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For a list of IDTechEx research on Energy Harvesting and allied technologies, see
alt="Stretchable capacitive harvesting at 1 kW?"
Stretchable capacitive harvesting at 1 kW?
Fraunhofer IZM in Germany is part of the MATFLEXEND project of the European Commission. Matflexend investigates new materials which enable capacitive-mechanical energy harvesting based on high-k dielectric composites and electrically conducting elastomers as variable capacitor electrodes
alt="Fine-tuned molecular orientation is key to more efficient solar cells"
Fine-tuned molecular orientation is key to more efficient solar cells
Using carefully designed materials and an "inverted" architecture, a team of scientists has achieved efficiency of 10 percent, bringing polymer solar cells close to the threshold of commercial viability.
alt="Pavegen kickstarts crowd funding round with flagship installation"
Pavegen kickstarts crowd funding round with flagship installation
Pavegen celebrate the launch of their first crowdfunding round on Crowdcube, the leading equity crowdfunding platform, spearheaded by an installation in the heart of the Canary Wharf District
alt="Efficiency record for black silicon solar cells jumps to 22.1%"
Efficiency record for black silicon solar cells jumps to 22.1%
Researchers have obtained the record-breaking efficiency of 22.1% on nanostructured silicon solar cells.
alt="Swelling magnets to energise the world"
Swelling magnets to energise the world
A new class of magnets that expand their volume when placed in a magnetic field and generate negligible amounts of wasteful heat during energy harvesting, has been discovered.
alt="Energy-generating rubber combines flexibility and high-output"
Energy-generating rubber combines flexibility and high-output
Ricoh has announced that it has created a novel flexible material "Energy-Generating Rubber" that converts pressure and vibration into electric energy with high efficiency.
alt="HeliaFilm® on concrete façade"
HeliaFilm® on concrete façade
Europe´s first solar concrete wall was inaugurated at RECKLI's headquarter in Herne, Germany. The façade, designed by RECKLI to fit the solar film from Heliatek (HeliaFilm®), represents a novel approach to BIOPV.
alt="A new design of wind turbine"
A new design of wind turbine
A new way of harvesting energy from the wind using wind turbines that have no blades.
alt="Moth's eye and lotus leaf inspire solar panel coating"
Moth's eye and lotus leaf inspire solar panel coating
A moth's eye and lotus leaf were the inspirations for an antireflective water-repelling, or superhydrophobic, glass coating that holds significant potential for solar panels.
alt="Used cigarette butts offer energy storage solution"
Used cigarette butts offer energy storage solution
Scientists in South Korea have developed a new way to store energy that also offers a solution to a growing environmental problem.

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