Tray Level Roll-Out on Foods
  • Item Level trials on Clothing
  • Plans for extended trials in Spring 2006
  • Building a business case
  • Leading standards in the responsible use of technology.

Manufacturing & Logistics

RFID is already being used to automate processes and provide better visibility through manufacturing and logistics processes. Hear exclusively on the results from new global projects and trials.


Kuehne + Nagel Management AG, Dr J. Rod Franklin, Vice President, Product Development, Switzerland

"Connecting Europe and the US with RFID: Piloting RFID with Lufthansa Cargo and OCE A discussion of an International pilot implementation of RFID"

  • Implements end-to-end tracking services for secure transport of high value goods
  • Employs industry standards for monitoring and tracking
  • Implements a Cargo 2000 model for RFID in a Route Management Service (RMS)
  • Demonstrates how RFID can be employed to speed inbound and outbound material handling operations

Trenstar, Graham Miller, VP Global Accounts, UK

"Management makes the kegs go round"

  • How Trenstar use state-of-the-art technology to manage their fleet of beer kegs for the brewing industry
  • How the use of technology has raised productivity

Microsoft, Alexander Renz, RFID Program Manager, Denmark

"Link Snacks, Inc. case study – from compliance to an RFID enabled supply network"

  • Wal*Mart Compliance
  • RFID-Based Manufacturing Visibility and Control, Lot Tracking and USDA Compliance
  • Distribution and Logistics
12:25 Lunch, networking & exhibition



Whether contactless cards for ticketing or tagging airline baggage, RFID is increasingly being deployed in open, global transportation systems. Learn from early adopters about what they have done, the results they have had and what they need.


British Airways, Karl Brooks, Innovations Consultant, UK

"British Airways and RFID: been there, done that"

  • Passenger tracking trials
  • Cargo ULD tracking trial
  • Baggage tracking trial
  • What's next?

Cubic Corporation, Walt Bonneau, Corporate VP, Chief Technologist, USA

"A comprehensive RFID solution for public transport"

  • Standards & technology advancement
  • Existing solutions
  • The business case
  • The complete RFID solution

Case Studies and Developments from Around the World

The lack of RFID implementation experience generally means adopters - and providers - are experiencing a steep learning curve. Here you will be taken through several RFID implementations - how they were done, challenges faced and problems overcome, and opportunities for further development of RFID systems.


National Patient Safety Agency,
Chris Ranger, Head of Safer Practice, UK
David Morgan, UK

"Patient Safety and the use of technologies"

  • Errors in matching patients with the care intended for them causes harm to patients and costs the NHS money
  • Technologies can be used to help reduce or eliminate errors of this kind
  • No single technology can meet all the NHS’s requirements of matching patients with their care – probably a mix of technologies is best
  • There are opportunities for the healthcare industry to work jointly with the NHS and patients to develop appropriate technology which is consistent with CfH (NPfIT) infrastructure

National Computerization Agency, Chang-Hun Lee, RFID/USN Team, Korea

"Korea RFID pilot projects in public sectors"

  • Ubiquitous Network Society
  • RFID/USN & IT 839 Strategy
  • RFID/USN Demand Creation
  • RFID/USN Pilot Projects in 2004 and 2005
  • Future Plan
15:35 Networking & exhibition

LogicaCMG, Eelco de Jong, RFID Domain Lead, The Netherlands

"Determining a business case for RFID"

  • Typical approach & methodologies
  • Real world business cases
  • Issues to expect ... and their solutions

Vue Technology, Paul Rasband, Chief Scientist, USA

"Sub-Networking RFID on the retail floor"

  • Item-Level RFID challenges: large data volumes and high-density hardware environments
  • How sub-networks function in standards-oriented RFID applications
  • Some examples of advanced RFID data collection networks in real retail applications

Alien Technology, Andrew Berger, Vice President International, UK

"Availability of EPC Class 1 European UHF RFID solutions"

  • EPC Class 1 Gen 1 and 2 readers and tags
  • European standards
  • Converters and availability of encapsulated tags
  • Managing expectations of EPC Class 1 Gen 2 performance and availability

ASK, Jean-François Delepau, International Development Director, France

"Supply chain management in the fashion industry: the DHL Fashion business case"

  • Smart paper technology benefits
  • Supply chain requirements
  • RFID bricks on the whole chain
  • Benefits for client / end user

Microlise, Gordon Wilkinson, Marketing Manager, UK

"Delivering business benefit in end-to-end RFID supply chain solutions"

  • Delivering true business benefit requires process change, integration and collaboration
  • Managing and delivering the data is a real challenge
  • Previous experience can ensure we avoid the pitfalls
19:30 Meet the Experts Gala Networking Dinner
Selwyn College, The University of Cambridge
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Day Two - 21 September

 RFID systems and cutting edge technologies


Registration, networking & exhibition

08:15 GS1, UK, David Weatherby, Senior Executive
Chairman's address

Tesco, Simon Palinkas, Project Manager
"Radio Barcodes at Tesco"

  • Update on what Tesco is doing with this technology
  • Why is Tesco interested in its use, what are the benefits
  • Sharing real world learnings
  • What next?

Implementing RFID

As a new technology adopters are having some problems getting 100% reads with UHF RFID systems. This session will cover the performance of UHF and other RFID frequencies when tagging different materials, antenna design, reader location and the performance of different tag types and standards across different vendors. Learn of new developments to tackle these issues, such as rotating UHF interrogator antennas (as with radar systems), 3D tag antennas, antenna design and so on.


Cisco Systems, Andy Lee, RFID Technology Marketing Manager EMEA, UK
Intermec, Craig Backham, EMEA Business Development Manager, Retail & RFID, UK

"Strategic imperatives for successful RFID implementations – network & RFID infrastructure"

  • The role of intelligent IP networks in enabling RFID deployments
  • The challenges of implementing RFID, from standards & regulations to real-life deployment issues

Avery Dennison, Florian Jungmeier, RFID Division Europe, Director Marketing & Sales, Germany

"Understanding RFID technology and what to consider for a successful implementation: a practical demonstration of tagging"

  • The current status on RFID standards, production and adoption in the markets
  • Exploring RFID frequencies
  • Demonstrating tags on various materials, and different set-ups on RFID infrastructure (reader and antenna)
  • The RFID implementation

NCR, John Greaves, VP RFID Solutions, USA

"PUHF, The Magic Dragon: A global update and prediction"

  • Passive UHF has certainly arrived but where was the take off point

  • The current volume of delivery in Passive UHF, the impact on the US Supply Chain and IT structures

  • The real deliverers, the real winners (and losers) and the future for Europe with Passive RFID in all spectrum

  • Tag volume, reader deliverables, regulatory emotions, Standards Direction, Market sizing and the latest in deployment validation, come on down, the price is right

10:15 Interactive Panel Discussion
Sharing RFID Implementation knowledge

Networking & exhibition


Scanology, Oscar Heufkens, Technical Manager Auto ID, The Netherlands

"RFID magic – bending the laws of physics"

  • Before your very eyes, RFID implementations which work but shouldn't
  • Moore's Law - is it relevant to RFID?
  • Dense reader mode - will it work in Europe?

Domino Printing Sciences Plc, Simon King, Director – RFID Business Group, UK

"Staged RFID implementations for efficiency gains within manufacturing environments"

  • How to provide linkages across product coding platforms, from alpha/numeric and 2 Dimensional to RFID formats, to provide complete product traceability extending from primary to tertiary packaging applications
  • Key focus on introducing RFID technologies in a staged manner to both embed internal learning, whilst ensuring complimentary applications with value building opportunities are recognized.  

John Falck Associates, John Falck, UK

"Global RFID regulations – what you need to know"

  • Permitted RF power levels for UHF around the world
  • The regulatory process in Europe
  • The new European standard for RFID at UHF
  • Addressing concerns – the ETSI code of practice for RFID 

Savi Technology, Mark McGlade, Managing Director – Europe, UK

"Nested Visibility: integrating passive and active RFID for supply chain visibility"

  • How complimentary technologies are being integrated into total solutions
  • Middleware and applications are vital to successful deployments
  • Case Studies from the Defence and Commercial sector
  • How RFID and sensors are being integrated for environmental monitoring of the supply chain
12:40 Lunch, networking & exhibition

Meeting the Demand: Manufacturing RFID

Learn what is needed to manufacture RFID at high volume. This sessions considers all the components of the RFID tag.


Mühlbauer, Thomas Betz, Director, Business Development, Germany

"Technology update: different options for high volume smart label production"

  • Newest trends in direct flip chip and strap technology
  • Pro's and Con's of both technologies for different applications
  • The right path from start up to mass production

Parelec, Geva Barash, CEO, USA

"The low cost high speed route to RFID labels"

  • The low RFID – are we there?
  • What does the future hold for the low cost RFID – the Parelec Vision
  • How do we get there

Emerson & Cuming, Marc de Pater, Marketing Manager – Europe, Belgium

"Novel enabling technology for high speed RFID tag assembly, employing low temperature, snap cure adhesives"

  • RFID tag cost is a critical parameter for the commercial success of the wide-scale implementation of RFID technology. A high speed assembly process for RFID tags plays an important role in contributing to lower finished tag cost. Emerson & Cuming have developed unique adhesive technology platforms for the interconnection of chips and antennas in RFID tags. These technology platforms deliver very fast interconnection enabling high speed assembly and the use of heat-sensitive, low cost substrates


Delo, Stefan Mieslinger, Project Manager Smart Label, Germany

"NCP/ACP solutions for RFID components: high-speed assembly of flip-chips"

  • fast-curing bonding solutions for RFID
  • performance of NCP/ACP connections
  • material and adhesive selection

Datacon Technology GmbH, Hugo Pristauz, Head of Department Advanced Technology, Austria

"Tackling the challenge of low-cost RFID chip assembly"

  • Choices in process flow for RFID inlay manufacturing
  • Technology trends in RFID inlay manufacturing
  • Selecting a low cost interconnection process
  • Cost effective equipment solutions
  • The value of flexible assembly equipment
16:05 Networking & exhibition

Smart Labels beyond RFID

Increasingly RFID is being combined with sensors, displays, power etc to provide much more functionality than just identification. Hear who is doing what and actual applications.


Bioett, Bengt Sahlberg, CEO, Sweden

"Improve your cold chain with RF technology"

  • Presentation of the Bioett chipless RFID temperature monitoring system
  • Results from customer cases

Aveso Printed Electronic Displays, Thomas J. Pennaz, CTO, USA

"Creating a new visual standard for smart labels through printed electronic displays"

  • Printed electronic displays defined
  • Smart label market opportunities for printed electronics displays
  • Integration of printed displays with other electronic components
  • Route to high-volume, high-speed production of display-enabled labels

Instrumentel Ltd,
Steve Couchman, CEO, UK
Dr Greg Horler, Founder & Technical Director, UK

"Sensor based battery-less RFID tags: new technologies and new applications"

  • The ability to track, sense and actuate with a battery-less (passive) tag
  • Case study analysis – an electronic container locking system with access control to protect goods in a supply chain
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