3D Printing LIVE! Europe 2014 will take advantage of being located in Berlin - by hosting tours to some of the leading companies working on the technology in this region.

Places on these tours are limited and are offered to attendees on the masterclasses first.
Please note that you are only able to attend ONE tour per day.

Please email Corinne Jennings,, if you have any queries.

If you are registered for a tour, please meet at 12pm in front of the conference registration desk, Foyer 1, Estrel Convention Center. We need to leave promptly.


3D laboratory - Tour is now full

Monday 31 March 2014

For ten years the 3D laboratory at the Technical University of Berlin has been developing applications in the fields of 3D scan, 3D print and 3D immersive (interactive) projection. The applications originate in many application fields like mathematics and natural sciences, engineering sciences, medicine and medical technologies, geo sciences, archaeology, palaeontology, architecture, arts and design, museums etc. The 3D laboratory cooperates with research and other public institutions like museums as well as - mainly small and medium - companies. Last but not least the laboratory contributes to the university teaching and provides knowledge transfer to its cooperation partners.

The tour will consist of showing the equipment of the 3D laboratory and some applications:

  • demonstration of different 3D printing technologies
  • fused deposition modeling (synthetic material - ABS)
  • powder based printing (gypsum)
  • powder based printing (synthetic material - polyamide) - laser sintering) 3D interactive projection: cave
Concerning 3D printing we show the 3D printers and demonstrate the respective specific manufacturing steps as well as examples for the results. For technical reasons it will not be possible to show all steps "in action".

The "cave" represents a 3D immersive projection permitting to move virtually through 3D data, i.e. to walk, for example, through a 3D model of a house or through the interior of a fossil or through the interior of a human or animal body.


Fraunhofer IZM - Tour is now full

Monday 31 March 2014

Fraunhofer IZM specializes in industry-oriented applied research. With four technology clusters, Fraunhofer IZM covers the entire spectrum of technologies and services necessary for developing reliable electronics and integrating new technology into applications. Our customers are as varied as the applications for electronics. We take on development projects for the automotive industry, healthcare and industrial electronics and even textile companies.



Thursday 3 April 2014

This tour is being held in conjunction with the Thin Film Photovoltaics masterclass. You must be registered for this class to join this tour.

For more information about the Thin Film Photovoltaics masterclass, please click here

PVcomB is a new center for technology transfer in Thin-Film Photovoltaics, founded by the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB), Technische Universität Berlin, and the University of Applied Sciences Berlin. PVcomB's main goal is to support world-wide growth of thin-film photovoltaic technologies. In a baseline process, two dedicated research-lines produce thin-film PV modules with an area of 30 x 30 cm2 (Si and CIGS). PVcomB has created a unique PV-cluster in Berlin-Adlershof, supported by many of the important international photovoltaic companies. In 2009, PVcomB was awarded a 15 million € grant from the federal government and the State of Berlin

FUJIFILM Dimatix, Inc. is the world's premier provider of piezoelectric inkjet printheads and systems. As of July 2006, FUJIFILM Dimatix is a wholly owned subsidiary of FUJIFILM Corporation. FUJIFILM Dimatix has more than 28 years experience in advancing the performance of drop-on-demand dispensing devices and applications, and its state-of-the-art technology provides solutions for the printed electronics industry.] Kind Regards

Places on the tours are limited and offered first to attendees registered for the masterclasses. Companies hosting a tour retain the right to refuse a person from attending. This is beyond the control of IDTechEx, and in this case you will be informed as soon as possible.

For more information on the company tours, please email Corinne Jennings at