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RFID Smart Labels Europe 2006
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Co-located with Active RFID Summit Europe 2006

19-20 September 2006

London, UK

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DAY ONE - Tuesday 19 September

Time Track One Track Two
Major Users and New Opportunities
Scandinavian Airlines
P&G / Gillette
Exhibition and networking break
Marks & Spencer
Rolls Royce
Boekhandels Groep Nederland
12:15 Vue Technology
Lunch, exhibition and networking
Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
Airlines, Airports & Transport
Lifeforce Blood
San Francisco Airport
Logica CMG

Investment Opportunities & Strategy

Stora Enso
 Quan Ventures
Exhibition and networking break
Food & Livestock Traceability
Item Level Tagging
Food Standard Agency
Avery Dennison
 Global Situation
 Data Collection
e-Passport and Contactless Smart Cards
Oyster Card
Essex County Council Libraries
Day one ends
Meet the Experts Gala Dinner  (by pre-arrangement)

Major Users and New Opportunities

8:35 IDTechEx, UK Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman
"RFID 2006-2016"
  • IDTechEx will give you the independent overview of the RFID industry, with analysis of latest trends, technologies and our ten year forecasts (2006-2016)

8:50 Tagsys, USA John Jordon, President of US Operations
"Pfizer + RFID. Taking Steps to Ensure Patient Safety"
  • The Pfizer ePedigree Challenge
  • The RFID Solution and Implementation
  • Viagra Tagging & What We've Learned

9:15 Scandinavian Airlines, Sweden Peter Melander
"RFID in Scandinavian Airlines"


9:40 Procter & Gamble/ Gillette, USA Paul Fox, Director, Global External Relations, P&G Gillette. Chairman, Coalition Against Counterfeiting and Piracy;
"Counterfeiting - A World of Difference..."
  • The global impact of counterfeiting
  • Can EPC help combat this menace to world markets
  • Lifting the lid on the murky world of counterfeiting and piracy
  • An insight into how how P&G is deploying EPC to deliver business benefits today

10:05 Marubeni America Corporation, USA Shin Suyama, Marketing Manager, RFID
"RFID in Japan"
  • Status of RFID Market in Japan
  • RFID implemented business cases-Yodobashi, Tokyo Shirts, Japanese Government Funded RFID program, the rise of the RFID test center

10:30 Exhibition and networking break

11:00 Marks & Spencer, UK James Stafford, Head of RFID
"How Marks and Spencer is using RFID to improve customer Service and Business Efficiency in its Clothing Departments"

11:25 Rolls-Royce plc, UK Lee Doherty, Head of Supply Chain - Services
"RFID Requirements from the Defense Industry"
  • Requirements for the defense industry - reverse logistics, timeliness and visibility
  • Operational benefits RFID can offer
  • Details of pilots and deployments with Rolls-Royce

11:50 Boekhandels Groep Nederland (BGN), The Netherlands Jan Vink, Chief Information Officer
"The World's first Bookstore with full item level RFID roll-out"
  • Why we decided to tag every book at a BGN store
  • Suppliers as teamplayers
  • Our implementation experiences
  • The paybacks and ROI
  • This is only the first step

12:15 Vue Technology, USA Robert Locke, President
"Quantified paybacks from item level tagging - results from live pilots"
  • Smart Shelves and Systems to Enable Item Level Tagging
  • Implementing readers in stores - minimizing disruption and cost
  • The return on investment from item level tagging
  • Items that will be tagged first - and timescales

12:40 Lunch and networking break

Track One

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Session Chairman:
        The Pharmaceutical Journal, UK Michael Thompson, Editor

14:10 Lifeforce Immune System Bank, UK Andy Neal, Chief Technical Officer
"Implementing RFID for a Tissue and Blood Bank: our needs"
  • Current practice limitations
  • RFID as the solution

14:35 Heart of England NHS Trust, UK David Morgan, Consultant ENT
"Mistake Proofing in Healthcare Using RFID"
  • Misidentification is a common cause of medical error in the NHS
  • The use of RFID for patient identification can reduce such errors
  • The results of the Safe Surgery pilot in the Heart of England NHS Trust will be presented

15:00 Stora Enso, Finland Kirsi Viskari, Manager, Intelligent Solutions
"Case Orion Pharma: Item level authentication through the supply chain"
  • Combining supply chain visibility with brand protection
  • How to use HF, UHF and barcodes together
  • Benefits for each party in the supply chain

15:25 Siemens Business Services, Germany Tom Jell, Senior Principal Consultant
"Patient Identification with RFID - Results and recommendations from the New York, Saarbuecken, and others"
  • Patient Idenfication
  • Patient Tracking
  • Ensuring medication safety
  • Blood bags
  • Results from New York, Jacobi Medical Center
  • Results from Klinikum Saarbruecken
  • Results from Image Science Institute, Erlangen

15:50 Exhibition and networking break

Food and Livestock Traceability

16:20 Food Standards Agency, UK David Statham, Enforcement Director
"Traceability from an Enforcement Perspective"
  • The Legal Position
  • Traceability and product recalls
  • Making Traceability Work for you

16:45 Sparkice, China Edward Zeng, CEO
"RFID Applications in China - Livestock Tracking"
  • Tracking demands for 130 million live pigs in Sichuan Province
  • RFID solutions, challenges, and future opportunities

Global Situation

17:10 Data Collection, Italy Ernesto Salvioli, Chief Executive
"Around Italy in 80 case studies"
  • RFID applications in Italy - ubiquitous but not high profile
  • UHF is specified but not used
  • HF is not in high profile specifications but is widely used
  • Applications in food industry, agriculture, livestock, transport/ museum ticketing
  • Tourism, the "intelligent buoy", engineering, Malpensa International Airport baggage
  • Multiple benefits - cost, speed, service etc

e-Passports & Contactless Smart Cards

17:35 Oyster Card, UK Brian Dobson, Prestige Systems Integration Manager, Transport for London
Oyster Card Implementation - What does it do, some launch experiences, lessons learnt and what next.

18:00 Day one ends

Track Two

Air Industry & Transport

14:10 San Francisco International Airport, USA Paul Foster, Aviation Security Manager
"San Francisco International Airport and RFID... Past, Present, and the Future"
  • The 2.45GHz solution and lessons learned
  • September 11, 2001, and the changing landscape
  • Establishing and using IATA (RFID) global standards
  • RFID and the aviation industry... what's next?

14:35 LogicaCMG, The Netherlands Eelco de Jong, RFID Solutions Manager
"How RFID will change corporate IT architectures"
  • As RFID and sensors are more widely used, objects are getting more "intelligent"
  • These intelligent goods are driving a trend of "distributed, bottom-up intelligence”
  • The flow of goods in the supply chain will look like data moving through the Internet
  • A European airline case study shows how this company is adopting its IT architecture

Investment Opportunities & Strategy

15:00 IDTechEx, UK Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman
"Investments and Acquisitions in RFID"
  • RFID supply is still fragmented, though some companies are making rapid acquisitions. IDTechEx analyse acquisitions in RFID
  • Hot areas for investors
  • RFID profitability - the taboo subject

15:25 Quan Ventures, Switzerland Edward Schneider
"Experience and comments from a Venture Capitalist who has invested in RFID"

15:50 Exhibition and networking break

Item Level Tagging

16:20 Avery Dennison, RFID Division, UK Ian Forster, Technical Director RFID
"Technology for Item Level Tagging At UHF Frequencies"
  • Review of the basics; Near Field and Far Field Coupling
  • Designing Tag and Reader systems for Item Level
  • Tip and Tricks for deploying Item Level UHF Tags

16:45 TagSense, USA Dr Richard Fletcher, CEO
"Advances and Challenges for Item-Level RFID"
  • The Emergence UHF RFID Technologies for Item-Level Tagging
  • The Next Generation of RFID Readers: small, low-cost, and network-ready
  • The Convergence of RFID, Zigbee and Wi-Fi
  • Managing Large Populations of Readers and Tags
  • Privacy Issues for Consumer Item-Level RFID

17:10 Hitachi, Japan Yo Nakajima, General Manager, Tracing & Tracking Systems Division
"Conclusions from the Japanese HIBIKI project and Hitachi's solution"
  • Hitachi and its RFID solution
  • The HIBIKI project

17:35 Essex County Council: Libraries, UK Martin Palmer, Strategic Manager: Transformation & Resources
"Adoption of RFID in Libraries"
  • Rolling out RFID to Essex County Libraries
  • The challenges, benefits and ROI

18:00 Day one ends

DAY TWO - Wednesday 20 September

Time RFID Smart Labels Europe 2006 Active RFID Europe 2006
Active RFID in Action
System Implementation & Integration
Broekman Group

Savi Technology

Active RFID over Wi-Fi Networks
Longer Range Passive Tags
DAG Systems
Exhibition and networking break
Near Field Communication
EM Microelectonics
Printed Electronics & Chipless RFID
Philips Semiconductors
Ultra Wide Band RFID
Lunch, exhibition and networking
Manufacturing RFID Smart Labels, Tickets & Cards
Emerson & Cuming


Battery Technologies
Dow Corning
Power Paper
14:40 Parelec Thin Battery Technologies
 15:00 Lunch, exhibition and networking
RFID and sensors
 Cranfield University
KSW Microtec
  Contactless smart cards and e-Passports  
 16:00     Montalbano
Conference ends

RFID Smart Labels Europe 2006 - Day Two


8:55 Manchester Airports Group, UK Yemmi Agbebi, Head of Group Business Development
  • "Old Game" versus "Old Game Better" versus "New Game" RFID
  • Potential Value of Real-time information at an airport using RFID (Commercial, Security & Operations)
  • A vision of the future for RFID at Airports - (Commercial & Operations)
  • Making a business case for RFID and non-aeronautical revenue at an Airport
  • Who has succeeded in deploying RFID in the Airport space? Synopsis on Manchester, Las Vegas Airports, Hong Kong & Atlanta
  • Weighing up the costs, risks, and ROI benefits to business of using RFIDs at Airports
  • After all the "hype" - what are the real-life challenges to implementing RFID at an Airport including, critically, human interface?

Systems Implementation & Integration

9:20 Microsoft, United Kingdom Simon Holloway, EMEA Manufacturing Industry Architect
"Making RFID work in Manufacturing"
  • A detailed analysis of RFID improving manufacturing
  • Case study implementation details - our learnings
  • An analysis of the paybacks and return on investment

9:40 Oracle, The Netherlands Edwin Kalischnig, Business Development Manager
"How RFID can benefit your business"
  • Companies & governments can save and make money using RFID and sensors
  • Clear exposition of the technology and key business solutions
  • Illustrative examples from different industries show the impact of this technology
  • The resulting information explosion will push the IT systems to the extremes

10:00 IBM WebSphere RFID Information Center, Switzerland Christian Clauss, Worldwide Director of Sensor Network Solutions
"Using EPC Network Standards to Build an Automatic Product Authentication and ePedigree"
  • IBM has been involved in RFID information sharing projects in many industries
  • The effectiveness of software solutions based on EPC Information Service standard
  • IBM presents a system built with one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies
  • Why leading companies are investing in systems for Sensor Information Management
  • Lessons from a new RFID data capture & information management infrastructure
  • How to use standards to enable secure sharing of select elements of EPC data

Longer Range Passive Tags

10:20 DAG System, France Emmanuel Moreau

10:40 Exhibition and networking break


11:20 EM Microelectronic, Switzerland Thierry Roz, Business Unit Manager
"The chip, heart of an RFID Tag: what determines its cost?"
  • Where are the limits of economy of scale?
  • How do wafer cost, function set, feature size & assembly process influence label price?
  • What are the costs of standards and what are the alternatives?

Printed Electronics & Chipless RFID

11:40 Inksure, Israel Don Taylor, Vice-President Global Marketing
"Fully printed, sub-cent 96-bit chipless tags with anti collision"
  • Breakthroughs in ultra low cost RFID – the tag and reader technology
  • First applications and addressable markets

12:00 PolyIC, Germany Wolfgang Mildner, Managing Director
"Printed RFID - from vision to production"
  • Achiving Lowest Cost RFID for Item Level tagging
  • Current Status of the work of PolyIC - latest achivements
  • Applications of first Printed RFID tags (e.g. Brand Protection)
  • Demonstration and future Roadmap

12:20 THORONICS Ltd., Switzerland Dr. Thor Thorvaldsson, Managing Director
"RFID based on SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave devices)"

12:40 Lunch and networking break

Manufacturing RFID Smart Labels, Tickets & Cards

14:00 Emerson & Cuming, Belgium Adam Hilton, Market Manager RFID Europe
"Novel enabling technology for high speed RFID Die Strap tag assembly"
  • Demonstrating the wide range of adhesive solutions for antenna assembly
  • Highlighting the necessary adhesive properties for high throughput and low cost manufacture
  • Die strap attach mechanisms employing Isotropic Conductive Adhesive underlining snap curability and stable contact resistance to harsh reliability exposures
  • Company profile and Emerson & Cuming's vision for the future

14:20 Dow Corning, Belgium Michael Pinto, Strategic Planning & Business Development, RFID
"Integrated Material Systems for Inlay Assembly"
  • The importance of material compatibility
  • Equipment integration for optimal cost of ownership
  • Sustaining inlay assembly efficiencies

15:40 Parelec, USA Geva Barash, CEO
"Printing RFID tag antennas"
  • Assessment of high speed printing methods and their suitability for printing antennas
  • Interactions within the love triangle - ink, substrate and print technique

15:00 Lunch, exhibition and networking


15:20 Delo, Germany Florian Hierl, Business Development Manager
"Adhesive Applications in the Smart Label Sector"
  • Principle of Flip-Chip-Attach
  • Solutions for Flip-Chip-Bonding: ACP vs. NCP
  • STRAP-Attach
  • Evolution in adhesive development for Flip-Chip-Bonding
  • State of the art adhesives: what is possible
  • Reliability investigations: T-Shock, Humidity storage

15:40 Mühlbauer, Germany Thomas Betz, Director, Business Development
"Turn key production- and testing-solutions for Smart Labels: The simple, reliable and most cost effective way to achieve 100% output quality"
  • High speed RFID-Inlay production with "direct flip chip-" and "strap technology"
  • Leading edge solutions for label converting and performance testing
  • Future potential of new assembly technologies

16:00 HP, UK Fraser Dickin, Senior Engineer
"An overview of HP memory-spot technology and its applications"

16:30 Conference ends

co-located with

Active RFID Europe 2006

20 September, 2006

Active RFID  in action

8:55 Wavetrend, UK Adrian Segens, Sales & Marketing Director
"The business case for active RFID"
  • The benefits of active RFID technology
  • Payback and return on investment (ROI) from active RFID implementations

9:20 Broekman Group, The Netherlands Joost Helwegen, General Manager
"The World's largest active real-time locating system at the port of Rotterdam"
  • Precisely tracking 40,000 vehicles at our automotive logistics terminal at the port of Rotterdam
  • Why did Broekman Group decide to roll out one of the largest active RFID sites in the world? How was this decision made? What are the experiences after several months?

9:40 Savi Technology/Lockheed Martin, UK Iain Bell, Sales Director
"Securing Trade Lanes and providing Total Asset Visibility for the Military"
  • Active RFID in use in civilian logistics and the military
  • The business case and paybacks

Active RFID over WiFi networks

10:00 Aeroscout, USA Andris Berzins, MD
"Leveraging Wi-Fi networks for Active RFID: case studies in manufacturing, logistics and healthcare"
  • How Wi-Fi networks can be used not only for voice and data but also for location and asset tracking
  • AeroScout's solution for any environment - indoors, outdoors, even explosion-proof areas
  • Case studies of real deployments at Boeing, Bronson Hospital and other large customers

10:20 Cisco, USA Pradeep Gandhi, Director Business Development
"Cisco active RFID/RTLS overview"
  • Strategy
  • RTLS solution
  • Active RFID ecosystem - under construction
  • Active-passive convergence

10:40 Exhibition and networking break

Near Field Communication

11:20 Motorola Labs, Germany Andreas Schaller, Short Range Communications
"Motorola's RFID R&D Activities in Europe"
  • RFID in the world of Short Range RF Communication
  • RFID in the Consumer Electronic Supply Chain
  • RFID enabling Seamless Mobility Services
  • RFID Applications driving Printed Electronics

11:40 Philips Semiconductors, USA Mark Gillott, European Business Development Manager Supply Chain
"Near Field Communication - results from applications"
  • What is Near Field Communication (NFC)
  • Applications of NFC in Asia and Europe
  • The future for NFC

Ultra Wide Band RFID

12:00 Ubisense, UK David Theriault, Director, Strategic Relations
"Real-time Location with Active RFID: Success and ROI in Logistics"
  • Automated process, shrinkage and insurance claims exact a toll on logistics operators
  • RTLS using conventional systems has fallen short in most warehouses and factories
  • A case study shows how the new Active RFID is changing the game in logistics and manufacturing.

12:20 Parco Merged Media Corp, USA Mr Bertrand A Dugal, President
"Ultra Wide Band (UWB) RFID"
  • The benefits of UWB for tracking and locating
  • How the technology works and case studies
12:40 Lunch and networking break

Active RFID over WI - FI Networks ( continued )

14:00 Ekahau, Finland Antti Korhonen, CEO
"Real-Time people and asset tracking using the enterprise Wi-Fi network: technology and customer cases"
  • According to the Yankee Group 2005 Transatlantic Wireless Business Survey, enterprise-based Wi-Fi (802.11) networks will reach more than 80% penetration by 2008.
  • Wi-Fi creates a standard infrastructure for several mobile enterprise applications, including Voice, Data, AND RTLS (Real Time Location Systems)
  • This ELIMINATES the need of RFID type readers and proprietary RTLS infrastructure, as the existing WiFi access points will act as a “reader network”
  • Ekahau claims that WiFi based RTLS is a disruptive technology, that will eventually REPLACE legacy/proprietary Active RFID systems
  • Future 802.11 standards such as 802.11v, will be supporting location tracking tags and further boosting the WiFi RTLS growth
  • Today’s applications driving the enterprise WiFi RTLS market are Asset Tracking (to improve asset utilization), and for staff tracking (to improve safety and security, and employee productivity): cases to be presented.

Battery technologies

14:20 Power Paper, Israel Gidy Weisglass, Director European Sales, PowerID Division
"Case Study of Battery-Assisted, Passive Labels: PowerID Used by DHL Solutions in Large-Scale Pilot Project for Inventory and Pallet Tracking"
  • Introduction to PowerID Technology
  • How DHL Solutions utilized PowerID to track inventory and pallets where passive labels failed
  • DHL Solutions business case and ROI

14:40 Thin Battery Technologies, USA Leonard Allison, President
"Thin Flexible Batteries"
  • Construction, performance and integration

15:00 Exibition and networking break

RFID and Sensors

15:20 Cranfield University, UK Dr Leon Terry, Head of Plant Science Laboratory
"Prospects for active RFID in the fresh produce industry"
  • Inadequacies of current fresh produce quality control
  • Examples of sensor solutions
  • Prospects for integrating sensors and/or smart packaging with RFID

15:40 KSW Microtec AG, USA Eitan Avni, Director, Business Development
"Sensor based RFID case study with a major US retailer"

16:00 Montalbano Technology, Italy Daniel Grosso, General Manager
"MultiTag Platform - a single chip platform for RFID sensors"
  • Logistic chain monitoring
  • Demonstration

16:30 Conference ends

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