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13 Aug 2020

Putting the Spring-cam Back Into Stroke Patients Steps

A research group has developed a new, lightweight and motor-less device that can be easily attached to an ankle support device - otherwise known as an ankle foot orthosis. The new device will aid stroke patients in their rehabilitation, improving their walking and preventing falls.
11 Aug 2020


CareWare have developed wearable, wireless LED light patches aimed at therapeutic non-medical applications. They utilize the printed LED technology from NthDegree, enabling the lighting element to be thin, light weight and disposable.
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10 Aug 2020

Proven Methods for Achieving Protection From Corrosive Environments

THIS WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 12 WEBINAR: Corrosion is the #1 cause of failure in electronics. In the 2016 NACE International federal study, annual corrosion costs were estimated at $2.5 trillion in direct costs, not factoring indirect costs or including the electronics industry. In HZO's latest technical webinar, we'll tackle what hands-on steps you can take to prevent corrosion and failure on your next project.
10 Aug 2020

New Fabric Could Help Keep you Cool in the Summer

Researchers have developed a material that cools the wearer without using any electricity. The fabric transfers heat, allows moisture to evaporate from the skin and repels water.
5 Aug 2020

Drawn-on-Skin Electronics Offer Breakthrough in Wearable Monitors

A team of researchers has developed a new form of electronics known as "drawn-on-skin electronics," allowing multifunctional sensors and circuits to be drawn on the skin with an ink pen.
4 Aug 2020

Wearable Detects Parasite Infestations in Chickens

Blood-feeding livestock mites can be detected with wearable sensor technology nicknamed "Fitbits for chickens."
31 Jul 2020

Smart Glasses: The New Smartphone?

This article discusses the future impact of the standalone AR market. Will SmartGlasses be a short-lived trend, or become as common place as the smartphone?
30 Jul 2020

New Prototype to Better Recognise Human Activity

What if your belt did more than hold up your pants? What if it also listened to your FitBit, smart glasses, and smart jewelry to better recognize what activities you were engaged in while using far less power than anything currently on the market?
28 Jul 2020

Wearable Related Webinars Available to Watch On-Demand Today

IDTechEx currently have a number of wearable related webinars available to watch on-demand. These include presentations on XR and self-powered electronics.
27 Jul 2020


Augmentir were founded in late 2017. The Augmentir founding team has been at the forefront of three of the most important of these software technology revolutions - Wonderware Software in 1987, Lighthammer in 1997, and ThingWorx in 2008. The company offers several products including an AI Powered Worker Platform. IDTechEx talked to Chris Kuntz, Vice President of Marketing
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27 Jul 2020

Self Powered Wearable Monitors Heart Health

An invention may turn one of the most widely used materials for biomedical applications into wearable devices to help monitor heart health.
23 Jul 2020

3D Hand-Sensing Wristband

In a potential breakthrough in wearable sensing technology, researchers have designed a wrist-mounted device that continuously tracks the entire human hand in 3D.
21 Jul 2020

Rock Star of Photovoltaics is CIGS

Estimates vary but we are certainly in $100 billion, 100GW territory with the booming photovoltaic market. The new IDTechEx report, "Electronics Reshaped 2020-2040" reveals solar market growth by new capabilities opening previously impossible applications.
20 Jul 2020

Augmented and Virtual Reality: Technology of the Future, Today

By 2030, IDTechEx predicts the augmented, virtual and mixed reality market to be over $30Bn. With COVID limiting physical interaction, virtual communication and interaction will be the normal for many years to come.
20 Jul 2020

Sensors With Electrical Output: Technology, Materials, Uses & Forecast

Join IDTechEx Chairman, Dr Peter Harrop in this 8-minute presentation on Sensors, discussing patents, the effect of COVID19, sensor market drivers in construction, agriculture, mining, military, aerospace, consumer electronics, medical, automotive & rail.
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20 Jul 2020

Join the IDTechEx Webinar on Printed Sensors - 6 August

A detailed look at the technologies underpinning printed image and piezoresistive sensors; An assessment of the technological readiness level of competing technologies; Discussion of existing and emerging applications; and Identification of technological challenges and innovation opportunities
16 Jul 2020

Medtrum Technologies

Medtrum Technologies are a Chinese company commercialising diabetes management devices including CGM and insulin pumps. This profile looks at their activity over the last decade.
16 Jul 2020


Hololight offer products for AR headsets for CAD design and engineering. IDTechex talked to Chief Marketing Officer Luis Bollinger
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16 Jul 2020

Printed Sensors: A $3.6 Billion Market Driven by Diversity

When considering the prospects of an emerging technology, it is easy to make broad-brush claims. For example, stating that 'greater numbers of connected devices, commonly referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT), will increase demand for printed sensors' seems an uncontroversial statement.
16 Jul 2020

Join the IDTechEx Webinar 30 July - Smart Textiles: Market Trends

​A detailed list of over 60 different application areas which e-textile products have been developed for; Market data around current market size by product type and market sector; Overview of project/product maturity by application area; and Discussion of the best strategies and market forecasts for the sector into the next decade.