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Nov 14-15, 2006 - Atlanta, GA, USA
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RFID - RFID Sensors - bluetooth, zigbee and wifi
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Active RFID with RFID Wifi, Bluetooth, Zigbee and sensors - Everything you need to know about Active RFID


The world's only event on Real Time Locating Systems, long range RFID, and RFID sensors.



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Hear exclusive return on investment analyses and case studies from end users in Healthcare, Logistics, Manufacturing, Retail, Food and Military segments.

Speakers include

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The Active RFID Summit is the premier forum for users and developers of Active Radio Frequency Identification and short range wireless communications devices to meet and discuss moving the industry forward into valuable, commercial opportunities. Presentations discussing the proven business and operational benefits will give the delegates an opportunity to learn how to take advantage of the capabilities of Active RFID for their own benefit, including in the new second generation RFID enabled cellphones.


The Opportunity for Active RFID

Active RFID lies at the cusp of WiFi, ZigBee, Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS), Ultra Wide Band (UWB) and much else besides. It is a very hot topic. It is rocketing up to be a $6.8 billion market in ten years. The largest order ever for RFID was placed this year - $425 million from the US Military and it was for active RFID. Suddenly 100 hospitals have installed active RFID RTLS in the last year. Which technology, why, what next? All is revealed in the world's only conference dedicated purely to active RFID - the "Active RFID Summit" where all in the value chain and a good selection of users and potential users meet to plan the future.

Will Smart Active Labels (SAL), Smart Dust and the Korean Ubiquitous Sensor Network (USN) project lead to great things? Are the capabilities of the new parasitic WiFi RTLS being enhanced enough for it to take yet more market share? Is combining angle and time of arrival on conventional RTLS a good way forward and what about incorporating GPS or GSM to create a universal system? These and other questions will be answered in the conference and the unique Masterclasses beforehand. Do not miss this exciting international event.

For exhibition, attendance or any other enquiry, please email Nicola Bateman.

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The second annual Active RFID Summit covering Active RFID and Active RFID combined with Wifi, Sensors and Zigbee. Attended by over 180 delegates from 9 countries!