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Advanced Materials
3 Feb 2023

Beyond Ionomers: Regulation Drives Demand for New Fuel Cell Membranes

Membrane materials are of fundamental importance for fuel cells. So significant, in fact, that they typically give their name to the fuel cell, as is the case for Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cells, with IDTechEx forecasting the market for ion-exchange membranes in PEM fuel cells to be worth over USD$1.1 billion by 2033.
2 Feb 2023

Number Representation in Computer Processing

This article discusses binary code, and how numbers can be represented in different ways by computers, as well as MLCommons and MLPerf, the latter being the performance benchmarks used to assess AI hardware set by MLCommons, and through which hardware can be compared to one another.
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2 Feb 2023

Making Sustainable Electronics Tangible

Enhancing 'sustainability' is a widely held aspiration within the electronics industry - realizing this transition is considerably more difficult. To this day, toxic chemicals, material waste, and energy-intensive processing are commonplace.
2 Feb 2023

Webinar - Additive Electronics Manufacturing: Innovations & Prospects

Friday 10 February 2023 - Status and prospects of competing analogue and digital manufacturing methods for printed electronics; Technical discussion of emerging digital manufacturing methodologies; Evaluation of the benefits and challenges of adopting high throughput R2R manufacturing; and Innovations in component placement and attachment that will facilitate manufacturing of FHE.
1 Feb 2023


Osmoses is a startup with a membrane-based technology for gas separation. IDTechEx spoke with Dr Francesco Benedetti (CEO and Co-founder).
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31 Jan 2023

Join Our Upcoming Webinar on Opportunities for Photonic Chips

Wednesday 8 February 2023 - Technological Developments and Applications. Contents that will be covered in this webinar include: An overview of PIC technology; Drivers of increased data demands from data centres; PIC trends in the communications industry; and PIC adoption in other markets
25 Jan 2023

Join Our Upcoming Webinar on Quantum Computers

Quantum Computers: What Are They and When Will They Create Commercial Value? In the last decade, the number of companies actively developing quantum computer hardware has quadrupled. In 2022 multiple funding rounds surpassing US$100 million have been closed, and the transition from lab-based toys to commercial products has begun.
24 Jan 2023

Deploying Materials Informatics: Is SaaS a One-Size-Fits-All Approach?

The materials industry is sometimes described as conservative, but digital transformation is well underway in the sector. Materials informatics - the application of data-centric approaches, including machine learning, to materials R&D - has the potential to be the most impactful arm of this process.
24 Jan 2023

Solid-State and Polymer Batteries 2023-2033: Technology, Forecasts, Players

IDTechEx Report: Dr Xiaoxi He
23 Jan 2023

Covestro — 5G Materials

Covestro produce polycarbonate (PC) materials for 5G housing applications. IDTechEx spoke with Segment Manager Lucia Wang on these materials.
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19 Jan 2023

Developments in Microchip Transistor Design

This article provides a description of the developments in transistor design that have allowed for semiconductor foundries to achieve increasingly advanced nodes. A description of such nodes is also reiterated.
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19 Jan 2023

Webinar on the Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) Market

The Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) Market: Will It Finally Take-off? Recognized as one of the key technologies essential to achieving net-zero emissions targets, the momentum behind carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) deployment is building up. This webinar highlights the findings of the new IDTechEx report, "Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) Markets 2023-2043", a comprehensive market report on the CCUS industry.
18 Jan 2023

IDTechEx Interview with Microwave Journal: RIS for 5G and Beyond

In this Microwave Journal podcast episode, Microwave Journal Media Director, Pat Hindle, speaks to Brendan Beh, Technology Analyst at IDTechEx, about the reconfigurable intelligent surface (RIS) market and high frequency telecommunications applications.
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18 Jan 2023

Printed Electronics Enables R2R, Additive & Digital Manufacturing

Can electronics manufacturing be reconfigured for our digital, environmentally-conscious age? IDTechEx's new report, "Manufacturing Printed Electronics 2023-2033", explores a wide range of manufacturing innovations that will enable additive, digital, and higher throughput electronics production across many length scales.
18 Jan 2023

Join Our Upcoming Webinar on Low-Loss Materials for 5G

Breaking Down the Drivers and Barriers Impacting Low-Loss Materials for 5G. Each year, the global deployment of 5G-enabled devices and infrastructure expands, bringing new and exciting applications to market, like smart devices, autonomous vehicles, and remote medical monitoring. However, the expansion of the 5G network, particularly the higher frequency mmWave bands, is restricted by several challenges.
17 Jan 2023

Developments in Semiconductor Photonics: More Data, More Quickly

As high-performance computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, and even consumers become increasingly data-hungry, hardware struggles to keep pace. In addition, the need for real-time assessments of moving data points - such as for the accurate velocity-mapping of other objects in autonomous systems and facial recognition for security systems - is crucial to an increasingly hands-free society.
16 Jan 2023

Where Will You See Chemically Recycled Plastic Products?

Chemical recycling end-of-life plastic has its champions and its critics. IDTechEx does not believe these advanced recycling solutions are the much-promised silver bullet, but nor do they think they have no role to play in a circular economy.
15 Jan 2023


CondAlign is an early-stage Norwegian company that is about to commercially launch its field-aligned anisotropic electrically conductive adhesive film. This enables low temperature component attachment with pitches as fine as 25 um. IDTechEx caught up with Moreton Lindberget, VP of Sales and Marketing.
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13 Jan 2023

Hydrogen Mem-Tech

Hydrogen Mem-Tech has developed a palladium membrane for hydrogen gas separation. IDTechEx spoke with Shane McElroy (CCO).
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12 Jan 2023

The Science Behind Microchip Transistors

This premium article aims to give an account of how transistors function. In order to do that, some of the necessary physics concerning semiconductors will be explained. The article is rounded off with a couple of slides on technology nodes and semiconductor foundry roadmaps with regards to technology nodes.
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