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New! Smart Labels USA 2006
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easyEPC for Implementers
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"A must attend conference"
Brian Foster, Schick-Wilkinson Sword, USA.


easyEPC™ for Implementers

Learn about the EPC Network from the people who invented it.

Full day workshop, March 19, 2004
Run by Dr. Steve Hodges, Technical Director of Auto-ID, Cambridge, UK.

easyEPC™ is founded by the former Auto-ID Center team at the University of Cambridge, UK. We have created a range of courses, services and products to help you at every stage of adoption – from education to implementation.

Course Overview

You know what EPC is and in principle how it works. Your organization is interested in adopting and expects you to know how to implement it. This course is designed for you. It covers:

  • An overview of the entire EPC Network
  • An in-depth introduction to each of the EPC Network building blocks:
    • Hardware Tags and readers (the RFID elements)
    • Software Savant, ONS, EPC information services
    • Languages PML
    • Numbering EPC
  • A guide to Integrating EPC into your existing systems and migrating from existing identification technologies
  • The current state of play: where are things at (specifications, standards etc), which areas are still unresolved, RFID legislation status
  • Navigating the mine field - where you can go for help and some useful contacts
  • A map of the market place: who’s doing what, who can you trust?

Who should attend?

Anyone involved with implementing EPC technology. This is a technical course suitable for those with a good understanding of IT. Suitable for vendors and end users. Attendees will leave the course with a basic understanding of the operation of the EPC Network.

If you are attending this course, please do not also book Workshop 3 of the conference event (Implementing RFID) which is being run in parallel.

Please Note: This a full day workshop, please attend this or Workshop 3 which run in parallel sessions.


8:00 Coffee & registration
8.30 Introduction to the Course
8:45 Overview of EPC Network
9:15 Demonstration
9:30 In-depth look at the EPC Network Building blocks: Part 1
o Numbering – EPC
o Languages – PML
10:00 Break
10:15 In-depth look at the EPC Network Building blocks: Part 2
- Hardware – Tags and readers (RFID)
11:15 Hands-on RFID practical, Q&A
12:00 Lunch
12:45 In-depth look at the EPC Network Building blocks: Part 3
- Software – ONS, Savant, EPCIS
1:30 Systems integration
2:45 Break
3:00 Lessons learnt from Field trials
3:15 The current state of play
- Review of what is currently available (specifications, standards etc)
- RFID legislation
3:45 The Future
4:15 What Next?
4:30 Feedback, Q&A and Close


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Hear from Microsoft, Oracle, Delta, Marks & Spencer, MA General Hospital and many more...

Smart Labels USA 2003 was a huge success, with over 340 attendees from 20 countries, and 30 speakers from 7 countries.

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