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New! Smart Labels USA 2006
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"A must attend conference"
Brian Foster, Schick-Wilkinson Sword, USA.



Hear from over 40 speakers over the course of the entire conference from 8 countries.

During the conference a breaking new RFID development will be made - details will be released at the conference.

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Delegates benefit from online networking before the event!

  • Dr Paul Baude, 3M Organic Electronics, USA
  • Olivier Gruet, Air Liquide, France
  • Vincent Reese, Business Development Manager, Appleton, USA
  • Bruno Moreau, Deputy General Manager, ASK, France
  • Dr. Steve Hodges, Technical Director of Auto-ID, Cambridge, UK
  • Stanley Jurus III, President, Contrarian Investments, USA
  • Steve Leng, Director, The Program Management Office, CVS Pharmacy, USA
  • Patrick Rary, Manager Baggage Planning & Development, Delta Air Lines, USA
  • Carl Gardner, Senior Functional Analyst, US Department of Defense, Automatic Identification Technology (AIT) Office, USA
  • Trevor Pierce, RFID Manager, DHL, Belgium
  • Adam Laubach, Market Manager, The Dow Chemical Company, USA
  • Richard Fletcher, EPCglobal, USA

  • John Greaves, Founder, ePC Group, USA
  • Larry Graham, Manager, Manufacturing Technologies, General Motors, USA

  • Ian Robertson, Director RFID Program, Hewlett Packard, USA

  • Raghu Das, Business Development Director, IDTechEx, UK

  • Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman, IDTechEx, UK

  • Krishna Pillai, Intel, USA

  • Steven Van Fleet, Smart Packaging Project Team Leader, International Paper, USA

  • Michael Sellerup, Lego, Denmark

  • Samuel Ingalls, McCarran Airport, Las Vegas, USA

  • James Stafford, Technical Executive, IPX, Marks & Spencer, UK

  • Sunny Dzik, Co-Director Blood Transfusion Service, Massachusetts General Hospital, USA

  • Prof. Neil Gershenfeld, Director, MIT Center for Bits and Atoms, USA

  • Dr Paul Rasband, Meadwestvaco Intelligent Systems, USA

  • Dr Robb Clarke, Assistant Professor, Michigan State University, USA
  • Javed Sikander, RFID Manager, Microsoft, USA
  • Thomas Betz, Business Development, Mühlbauer, Germany

  • Tack Wai Wong, Senior Manager, Service Innovation & Development, National Library Board of Singapore, Singapore
  • Peter Paijens, New Business Manager, Nedap NV, The Netherlands

  • Peter Wakim, Director of New Business Development, Nokia, USA

  • Jon S. Chorley, Senior Director, Inventory and Warehouse Management Applications, Oracle Corporation, USA
  • Steve Ludmerer, President, Parelec, USA
  • Edward Gonsalves, Business Development Manager, Identification, Philips Semiconductors, USA
  • Stuart Evans, CEO, Plastic Logic, UK
  • Nitzan Cafif, Power Paper, Israel
  • Alan Melling, Senior Director EPC Solutions, Symbol Technologies, USA
  • Alastair McArthur, V.P Technical & Marketing, Tagsys, USA
  • Bill Allen, TI-RFid Systems, USA
  • Tom Lail, Account Manager, TI-RFid Systems, USA
  • Mike Singer, Business Manager, RFID, Tyco Sensormatic, USA

  • Howard Jenkins, Executive Vice President Youngstown Systems Company, USA


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