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"A must attend conference"
Brian Foster, Schick-Wilkinson Sword, USA.



March 16-19, 2004: Smart Labels USA 2004. Events in red are included in the conference delegate price, the full agenda is shown below. Other events are optional as specified.

Hear from over 40 speakers from 8 countries during the event, many for the first time!

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March 16

 Workshop 1 (RFID) Morning (optional)
 Workshop 2 (Smart Packaging) Afternoon (optional)
 SAL-C Forum &  Dinner Afternoon (free in advance)
 Welcome Reception and Exhibition Opening Evening
March 17  Day One of Conference: Users Full day
 Exhibition Full day
 Drinks reception Evening
 Meet the Experts Dinner Evening
March 18  Day Two of Conference: Technologies Full day
 Exhibition Full day
March 19  Workshop 3 (Implementing RFID) Morning (optional)
 easyEPC for Implementers Workshop Full day (optional)

March 16th: Welcome drinks reception and exhibition opening

March 17th: Users needs and experiences

Focuses on end users discussing their needs and experiences of RFID within the supply chain, pharmaceutical sector, transport, archiving, retail, industrial, warehousing etc.

07:45 Registration & refreshments/exhibition

08:30 "RFID Smart Labels 2004 to 2014: Forecasts, investment opportunities and what to expect"
Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman, IDTechEx, UK

  • Market forecasts to 2014: the RFID roadmap
  • Hot sectors and applications
  • Comparisons between Europe, USA and Asia
  • How new technologies will enhance RFID

Session 1: Realizing RFID in your business

08:45 "RFID in the US Department of Defense"
Carl Gardner, Senior Functional Analyst, US Department of Defense, Automatic Identification Technology (AIT) Office, USA

  • In July 2003 the US DOD become an "early adopter" of innovative passive RFID technology. Passive RFID in the DOD supply chain will harness the data collection accuracies and efficiencies inherent in this technology and will enable the DOD to streamline the logistics chain and facilitate Logistics Transformation and the emerging concept of Sense and Respond Logistics.
  • Information will be presented on the best military practices and applications of integrating Active/Passive RFID in the DOD Supply Chain (including acquisition and maintenance), business processes to facilitate the collection of initial source data, reduce processing times, improve accuracy, and enhance asset visibility and war-fighting capabilities.

09:15 "How Hewlett Packard intends to use RFID"
Ian Robertson, Director RFID Program, Hewlett Packard, USA

  • An overall strategy for RFID & how to organize for it – effective cross functional collaboration
  • Meeting the Wal*Mart and US DOD requirements – a truly global program for HP
  • Using RFID within HP’s own worldwide operations – the business case and how to proceed
  • Knowing when it’s worthwhile – building a standard ROI model
  • Our pilots & implementations – what we are doing and what we learned so far
  • Readers, tag and software – assessing them & making them work together
  • Customer concerns over RFID – what they are and how to address them
  • HP’s approach to standards – what do we use and why we need them

09:45 "Experience from the World's largest roll-out of RFID in the retail environment - for food and apparel"
James Stafford, Technical Executive, IPX, Marks & Spencer, UK

  • The world’s largest food supply chain application of RFID
  • Building on the business benefits
  • A successful trial of item level RFID labels on clothing
  • Establishing the business case for item level tagging

10:15 Refreshments & exhibition

10:45 "Smarter Retailing, enabled by RFID"
Javed Sikander, Microsoft, USA

While RFID drives innovation throughout the value chain, I would like to focus on the potential benefits for the Retailer. My presentation will suggest how RFID enables Smarter Operations, Smarter Selling and Smarter Shopping. Our early RFID experience with tagging Microsoft X-boxes.

11:15 "RFID in Retail Pharmacy: Opportunities and Issues"
Steve Leng, Director, The Program Management Office, CVS Pharmacy, USA

  • CVS's involvement in RFID
  • RFID and the Healthcare delivery system - The challenges of a unique industry
  • Our approach to identifying the opportunities for business improvement
  • Pilots - the issues of testing new solutions in the real world
  • Building the RFID enabled business roadmap to the future - considerations and conclusions

11:45 "The communication challenge throughout the value chain - from a brand company perspective"
Michael Sellerup, Lego, Denmark

  • Linking consumer relevance and supply relevance

  • Understanding the communication challenge at the point of purchase

  • Identifying business relevance in supply chain

  • Communication technology analysis

12:15 "Item level RFID at Kaufhof Warenhaus AG (Germany) as part of the Metro Group Future Store Initiative"
Peter Paijens, New Business Manager, Nedap NV, The Netherlands

  • The results of the first item level RFID pilot with integrated security (EAS) function, in the total logistic chain
  • Comprehensive pilot project planned at the Metro Group for 2004 regarding use of RFID technology along the entire process chain
  • NEDAP's participation and future outlook
  • New developments regarding multi-frequency RFEAS/ID smart labels for a migration to item level RFID

12:30 Lunch & exhibition visit

Session 2: RFID in Action Now

13:45 "RFID in the automotive industry: complying with the TREAD act and other applications"
Larry Graham, Manager, Manufacturing Technologies, General Motors, USA

  • Our early experience: using RFID to track car parts during manufacture
  • The TREAD act - what it is and what we are doing about it

14:15 "Real World Implementation of RFID in Airports - Delta Air Lines JAX Trial"
Patrick Rary, Manager Baggage Planning & Development, Delta Air Lines, USA

  • Strategic view for a elephant size endeavour
  • Why being a close follower is not always bad
  • Partnerships pave the way for success
  • Don't always believe what you hear!

14:45 NEW ADDITION: "Implementing RFID at McCarran Airport"
Samuel Ingalls, McCarran Airport, Las Vegas, USA

  • RFID is growing in importance in the aviation industry
  • RFID brings significant gains on other technologies, such as bar codes and other optical scanning systems
  • McCarran International Airport (Las Vegas) is moving forward with an Airport-wide installation of an RFID system, with chips incorporated into each and every one of the bag tags produced for all of the airlines
  • Return on investment starts almost immediately after installation.

15:15 "START: Safer transfusion with advanced RFID technology"
Sunny Dzik, Co-Director Blood Transfusion Service, Massachusetts General Hospital, USA

  • Safer blood transfusion depends on giving blood to the intended recipient
  • Mis-transfusion errors are more common than hepatitis or HIV
  • RFID labels on patients and blood bags can be used decrease the risk of mis-transfusion
  • Massachusetts General Hospital is exploring the use of RFID technology for safer transfusion.

15:45 Refreshments & exhibition

16:15 "RFID Smart Labels in the Singapore Public Library System"
Tack Wai Wong, Senior Manager, Service Innovation & Development, National Library Board of Singapore, Singapore

  • Singapore National Library Board RFID Journey
  • Lessons Learnt
  • What's Next?

16:45 “Wireless Lot Tracking in Intel’s Assembly/Test factories
Krishna Pillai, Intel, USA

  • Introduction to the project
  • Factors influencing success
    - Tag profile
    - Information Security
    - Industrial Hygiene
    - Infrastructure
    - Business Process
    - Fundamental Expectations
  • RFID Strategy in Assy/Test Factories

17:15 NEW ADDITION: "RFID within Global Express and Logistics"
Trevor Peirce, DHL Worldwide Network NV/SA, Belgium

  • Introduction to DHL and why we are interested in RFID
  • RFID objectives
  • RFID general requirements/wishes
  • Development model - a successful approach to emerging technologies
  • DHL RFID pilots (film)
  • Next steps

17:40 "International Paper RFID Experience: Communicating Insights and Findings"
Steven Van Fleet, Smart Packaging Project Team Leader, International Paper, USA

  • Case Study: RFID in warehousing at International Paper
  • Findings and insights from real-world RFID applications
  • Real-world experience on weakness in the RFID data model
  • Business value is not guaranteed with RFID

18:00 Drinks Reception

20:00 Meet the Experts dinner

March 18th: State of the art technologies

Concentrates on new innovations and exciting technology developments.

07:45 Refreshments & exhibition

08:15 Chairman's Introduction
Peter Wakim, Director of New Business Development, Nokia, USA

Session 3: State of the art tags and readers

Latest technology developments in manufacturing tags, challenges to overcome, scaling up, and more, plus reader developments and networking devices.

08:30 “RFID in transport – how smart tickets are revolutionising passenger experience and efficiency”
Bruno Moreau, Deputy General Manager, ASK, France

  • Smart tickets in Portugal, Italy & France: the benefits and paybacks of smart transport
  • Implementation case study: challenges and how we overcame them
  • Paper based technologies costing ten cents today: high speed manufacture processes and future R&D developments

08:55 "Don't Forget Item Level Tagging"
Alastair McArthur, V.P Technical & Marketing, Tagsys, USA

  • With the Wal-Mart and DOD announcements, the focus on RFID for the supply chain has been dominantly related to Pallet and Case level tagging, but it is IMPORTANT not to ignore today's real need for Item level tagging
  • The market and applications for Item level tagging today
  • RFID technology and the specific requirements for Item level tagging
  • Item level tagging - it has a future and it's huge!

09:20 "A Review of "Item" Level RFID Pilots and Keys  to ROI"
Dr Paul Rasband, Meadwestvaco Intelligent Systems, USA and Edward Gonsalves, Business Development Manager, Identification, Philips Semiconductors, USA

  • Our experience with Smart shelves at Tesco
  • RFID Pharmaceutical Phundamentals
  • Using RFID at DHL

09:50 "Manufacturing Gets Smarter Using RFID Technology"
Howard Jenkins, Executive Vice President Youngstown Systems Company, USA and Tom Lail, Account Manager, TI-RFid Systems, USA

  • Case study approach using real-world industrial manufacturing supply chain examples
  • Business benefits of RFID product identification and tracking throughout the product lifecycle
  • Explore the viability of RFID as a key part of a real-time data management solution

10:20 Refreshments & exhibition

10:50 NEW ADDITION: "How we used RFID to revolutionise our gas cylinder management"
Olivier Gruet, Air Liquide, France

  • Tagging over 5 million gas cylinders globally
  • Benefits and paybacks

11:10 "Smart Label Reliability:  The role media can play"
Vincent Reese, Business Development Manager, Appleton, USA

  • Market Needs: Survey results
  • Smart Label reliability attrition at various points in the chain
  • Beta Test Results
  • Media solutions can increase reliability

11:35 "Testing RFID for real world adoption – dynamic durability testing for tagged cases"
Dr Robb Clarke, Assistant Professor, Michigan State University, USA

  • An Introduction to Dynamic Laboratory Testing (What & Why)
  • Comparing Lab Procedures (ASTM & ISTA)
  • Shock, Vibration and Compression Durability Testing on Tagged Cases
  • Results for Individual Cases, Column Stacks and Pallet Loads
  • Implications for Packaging, Warehousing and Distribution.

12:00 “Scaling up RFID manufacturing: addressing the need for high volume production”
Thomas Betz, Business Development, Mühlbauer, Germany

  • An analysis of inlet assembly processes – direct flip chip and strap attach
  • Scaling up to make tens of billions a year – how this can be achieved and challenges

12:25 "Advances in Printing RFID Smart Labels”
Steve Ludmerer, President, Parelec, USA

  • Printing vs. Etching
  • Impact of UHF designs
  • High Speed Printing of Smart Labels
  • Next steps for low-cost Smart Labels

12:50 Lunch and exhibition

Session 4: Software and Services

Managing and extracting useful data from the terabytes that will be generated on a daily basis.

14:00 "Capturing AND Managing your RFID data: a vision from Oracle Corporation"
Jon S. Chorley, Senior Director, Inventory and Warehouse Management Applications, Oracle Corporation, USA

  • Making RFID work for your enterprise
  • Driving and supporting sensor-based standards
  • Managing the global wave of RFID data
14:30 "RFID as an Enterprise Solution - Capture. Move, and Manage"
Alan Melling, Senior Director EPC Solutions, Symbol Technologies, USA

What will the RFID solutions of tomorrow look like? As we begin to move from pilot-level RFID solutions to infrastructure solutions more suitable for broad enterprise deployment, what are the characteristics that systems designers, implementers, and IT professionals  need to keep in mind? Mr. Melling will describe Symbol's vision of how RFID must be delivered as part of fully integrated solutions that capture, move, and manage a variety of data and data sources within the enterprise.

15:00 "Improving the management of products at end-of-life using RFID and the EPC Network"
Dr. Steve Hodges, Technical Director of Auto-ID, Cambridge, UK

  • The different options available when a product reaches the end of its life, from re-use through to disposal
  • Drivers to reduce disposal and increase re-use
  • the problems in meeting these drivers using current processes
  • The potential of RFID to overcome the problems

15:15 Refreshments & exhibition

Session 5: Disposable printed electronics, sensing & power for smart packaging

State of the art technologies, many announced for the first time. Hear how the printing and electronics world are merging, with print ed RFID tags and other electronics now available in test phases, plus the latest in battery and sensing developments.

15:30 "Plastic Electronics - the next generation"
Stuart Evans, CEO, Plastic Logic, UK

  • New polymer materials and printing technologies promise low cost electronics
  • A new paradigm suited to the requirements of smart labels and packaging
  • A global update on the industry, as science is being transformed into products

16:00 “Multi-bit Organic RFID Transponders”
Dr Paul Baude, 3M Organic Electronics, USA

  • An organic semiconductor based multi-bit RFID transponder
  • Multiple bit (write-once) circuits are demonstrated with rf carrier frequencies above 125kHz. 
  • Multi-bit data streams generated on the transponder were amplified and used to modulate the absorbed rf. 

16:30 "Printed Displays for Smart Applications"
Adam Laubach, Market Manager, The Dow Chemical Company, USA

  • COMMOTION Displays are low cost, low power output devices for high volume "smart" applications
  • The technology is based on proprietary electro-active inks that change colour when low voltage is applied
  • COMMOTION Displays are manufactured using low-cost, existing screen printing equipment and inexpensive drive electronics
  • Target applications include: smart cards, smart labels, novelty products and authentication devices.

17:00 "Internet 0: Internet Protocol Identification (IPID)"
Prof. Neil Gershenfeld, Director, MIT Center for Bits and Atoms, USA

The value of an RFID tag depends on being able to transmit its identity to where it is needed. Much of that communication takes place over the Internet, where tag data is currently understood only as the payload of an IP packet. I will present the "Internet 0" project that is extending the Internet architectural principles down to the device level in order to allow for inter-device internetworking, and then discuss the prospects for using I0 to enable the networked identity of "IPID" tags to interoperate across RF, wired, optical, acoustic, and even printed media.

17:30 Questions and closing remarks

Conference workshops

The three optional IDTechEx Workshops (Tuesday 16th March & Friday 19th March) are ideal for those wishing to learn about the technology and its uses from independent industry experts. Bring your concerns and share your experiences.

The two pre-conference workshops cover RFID and Smart Packaging topics, bringing you up to date with the very latest developments and market information.

The post conference workshop entitled ‘Implementing RFID’ will enable you to assess the benefits of the technology within your business and how you should go about using it.

Click here for more information about these workshops.

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