Danny JungBusiness Development Manager, Korea

Danny Jung is Manager of Business Development for IDTechEx in Korea. He has over 25 years of high level business development and sales & marketing, and many different technology experience and consultation in both startups and large public companies. He has strong relationships in mobile, consumer electronics ecosystem and enterprise as well as advanced materials industries.
Danny also has extensive entrepreneurial experience, as a distributor/representative of many semiconductor companies, the provider of CNT, Graphene and 2D materials and also manufacturer/provider of those solutions as well as the developer of ICT (Information, Communication, and Telecommunication) devices and systems
After Danny studied at the graduate schools of Purdue University and Stanford University, he has worked to help overseas companies achieve successful business development with major Korean companies, by providing consultation and representation. He also worked as a Korean representative for Next Gen Communications and ISO (the International Organization for Standardization).
Danny Jung
Danny Jung
Business Development Manager, Korea

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