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alt="Glasgow goes greener with people power"
Glasgow goes greener with people power
Pavegen have utilised 18 tiles to create a walkway at the People's Palace and Winter Gardens; the first venue for Glasgow Green's 'themed' events.
alt="Printing technologies for manufacturing decorative solar panels"
Printing technologies for manufacturing decorative solar panels
The new mass production method enables designers to create interior design elements from organic solar panels, harvesting energy from interior lighting or sunlight for various small devices and sensors that gather information from the environment.
alt="Structure control unlocks magnetisation, polarisation simultaneously"
Structure control unlocks magnetisation, polarisation simultaneously
Scientists have controlled the structure of a material to simultaneously generate both magnetisation and electrical polarisation.
alt="Self-powered intelligent keyboard"
Self-powered intelligent keyboard
By analyzing such parameters as the force applied by key presses and the time interval between them, a new self-powered non-mechanical intelligent keyboard could provide a stronger layer of security for computer users.
alt="Zinc oxide materials tapped for tiny energy harvesting devices"
Zinc oxide materials tapped for tiny energy harvesting devices
How the attractive physical features of zinc oxide materials could be more effectively used to tap into abundant mechanical energy sources to power micro devices.
alt="Perovskites provide big boost to silicon solar cells"
Perovskites provide big boost to silicon solar cells
Stacking perovskites, a crystalline material, onto a conventional silicon solar cell dramatically improves the overall efficiency of the cell, according to a new study.
alt="Chitosan bioelectrode sustains metabolic power to medical implants"
Chitosan bioelectrode sustains metabolic power to medical implants
Researchers in France have used compounds extracted from shrimp shells and gardenia fruits to extend the lifetime of medical implants attempting to run on bodily fluids.
alt="Concrete delivers solar energy"
Concrete delivers solar energy
A research team recently developed a building material that simultaneously functions as a photovoltaic cell.
alt="Successful start of pilot project for energy self-sufficient air dome"
Successful start of pilot project for energy self-sufficient air dome
Heliatek has successfully installed its solar film, HeliaFilm®, on a PVC-based membrane air dome in Berlin, Germany.
alt="Reflections from breakthrough marine energy trials"
Reflections from breakthrough marine energy trials
The marine power plant Deep Green has now been producing electricity for more than a year, and Minesto's founder and CEO Anders Jansson shares his experiences from the trials in this article.

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