Dr Nilushi WijeyasingheTechnology Analyst

Nilushi is the analyst leading research on laser technologies and optical sensing in the photonics division at IDTechEx. She has published comprehensive reports and review articles on related topics. Her experience at IDTechEx includes a 6-month technical consultancy project.
Nilushi completed her PhD in Experimental Solid State Physics at Imperial College London. Her doctoral research focused on developing new semiconductor materials and cost-effective fabrication processes for transistors, OLEDs and solar cells. Major achievements of her PhD include the publication of five lead author peer-reviewed articles, four of which were in journals with impact factor 10 or higher. During her time at Imperial, she collaborated with research teams in Greece, Israel, Hong Kong, UK and USA.
Prior to joining Imperial, Nilushi obtained a research-based MSc in Atomic & Laser Physics from the University of Oxford, where she developed a laser-based temperature mapping system for combustion environments. She also produced a computer simulation to model her experimental results.
Nilushi has a First Class Honours degree in MSci Physics from University College London (UCL), where she specialised in Laser Physics and Condensed Matter Physics in her final year. As an undergraduate she worked at the London Centre for Nanotechnology during her integrated Master's project. During her time at UCL, she also completed two EPSRC-funded research internships in Condensed Matter Physics.

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