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 June 27-30 2005
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
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June 27   Optional masterclasses
June 28 Single session Actual users and issues
June 29 Track one Manufacturing RFID smart labels
  Track two Technologies and solutions
June 30   Optional masterclasses

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 Actual users and issues (June 28)

Actual users | Applications | Case studies | World of RFID

Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman, IDTechEx, UK


Exhibition & Registration open, coffee & refreshments



"RFID Smart Labels 2005-2015"

Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman, IDTechEx, UK

  • Market Forecasts 2005-2015
  • Hot applications and opportunities in the RFID value chain
  • Comparisons between USA, Europe and Asia
  • Lessons from over 1,500 RFID case studies


"RFID in the Military: Our packaging is smarter than yours!"

Gerald Darsch, Director of Combat Feeding, US Army, USA

  • Packaging for combat rations
  • RFID - Iraq and back
  • Capability enabled packaging


"UPS: RFID solutions and initiatives"

Bob Nonneman, Industrial Engineering Manager, United Parcel Service (UPS), USA

  • RFID Pilots and Initiatives at UPS - Asset Management and Reusable Container Sortation
  • RFID in the Supply Chain - Distribution and Fulfillment
  • RFID Enabled UPS Shipping Tools


"RFID Compliance And Beyond ..."

Tony Hollis, Manager, RFID Strategy & Execution
Information Technology, Consumer Retail,
Exel, USA

  • A brief overview of compliance strategies, challenges and opportunities
  • Working with RFID beyond simple compliance, in pursuit of a Return on Investment


Networking coffee break in exhibition area



"The FDA and RFID: Our policy and roadmap"

Erik Henrikson, DMPQ, Office of Compliance, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, Food and Drug Administration (FDA), USA

  • Issues regarding a layered approach to thwart counterfeit drugs which includes RFID technology
  • Current Compliance Policy Guide issues from a representative of the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research representative to the FDA RFID Work Group



"Tracking drugs: Item Level RFID today"

Aaron Graham, Vice President and Chief Security Officer, Purdue Pharma, USA

  • The added value it brings to patients, wholesalers, regulatory and law enforcement officials
  • Brand integrity and consumer confidence
  • RFID as a consumer safety initiative
  • Our progress with item level tracking


"Recent RFID experiences in hospitals"

Dr In K Mun, Director, Aventura Hospital and Medical Center, USA

  • RFID applications are taken more seriously by hospital managers as a way to reduce cost and increase efficiencies. Understanding workflow is essential for a successful RFID project
  • RFID asset tracking has shown positive ROI at many sites
  • For electronic pedigree information for pharmaceuticals, RFID technology may play an important role
  • Case Studies of RFID in hospitals


Networking lunch in the exhibition area


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"Implementing RFID at McCarran Airport"

Dave Bourgon, Airline Systems Manager, McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas, USA

  • McCarran International Airport ( Las Vegas ) has installed an Airport-wide RFID system, with chips incorporated into each and every one of the bag tags produced for all of the airlines
  • Return on investment analysis, what we learned and what we are doing next



"Practical Issues for Item Level Tagging- Michelin RFID for Tires"

Dr Patrick King, Global Electronics Strategies, Michelin, USA

  • A single RFID solution for RFID within the tire industry

  • Experience and case studies from Michelin

  • The practical aspects, challenges and opportunities for item level tagging

  • Relationship among the various standards as well as business issues




"Creating new applications and benefits for our customers using RFID"
Tom Zalewski, Director New Business Development Americas , Nokia, USA

  • Nokia cellphone with an RFID tag reader based on Near Field Communication NFC

  • Example applications

  • Response to the new services



Networking coffee break in exhibition area



"RFID at Boeing"
Kenneth D. Porad, Principal Engineer, Reliability & Maintainability, Boeing, USA

  • Our uses of RFID
  • Implementation process and testing
  • Our results and next steps

"The latest developments for the Electronic Product Code EPC system"

John Seaner, Vice President, Industry Development, EPCglobal US, USA

  • Where we are with EPC and ISO standardisation

  • IP issues and the road forward

  • The future of EPC


"Implementation and Technical approach to RFID in Japan"

Hiroaki Kabamoto, Assist.Gen. Manager of RFID Technology, Dai Nippon Printing, Japan

  • Overview of Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.
  • Review of the major issues: technology and business issues
  • Cost reduction strategies for RFID
  • RFID projects in Japan

"Ubiquitous Computing Cities: A New RFID Business Opportunity in Korea"

Dr Geunho Lee, Senior Research Fellow, Korea u-City Forum, Korea

  • Korea's vision for new information society

  • Status and trends of u-City project

  • RFID applications for u-City

  • New RFID business opportunities



Optional drinks reception & "Meet the Experts" gala networking dinner


Manufacturing smart labels (June 29 Track One)

Manufacturing RFID | Processes | Materials | Online and offline integration | Verification

Mike Fairley, Director, Strategic Development,
Labels Group,
Tarsus Exhibitions & Publishing, UK


Exhibition & Registration open, coffee & refreshments



"The role for the label, printing and converting industry in Smart Labels"

Mike Fairley, Director, Strategic Development, Labels Group, Tarsus Exhibitions & Publishing, UK

  • The opportunity for the labeling industry
  • Needs and demands through the value chain
  • Emerging technologies
  • Why make labels smarter?
  • What are the options for adding intelligence?


"Components for lowest systemic cost for RFID tagging"   Samuli Strömberg, Vice President Marketing, UPM Rafsec, Finland

  • Components of an RFID tag
  • High speed, volume production techniques for lowest cost tags


"Achieving cost efficiencies through the automation of RFID"
Simon King, Director – RFID Business Development,
Domino Printing Sciences Plc, UK

  • How to successfully integrate RFID as an extension of existing track & trace operations whilst ensuring that all product identification technologies and controls are complementary
  • Reducing cost through automated RFID and the pros & cons of available technologies - choosing the right approach for your business
  • Improved product traceability today, cost advantage today and scaleable solutions for RFID - future proofing the investment
  • The benefits of commonality and global scale - technology, integration, communications and service

"The first digital printed RFID tag?"

Mike Johnson, Director, Conductive Inkjet Technology Ltd., UK

  • Ink and process strategy - avoiding the pitfalls of metal particles
  • Achieving high conductivity with adhesion and wetting
  • The advantages of personalization
  • Printed connection - Print2Chip TM
  • Reel to reel process to print RFID antennas at 100 feet per minute


Networking coffee break in exhibition area




"High quality digital and security printing of RFID smart labels" Christian Menegon, Category Management, Industrial Printing Presses, HP Indigo, USA

  • Find out how to use digital when printing RFID Smart Labels
  • What lessons have been learnt when using digital printing
  • Discover if the time is right to invest in digital printing for RFID purposes


"Integrating tags into flexo-printed webs"

Ken Daming, Manager, Product marketing, Mark Andy, USA

  • Learn how to print RFID tags straight onto a flexo press
  • What are the lessons learnt?
  • When will you see a return on investment printing RFID tags on a flexo press


"The Role of the 100% Readable Tag in the RFID Marketplace"
Stan Drobac, Vice President, RFID Applications, Avery Dennison, USA
As the demand for RFID technology grows, so does the speculation as to when and how this technology might be successfully implemented. This session will explain how the development of a high-performance RFID tag will fulfill the promise of RFID Technology in Supply Chain Applications. We will discuss the challenges that RFID media suppliers have encountered, how they are being overcome, and what 100% readability will mean to the future success of this market.




Networking lunch in the exhibition area


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"Process advancements in printing high performance RFID Labels: manufacturing UHF RFID tag antennas at 30 meters per minute"
John Yundt, Global PTF Business Manager, Electronic Materials Group,
Spraylat Corp, USA

  • Properties and characteristics of a new high-speed rotary screen printable silver ink
  • Production data on rotary screen printed antennas: Achieving press speeds of 30 meters per minute
  • The roll of plated copper antennas for RFID antennas: Properties and advancements in manufacturing  



"New Conductive inks Bring enhanced Performance & Design Flexibility to RFID Labels"
Paul Berry, Global Application Engineering Center Leader, Dow Corning, USA

Paul Berry, Application Engineering Center Manager, Dow Corning Corporation
Marjorie Dwane, Market Manager, Dow Corning Corporation
Denley Baghurst, Application Engineer, Polymeric Interconnect, Inc.

  • The new generation of highly conductive silver inks for RFID smart label antennas
  • Significant conductivity gains, tailored surfaces and process flexibility enable manufacturers to take advantage of thinner films and achieve longer read distances and improved cost of ownership in high frequency and UHF applications
  • Guidance for selecting the most appropriate silver ink for your application and process.

"Advances in printable inorganic electronic materials"

Chuck Edward, General Manager, PEDs, Cabot Superior Micropowders, USA

  • The applications and future direction of printable inorganic electronic materials
  • The roles of different printing technologies - IJ, Flexo, Gravure...
  • Printable nanoparticle Nickel offers unique device functionality
  • The development of printable resistors and passive materials
15:30 Networking coffee break in exhibition area


"Conductive adhesives for high speed assembly: low temperature, spot cure technology"

Wanda O'Hara, Senior Applications Engineer, Emerson & Cuming, USA

  • Low cost substrates have limited temperature conditions to bond electronics to
  • Low temperature, fast cure adhesives for RFID Smart Labels



"New and innovative possibilities for flip – chip bonding"

Stefan Mieslinger, Project Manager Smart Label, DELO Industrial Adhesives, Germany

  • Highly reliable connections
  • Fast curing bonding solutions for RFID


"Options for conductive inks"

Tom Hammer, Director Product Portfolio, XSYS Print Solutions, USA and
Greg Gaitens, Sales Manager – Americas, Electronic Materials,
Acheson Colloids, USA

  • Conductive ink options
  • Ink and substrate choices
  • Performance of conductive inks


Conference ends


Technologies and solutions (June 29 Track 2)

Chip & Chipless RFID tags | Interrogators | Middleware & Software | Systems Integration

Dan Lawrence, VP Business Development, IDTechEx
, UK


Exhibition & Registration open, coffee & refreshments



"Technology on the horizon: The future of RFID"

Dr Stephen Smith, Chief Technology Office, Alien Technology, USA

  • Future trends and developments in RFID tags


"Practical RFID technology solution in manufacture for quality control"

Dr Ryo Imura, President, Mu-Solutions, Hitachi, Japan

  • Hitachi's technology
  • Case Study: RFID deployment in the supply chain - three key areas of payback


"Samsung's manufacturing method for low cost UHF tags"

Chang Gyoo Kim, Manager, RFID Technical Sales Team,

Samsung Techwin, Korea

  • Reducing tag cost is key to RFID push through
  • Samsung Techwin's manufacturing method for low sost UHF tags
  • Samsung Techwin's antenna manufacturing method using gravure printing and etching
  • Samsung Techwin's move to reel to reel manufacture of UHF tags


"Generation 2 EPC tags"

Todd Humes, CTO, Impinj, USA

  • The importance of Gen 2 EPC
  • Performance results
  • Our technology


Networking coffee break in exhibition area




"Printed electronics for polymer RFID applications"

Wolfgang Clemens, Head of Applications, PolyIC, Germany

  • Polymer electronics
  • Printing technology for simple, low-cost, high volume electronics
  • Polymer RFID tags
  • Roadmap and cost estimations


"Chipless technologies for item-level tagging: technology options for sub 1-cent tags"

Dr Richard Fletcher, CEO, TagSense and Visiting Scientist, MIT, USA

  • Performance trade-offs: UHF, HF, chipless vs chip
  • Technology options for sub 1-cent tags
  • Chipless tagging application for smart shelves
  • Chipless for anti-counterfeiting and tamper-detection
  • Integrating printed sensors into RFID tags


"SAW tags - getting accurate reads and long range in challenging environments"

Clinton Hartmann, President, RFSAW, USA

  • Tagging metal & liquid items
  • Long range, rapid reading with anticollision
  • Full intensity 5 megarad (50 kilograys) gamma sterilization
  • Entire pallet reading for difficult materials
  • Worldwide legal, low power operation
  • EPC compliant capacity



Networking lunch in the exhibition area


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"The Emergence of Generation 2 EPC Compatible Readers"

Donny Lee, President, AWID, USA

  • A reader for all seasons - multi-protocol and adjustable frequency

  • The need for upgradeable and diverse RFID readers

  • How much intelligence in the reader

  • Performance and standardization




"Implementing RFID readers"

Bill Davidson, CTO and Executive VP, Samsys, Canada

  • Handling all these protocols
  • Regulatory opportunities
  • Multiple reader systems and solutions
  • Application specific readers


"Symbol's RFID roadmap to the manufacturing and assembly of RFID inlays"

Joe White, Vice President of PICA Engineering, Symbol, USA

  • The PICA assembly process
  • Meeting market demand for volume and price


Networking coffee break in exhibition area


"Moving beyond the mandates: Turning costs into benefits and value"

Chris Hook, Wireless Technologies Leader, Deloitte Consulting, USA

  • Evaluating the landscape ahead, now that the first wave of deployments has commenced?
  • Looking at how early adopters, in the areas of finished goods passive tagging, business operations active tagging, and next generation payment systems and identity management, are seeking business value from the introduction of RFID systems into their operations
  • Assessing your operations with a view to achieving an ROI in a compliance-centric environment
  • Seeking new business value through changes in operating procedures, enabled by the introduction of RFID systems



"Making it all work"

Nick Samanich, Global Alliance Partner Director, Tyco fire & Security, USA

  • How to make it all work together
  • How to make it all work with what you've already got
  • How to make it work for you


"The demand for RFID Smart Labels"

Mike Liard, RFID Practice Director, Venture Development Corporation VDC, USA
With RFID smart label technology being tested and evaluated in a number of vertical and application markets at a growing rate, new and exciting uses for the technology are emerging. Mr. Liard will offer market size estimates for demand by vertical market and application. And, the value proposition for RFID in unique to each application/ installation environment, with three main levels to RFID deployment. Mr. Liard will explain each level and offer primary examples and market trends to support them. The levels are as follows:

  • Level I: Object Visibility – providing a ‘glass pipe’ view into an environment, organization, or supply chain;
  • Level II: Object Security – the safety and authenticity of an object, asset, or item as well as the security of the data associated with the tagged object, asset, or item;
  • Level III: Object Quality – the condition or state of the object, asset, or item.


Conference ends




Attended by over 400 delegates from 22 countries.
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