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For a list of IDTechEx research on Energy Harvesting and allied technologies, see
SMMT EV Working Group Meeting London 3.9.15
This excellent meeting saw an update from the UK Government Office for Low Emission Vehicles, the REV Technical Working Group and Transport for London. An EV consumer panel reported on consumer-related aspects with analysis by What Car? Magazine, Green Publishing and Ford's Car Club renting out cars.
alt="Solar cell absorbs high-energy light at 30-fold higher concentration"
Solar cell absorbs high-energy light at 30-fold higher concentration
By combining designer quantum dot light-emitters with spectrally matched photonic mirrors, a team of scientists created solar cells that collect blue photons at 30 times the concentration of conventional solar cells, the highest luminescent concentration factor ever recorded.
alt="Thermoelectric energy harvesting comes center stage"
Thermoelectric energy harvesting comes center stage
Thermoelectric energy harvesting is no longer the Cinderella of energy harvesting - a subject previously dominated by photovoltaics and electrodynamics such as the bicycle dynamo and the electric vehicle's regenerative braking.
Swarm Intelligence in The Internet of Things
Video interview with B+B SmartWorx at the Internet of Things Applications Europe.
Myths Dispelled Concerning 48-Volt Standard
There are many myths about the move to higher voltage with conventional internal combustion engine on-road vehicles. Here we dispel some of them.
alt="Theremoelectric generating power strap for oil and gas applications"
Theremoelectric generating power strap for oil and gas applications
PowerStrap utilises a rugged thermoelectric generator (TEG) coupled with our robust electronics technology to harvest heat/ thermal energy from fluid filled pipes or exhaust stacks to provide a viable, economical, and perpetual power source for Industrial and Oil/Gas applications.
alt="Researchers efficiently charge a lithium-ion battery with solar cell"
Researchers efficiently charge a lithium-ion battery with solar cell
Researchers have wired four perovskite solar cells in series to enhance the voltage and directly photo-charged lithium batteries with 7.8 percent efficiency--the most efficient reported to date, the researchers believe.
alt="Ultralight solar cells designed to drive drones"
Ultralight solar cells designed to drive drones
An ultrathin, flexible, stretchable and lightweight 'solar foil' has been produced from perovskite solar cells by researchers in Austria, who demonstrate the material's utility using solar powered miniature aircraft and blimps.
alt="Solar cell that eliminates use of silver"
Solar cell that eliminates use of silver
Scientists have built an all-back-contact silicon heterojunction cell structure in which silver has been completely eliminated. It has been replaced by aluminum.
alt="IDTechEx Launchpad offers global opportunity for startups"
IDTechEx Launchpad offers global opportunity for startups
Prototypes to be displayed at the IDTechEx Show in Santa Clara.

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