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 June 27-30 2005
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
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The following companies exhibited at Smart Labels USA 2005.
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   Gold Sponsors

HP is a leading global provider of products, technologies, solutions and services to consumers and business. The company's offerings span IT infrastructure, personal computing and access devices, global services, and imaging and printing.
UPM Rafsec is a world leading RFID tag manufacturer and pioneer of the EPC standard, specialized in low-cost and high-volume production.

   Silver Sponsors

Emerson & Cuming is a world leading provider of die attach adhesives and encapsulants for low cost RFID tag assembly.

Spraylat Corporation provides conductive inks with excellent adhesion to treated paper and card stock.

   Bronze Sponsors

AB Graphic International have been leading suppliers of converting machinery for the label industry for over 50 years. Our extensive innovative range including Label Inserters and Inspection Equipment to high speed Turret Rewinders, converting lines and roll handling equipment are among the prime reasons for our continued success.
Alien Technology is a leading supplier of radio frequency identification (RFID) products that enable consumer packaged goods companies, retailers and other industries to improve their operating efficiency throughout their supply chain. Through Alien's patented manufacturing process, Fluidic Self Assembly ä (FSA), an innovation in the packaging of nanoblocks, Alien is enabling the economic manufacturing of UHF RFID tags in unprecedented volumes.
ANI Printing Inks (formerly akzo nobel inks) Extensive information about the ANI and it's partners that are focusing its efforts on cost-effective inks for "smarter" Narrow Web applications. ANI product range covers everything from conductive inks for printing RFIS antennas to patent pending process HolographINK, the cost effective way to create holographic images for brand protection.

Atlantic Zeiser is a global supplier of personalization solutions maintaining a worldwide marketing and service network. Our slogan "CREATING IDENTITY" stands for the company's core business, which is the individualization of labels, cards, documents in the security and printing industry and high-value branded goods and packages.
Avery Dennison is a Fortune 500 company, based in Pasadena, California, USA, with sales of US$5.3 billion in 2004. The company is a global leader in pressure-sensitive technology and an innovator in self-adhesive solutions for consumer products and label materials. Avery Dennison develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of products for the consumer and industrial markets.
AWID is a world-class RFID component and sub-system supplier to the RFID industry. AWID offers a complete line of the highest performance Multi-Protocol RFID readers for all applications.
bielomatik, a pioneer in RFID, is considered the leader amongst high capacity UHF and HF laminating machine suppliers. Lowest cost per unit, highest possible product quality level and high output are the distinguishing features of bielomatik's laminating solutions for the production of Smart Labels, Tags and Tickets. .
Brady Corporation is an international manufacturer and marketer of identification solutions and specialty materials that help customers increase safety, security, productivity and performance.
Brooks Automation  The RFID business unit of the US company Brooks Automation benefits from more than 10 years experience in the field of identification via RFID technology and to date has installed some 23,000 RFID readers. Business activities concentrate on the development, production and integration of comprehensive system solutions.
Cabot Printable Electronics and Displays (Cabot PEDs), a business unit of Cabot Corporation, manufactures electronic inks and materials for printing low-cost electronics and flat panel displays. Cabot Corporation is a $1.9BN, 125-year old fine particles and specialty chemicals company with 4200 employees and facilities in over 20 countries. Cabot PEDs is developing and manufacturing conductor, resistor and dielectric materials and inks for analog and digital (inkjet) printing systems for the production of low-cost electronics and displays such as RFID tags, polymer electronics, smart packaging and plasma and liquid crystal displays.
CCL Label Inc. has served the packaging, promotional and pharmaceutical industry for over 50 years and is the leader in the North American market for pressure-sensitive self-adhesive labels and promotional products.
Conductive Inkjet Technology Limited is a joint venture company, owned by Xennia Limited and Carclo plc. It has developed innovative new technology for the digital printing of a catalyst sponge that enables rapid further metallization. With line widths below 100 microns, a process requiring no heat treatment, a surface resistivity of below 10 milli ohms per square and a truly additive digital solution, the interest is immense. The applications range from printed circuitry, RFID antenna printing to automotive heaters.
CREO TracelessTM object marking and sensing technology combats fraud, product counterfeiting, and provides tracking & tracing of any single item, using unique IDs from the Creo® taggant(s) particle(s) positioning that is random and unique to each label, package or object.

Datacon North America, Inc. (member of BESI group) is the world leading supplier of Flip Chip equipment. Providing the industry with unique die attach and flip chip solutions, Datacon also offers a complete, dedicated assembly line to manufacture RFID tags with the lowest possible cost of ownership. Introducing two new products: Smart Line and Flex Line, supporting both antennae (inlay) and strap assembly processes.


Delo has nearly 45 years of experience in the field of industrial adhesives. DELO has been working in the smart card sector with several proven records of success: The DELO products for the flip-chip industry enable secure electrical contacting and very short production times; opaque chip encapsulation compounds protect the chip against unauthorized viewing and copying; the Dam&Fill method patented by DELO enables defined geometries as well as minimum encapsulation heights.

Domino Printing Sciences Plc is a world-leader in ink jet and laser technologies offering total coding and printing solutions. A world expert in its field, Domino is renowned for the quality and reliability of its technology and unrivalled customer support.

Dow Corning Electronics is a global provider of innovative materials and solutions, advanced applications technologies and unique services to the entire electronics chain - from silicon manufacturing and semiconductor fabrication to device packaging and complete module and system assembly.

Hyperlabel Technologies HyperlabelTM is a novel tagging system for product labels, packaging and documentation. Hyperlabel tags encode the product item's Electronic Product Code (EPC) and a secure digital signature, together with grid coordinates that render the product label interactive. These features provide brand owners and regulators with powerful new tools to strengthen brand protection and promote brand loyalty.

IDTechEx provides independent analysis on the development and application of RFID, smart packaging and printed electronics.

Information Mediary Corporation offers custom designed RFID sensors (Class 3 EPC RFID tags), RFID readers, and groundbreaking innovations in printed electronics. IMC has developed affordable, low cost wireless cold chain temperature sensors, and smart label inlays that can monitor patient adherence with prescribed medication dispensed from intelligent pharmaceutical packages. /
Infratab products are tags, readers, software and services which monitor the product integrity of perishables. Their purpose is to assist perishable producers and their trading partners gain insight into how well the quality of a perishable has been maintained throughout the cold chain.

Innovative Equipment Ltd. Founded in 1973, Innovative is a distributor of high end business forms, plastic card, and smart label production equipment. As Melzer's exclusive North American distribution agent, we have placed 6 SL series production lines in the U.S. with close negotiations for several more in the first half of 2005.

Labels & Labeling is a leading independent source for those in the label business.


Mark Andy, Inc., a Dover Company, is the world's number one manufacturer of narrow web printing equipment. The company has a rich history of delivering solutions to increase productivity and profitability for the label and packaging markets. The company supplies leading global brands including Comco printing/converting machinery. Mark Andy printing/converting machinery and UVTechnology curing systems and replacement parts. Mark Andy is headquartered in St. Louis, MO, with sales and distribution offices in France, Switzerland, and the UK

Meco Equipment Engineers B.V. (member of the BESI group) is a leading equipment supplier of plating systems for the semiconductor, connector and film & foil industry. Meco's new development, the Flex Antenna Plating system (Meco FAP) is the solution for tomorrow's low cost antenna production where high volume, product flexibility and process robustness become key. /

Melzer GMbh Building on their expertise in the smart card manufacturing sector, Melzer introduced the SL series of smart label, tag, and ticket production equipment in 2000. Using a patented inlay inspection and selection process, the SL is now the world's top selling RFID integration solution for smart labels.

Mühlbauer is a global, independent consultant and manufacturer of turnkey automation solutions for the smart card, smart label, semiconductor backend and vision industries. In addition, the company is active in the areas of precision parts and OEM production.

OMRON Corporation, a global leading RFID products manufacturer, provides V740 series UHF EPC inlays and reader/writer. The reader/writer supports both EPC class 0 and class 1 protocols ( upgradable to Gen2).
Parelec develops, manufactures and markets Parmod® VLT conductive inks and pastes. Parmod® inks differ from other conductive inks in that their patented chemistry uses silver or other metals more efficiently to provide for 3-5 times greater conductivity and lower cost. Parmod® silver inks are applied by screen, rotary-screen or gravure printing processes on paper or polyester substrates to provide low cost RFID antenna with read distance equivalent to traditional etched antenna.
Printronix Inc. is a global leader enabling printing technologies for the industrial marketplace and distribution supply chain. It is the world's best-selling line matrix manufacturer and has earned an outstanding reputation for its high-performance thermal and fanfold laser printers. Expert at adapting new technologies to create innovative programs, the company offers the next generation of RFID products and services.
Regal Graphics is a ISO certified distributor / converter of all RFID related substrates for the printing and electronics industry. Focus is on Polyester, Polycarbonate, and other specialty materials. Regal Graphics has production facilities in Missouri, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Oregon. Our film specialists are ready to support your projects today.
RSI ID Technologies Inc. is one of the only vertically integrated providers of RFID technology that enables customers to tag, scan and track information - resulting in increased productivity, reduced operating costs, streamlined operations and ROI.
Schober USA, Inc., a subsidiary of Schober GmbH, Germany , is a leading international provider of rotary tools, modules and turnkey systems to the industry and is backed by more than 50 years of experience in the design and engineering of custom solutions. The recent introduction of a new machine which places RFID transponders under pre-printed labels has been a great success.
SIMCO Industrial Static Control is committed to being the leader in innovative static control technology, product reliability and is unsurpassed in service. Our patented technologies protect the microchips in RFID tags from static electricity. Static charges are commonly found in tag and label printing/production. SIMCO's expertise in static control and RFID tag manufacturing will help assure your RFID tags are protected from electrostatic related failure.
Supply Insight specializes in RFID products and services. We offer a suite of products and a range of services aimed at delivering the promise of RFID technology in Supply Chains. Our solution, MandatePLUS™, helps DoD and Retail suppliers meet the RFID mandates and derive a positive return on their investment. It is a complete solution designed to help the suppliers comply with the mandate in a relatively short period of time. It transforms mandate compliance from a necessary cost of doing business into a strategic investment for the future.

   Supporting Organisations


AIM Global For more than 30 years, AIM Global has served as the association for and worldwide authority on automatic identification, data collection and networking in a mobile environment. AIM members are providers and users of technologies, systems, and services that capture, manage, and integrate accurate data into larger information systems. Serving more than 900 members in 43 countries, AIM is dedicated to accelerating the growth and use of Automatic Identification and Mobility technologies and services around the world.

RFID Tribe, a global organization with local chapters, is a radio frequency identification (RFID) collaboration forum. The group of industry experts collaborates on RFID and sensor technology, standards, venture capital, products, solutions, industry trends, people and events. RFID Tribe serves as an engine for ideas, people and capital.

The Smart Active Labels (SAL) Consortium is a non-profit international interest group, established in 2002, intended to develop the use of smart active label technologies in a number of industries and to demonstrate new and improved solutions targeted at the specific needs described by end users. Hailed as the next generation of RFID systems, Smart Active Label (SAL) systems include thin and flexible labels that contain an integrated circuit and a power source, enabling superior performance and enhanced functionality over existing passive labels and reduced costs over existing active tags. The first smart active label systems are already on the market.

TAPPI is the leading technical association for the worldwide pulp, paper, and converting industry. Founded in 1915, TAPPI has grown into the world's largest professional association serving the pulp, paper, and converting industries. TAPPI's members look to the association for information, education, and knowledge-sharing opportunities.

   Media Sponsors

Labels & Labeling is a leading independent source for those in the label business. is a leading global information provider of RFID news, report, articles, and events. Currently operates both English and Chinese sites.

RFID Solutions Online's reference library and weekly e-newsletter service focus on incorporating RFID technology into data collection, asset management, and supply chain track and trace solutions. We feature both closed loop solutions as well as emerging open loop applications for the retail supply chain. Visit regularly to stay abreast of industry mandates and the evolving EPC Network standards upon which they are based. Locate providers of tags and labels, readers and printers, middleware, and integration services in our supplier directory. Download specifications through the product showcase and case studies and white papers from the download library.

Please take a moment to join our community and discover the benefits of your free membership. For more information, view our editorial calendar for the list of topics we cover.

Data Collection Online's reference library and weekly e-newsletter service focus on the automatic identification and data collection (AIDC) industry. Manufacturers, resellers, and system integrators of bar code and RFID technologies are prominently featured on this Web site. Locate providers of fixed and handheld mobile computing devices (and supporting infrastructure) for printing and scanning bar code labels and RFID tags in our supplier directory. Download product specifications through the product showcase and case studies and white papers from the download library.

Please take a moment to join our community and discover the benefits of your free membership. For more information, view our editorial calendar for the list of topics we cover.

RFID Update publishes daily editorial briefings for the growing ranks of top level executives involved in the deployment of RFID projects. Each issue distills the impact of global RFID developments into an analytical summary of the matters most pertinent to successful RFID implementation. Free sign up for executives, visit:

Taiwan Packaging Industry Magazine
The only packaging industry magazine in Taiwan

Universal Packaging Alliance
As the largest packaging website, offers most complete integrated service of packaging information all over the whole world.

Smart Labels Analyst is the first to concentrate exclusively on responsive labels, whether electronic or non-electronic. The biggest opportunity for these is radio frequency identification (RFID) but we also cover anti-theft tags, disposable timers and other labels for brand enhancement and diagnostics. This journal gives a balanced view of the subject, and to this end we do not accept paid advertising or sponsorship.

Smart Packaging Journal is a vital resource for those interested in all aspects of the ever changing world of smart packing - including market research, global activities and in-depth industry reports. Smart packaging is the use of features of high added value that enhance the functionality of a product, notably mechanical, electronic and chemical features that improve safety and efficiency. This journal gives a balanced view of the subject, and to this end we do not accept paid advertising or sponsorship.

Printed Electronics Review is a new online journal covering the world of printed electronics - including applications, analysis, comment, technology and global news.

Attended by over 400 delegates from 22 countries.
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