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alt="Soldiers have their day in the sun"
Soldiers have their day in the sun
The Australian National University is a step closer to solving one of the Australian Army's modern problems with testing completed for new wearable solar technology which significantly reduces the weight of batteries soldiers need to carry.
alt="A novel optical concentrator"
A novel optical concentrator
Researchers from Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) have developed a novel optical concentrator which, at a cost of just £1 each, can be used in windows to capture energy from the sun to generate electricity and ambient light within the home.
alt="A semi-artificial leaf faster than 'natural' photosynthesis"
A semi-artificial leaf faster than 'natural' photosynthesis
A cooperation between chemists and biologists resulted in a new method for the very efficient integration of photosynthetic proteins in photovoltaics.
alt="Graphene may be key to leap in supercapacitor performance"
Graphene may be key to leap in supercapacitor performance
Graphene electrodes are one of the best prospects for enabling supercapacitors and superbatteries to take up to half of the lithium-ion battery market in 15 years - amounting to tens of billions of dollars yearly.
alt="Organic photovoltaic cells of the future"
Organic photovoltaic cells of the future
Organic photovoltaic cells show tremendous promise as energy conversion devices, thanks to key attributes such as flexibility and low-cost production.
alt="Solar energy that doesn't block the view"
Solar energy that doesn't block the view
A team of researchers has developed a new type of solar concentrator that when placed over a window creates solar energy while allowing people to actually see through the window.
alt="Recycling old batteries into solar cells"
Recycling old batteries into solar cells
A system proposed by researchers recycles materials from discarded car batteries — a potential source of lead pollution — into new, long-lasting solar panels.
alt="Charging mobile phones with sound could become a reality"
Charging mobile phones with sound could become a reality
Researchers have created an energy-harvesting prototype (a nanogenerator) that could be used to charge a mobile phone using everyday background noise - such as traffic, music, and our own voices.
alt="GMZ Energy announces Scott Rackey as Vice President"
GMZ Energy announces Scott Rackey as Vice President
GMZ Energy has announced the appointment of Scott Rackey as Vice President of Business Development.
alt="New material could be used for energy storage and conversion"
New material could be used for energy storage and conversion
Researchers have made a material that is 10 times stronger and stiffer than traditional aerogels of the same density. This ultralow-density, ultrahigh surface area bulk material with an interconnected nanotubular makeup could be used in energy storage and conversion.

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