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生物电子医学 2019-2029: IDTechEx

到 2029 年,生物电子医学的市场规模将超过 600 亿美元。

生物电子医学 2019-2029


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此报告涵盖了生物电子药物的技术创新,到 2029 年,它将推动市场规模超过 600 亿美元。针对电气神经调节的医疗器械最近迅猛的发展势头将推动未来 10 年形成数千万和数十亿的市场,这得益于不断增长的老年人口及其对慢性疾病的治疗和管理需求。
Bioelectronic medicine, or electroceuticals, is the use of electrical stimulation to treat diseases of the human body in ways that current pharmaceutical interventions cannot. Though the term "bioelectronic medicine" is relatively new, electrical stimulation has been used for the treatment of diseases since the invention of the artificial pacemaker in the early 1900s.
From the development of the implantable artificial pacemaker, the field of bioelectronic medicine has expanded into the treatment of many other diseases. This report focuses on emerging areas of electrical neuromodulation, or the application of electrical stimulation to specific nerves within human body. Electrical neuromodulation has been used to treat illnesses such as chronic pain and Parkinson's disease, and can be used to restore function to muscles, as well as the senses of hearing and sight.
Electrical neuromodulation began in the 1960s with the development of stimulators for the central nervous system. The spinal cord and areas of the brain were targeted for the treatment of chronic pain and movement disorders respectively. Both fields have remained relatively unchanged in the last 30 years, and thus this report explores the emerging technologies that are disrupting this industry.
More recently, there has been increasing interest in developing bioelectronic medicine that modulates the peripheral nervous system. In this area, companies are particularly interested in electrical neuromodulation of the vagus nerve. Leading this effort are SetPoint Medical and Galvani Bioelectronics, two high profile companies which have been backed by industry giants in the medical device, technology, and pharmaceutical industries. Modulation of the vagus nerve promises to treat a myriad of diseases, including diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis.
Bioelectronic medicines have enormous opportunities in the treatment of chronic diseases and disorders, especially if they can replace traditional pharmaceutical medicines. Innovators in the field are driving down the size of components and improving electrode technologies to provide greater patient comfort and less invasive implantation procedures. Others are exploring non-invasive devices that can provide electrical neuromodulation through the skin.
This report provides an overview of devices for cardiac rhythm management, cochlear implants, and retinal implants, and gives a comprehensive analysis of companies developing electrical neuromodulators of both the central and peripheral nervous systems. Included in this report are devices that stimulate the spinal cord (including dorsal root ganglion), brain, vagus nerve, sacral nerve, tibial nerve, trigeminal nerve, and many others.
In this report, the market for bioelectronic medicine is forecast to exceed $60 billion by the year 2029. The 10-year market forecast is broken down into individual markets of cardiac, cochlear, retinal, central nervous system and peripheral nervous system implants.
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Table of Contents
1.1.Bioelectronic Medicine
1.2.Major Forms of Bioelectronic Medicine
1.3.The Nervous System
1.4.Bioelectronic Medicine Market Forecast 2019 - 2029
1.5.Bioelectronic Medicine Market Breakdown 2019 vs 2029
1.6.Cardiac Rhythm Management and Heart Failure
1.7.Cardiac Market Forecast 2019 - 2029
1.8.Cochlear and Retinal Implant Market Forecast 2019 - 2029
1.9.Electrical Neuromodulation of the Central Nervous System
1.10.CNS Market Forecast 2019 - 2029
1.11.Pharmaceuticals vs Electroceuticals
1.12.The Reach of Peripheral Nerve Stimulation is Vast
1.13.Electrical Neuromodulation of the Peripheral Nervous System
1.14.Moving to First Line Therapy
1.15.Next Generation Devices
2.1.Bioelectronic Medicine: Definition and Scope of Report
2.2.Major Forms of Bioelectronic Medicine
2.3.Initiation, Emergence, and Trends
2.4.The Evolution of Bioelectronic Medicine
2.5.Rise of Bioelectronic Medicine
2.6.Pharmaceuticals vs Electroceuticals
2.7.Bioelectronic Medicine as an Alternative to Opioids
2.8.The Nervous System
2.9.How Neurons Normally Function
2.10.How Neurons Normally Function - The Synaptic Cleft
2.12.Neuroprosthetics Defined
2.13.Re-Engineering Sight and Sound
2.14.Bioelectronic Device Components
2.15.Pulse Generators
2.16.Leads and Electrodes
2.17.Controllers and Chargers
2.18.MR Conditional
2.19.Rechargeable vs Recharge-Free vs No Batteries
2.20.Applications of Bioelectronic Medicine
2.21.Challenges to Next Generation Bioelectronic Medicine
3.1.Key Market Trends
3.2.Key Players: Established Applications
3.3.Abbott Acquires St Jude Medical
3.4.Key Players: Emerging Applications
3.6.Galvani Bioelectronics
3.7.SetPoint Medical
3.8.Research Initiatives Drive Basic and Translational Research
3.9.The BRAIN Initiative
3.10.Stimulating Peripheral Activity to Relieve Conditions
3.12.Ageing Populations
3.13.The Impact of Sensory Loss
3.14.The Prevalence and Expected Rise of Macular Degeneration
3.15.Back Pain is a Major Cause of Disability
3.16.Challenges from Bench to Bedside
3.17.Regulatory: Invasiveness of the Device
3.18.Regulatory: CE Mark
3.19.New Regulations in the EU
3.20.Regulatory: FDA
3.21.Regulatory: FDA Timeline
3.23.Moving to First Line Therapy
4.2.Bioelectronic Medicine Market Forecast 2019 - 2029
4.3.Bioelectronic Medicine Market Breakdown 2019 vs 2029
4.4.Cardiac Market Forecast 2019 - 2029
4.5.Cochlear and Retinal Implant Market Forecast 2019 - 2029
4.6.Cochlear and Retinal Implant Market Breakdown 2019 vs 2029
4.7.CNS Market Forecast 2019 - 2029
4.8.PNS Market Forecast 2019 - 2029
4.9.PNS Market Forecast 2019 - 2029: Discussion
4.10.Ongoing Clinical Trials
5.1.Cardiac Rhythm Management and Heart Failure
5.1.2.Key Players
5.1.3.Cardiac Market 2013 - 2018
5.1.4.Devices and Indications
5.1.6.Implantation Procedure
5.1.7.Bradycardia and Heart Block
5.1.9.Leadless Pacemaker
5.1.10.Heart Failure
5.1.11.Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy
5.1.12.Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators
5.1.13.Extravascular Cardioverter Defibrillator
5.1.14.Key Trends - Cardiac
5.1.15.Drivers and Constraints - Cardiac
5.2.Cochlear Implants
5.2.1.How We Hear Normally
5.2.2.Major Technological Developments in Cochlear Implants
5.2.3.Cochlear Implants
5.2.4.Outline of a Cochlear Implant
5.2.5.Special Considerations for Cochlear Implants
5.2.6.Major Players for Hearing Restoration
5.2.8.Advanced Bionics
5.2.10.Outlook - Cochlear Implants
5.3.Retinal Implants
5.3.1.How We See Normally
5.3.2.How We See with Retinal Degeneration
5.3.3.A Brief History of Vision Restoration
5.3.4.Artificial Retinas
5.3.5.Artificial Retinas - Epiretinal Implants
5.3.6.Artificial Retinas - Subretinal Implants
5.3.7.Intracortical Visual Prosthetics
5.3.8.Special Considerations for Vision
5.3.9.Major Players for Neuroprosthetic Sight Restoration
5.3.10.Second Sight Medical
5.3.11.Pixium Vision
5.3.12.Retina Implant
5.3.13.Outlook - Retinal Implants
5.4.Central Nervous System
5.4.2.CNS Players
5.4.3.CNS Market 2013 - 2018
5.4.4.Spinal Cord and Dorsal Root Ganglion Stimulation
5.4.5.Deep Brain Stimulation
5.5.Peripheral Nervous System
5.5.3.PNS Market 2013 - 2018
5.5.4.Vagus Nerve Stimulation
5.5.5.Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation
5.5.6.Sacral Nerve Stimulation
5.5.7.Other Nerve Targets
5.5.8.Peripheral Nerve Stimulation for Chronic Pain
6.2.An Interdisciplinary Approach is Required
6.3.Visceral Nerve Atlas
6.4.Neural Interfacing Technology
6.5.Closed Loop Systems
6.6.Closed Loop Systems: Requirements
6.7.Outlook - Next Generation Devices
7.1.List of Acronyms

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