Franco GonzalezPrincipal Analyst

Franco Gonzalez is a Principal Analyst at IDTechEx. He carries out research, analysis and global consulting in the areas of emerging energy storage technologies and advanced energy materials, energy efficiency technologies and electric vehicles. Franco has 10 years of experience in global market analysis, strategic relations and consultancy in the areas of emerging energy technologies, sustainability and global manufacturingю
Franco is a recognized expert in emerging energy storage technologies such as supercapacitor, post lithium ion batteries and smart glass technologies. He has lectured in these topics in international forums in Europe and the US. He is the author of several reports in these areas and his research has been quoted by international publications such as The Economist and the Financial Times.
At IDTechEx, Franco has led many consultancy projects, helping clients leverage their technological capabilities to commercialize high-growth emerging technologies. He has engaged with many medium- to large-sized firms (hundreds of millions to tens of billions) companies, helping them diversify their businesses into these emerging industries. Franco has also worked for the European Commission, providing strategic advice on creating and capturing opportunities in emerging energy sectors.
Franco obtained an MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development from the University of Cambridge, where he focused on Sustainable Energy Systems and specifically in Demand Side Management. He has an honors degree in Chemical Engineering from National Autonomous University of Mexico.
Examples of his recent consultancy work include:
  • A $3 billion dollar multi-national material company was looking for opportunities for their carbon nanomaterial in post lithium ion battery technologies. We identified the mechanisms by which their material could improve the performance and lifetime of these technologies. We further identified research partners that helped our client prove their technology. We provided an analysis of post lithium ion technologies, directing our client towards the largest market opportunity with the largest problem that it could help solve.
  • A $6 billion chemical company, a leader in supplying binders for the lithium battery sector, was interested in understanding market opportunities in the emerging supercapacitor industry. We provided a comprehensive analysis of the industry, technologies and binder materials. We analyzed the evolution of the role of binders in supercapacitors now, and provided a detailed value chain map including an analysis of the main players supplying binders to the industry and their market share.
  • A startup was looking to have an independent assessment of their silicon material for lithium ion batteries. We outlined the competitive landscape, benchmarked their technology against competitors and forecasted the future demand. We further set them performance targets that they had to hit before reading the market. We are now finding them appropriate development partners.
  • A $200 million multi-national printing company was looking to participate in the energy storage industry. We outlined the business landscape pointing out where in the supply chain they would have an opportunity and explored the synergies with other emerging technologies which were out of the defined scope of the project.
  • A restructured global multibillion dollar imaging solutions company was looking to diversify its technological capabilities into different emerging technology sectors including supercapacitors and smart glass technologies. We analysed their technological capabilities and provided an assessment of their position and potential opportunities for developing solutions for the emerging supercapacitor and smart glass industries.
  • The European Commission, as part of the Seventh Framework Program, requested IDTechEx to conduct a research on new business opportunities with high innovation potential in the Low Carbon Vehicle industry for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME). The resulting research will include opportunities in land, sea and air vehicles and opportunities for integration with smart mobility and smart cities and will be the base for building innovation networks for SME in Europe to bring innovations to the market.(
  • A $200 million multi-national printing company was looking to participate in the energy storage industry. Following previous consultancy projects for this company we assisted the company in engaging with potential partners in the industry. We selected a set of partners with a global distribution, engaged with them on behalf of our client and established and managed partnerships collaborations. We further helped the company validate the forecast volumes which the company will use to make their investment decision.
Franco is author of the following technology policy reports:
  • On the evolution of new forms of transport for the European Commission FP7 INTRASME project. (lead author)
  • Case Studies Report of Small and Medium Enterprises in the Electric Vehicle Industry for the European Commission FP7 INTRASME project (lead author)
He is author of the following technology market research reports:
  • Advanced and Post Lithium ion batteries 2016-2026: Technologies and Markets (lead author).
  • Supercapacitor Materials 2015-2025: Formulations, Forecasts, Roadmap, Companies (co-author)
  • Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitors: Supercapacitors (co-author)
  • Supercapacitor / Ultracapacitor, Interviews, Strategies, Road Map 2014-2025 (co-author)
  • Batteries & Supercapacitors in Consumer Electronics: Forecasts, opportunities and innovation (co-author)
  • Smart Windows and Glass (author)
  • Future Technology for Hybrid and Pure Electric Cars 2015-2025
  • Electric Buses 2015-2025 Forecasts, Technology Roadmap, Company Assessment (co-author)
  • Electric Vehicles for Construction, Agriculture and Mining 2015-2025. (co-author)
  • Electric Motorcycles and Three Wheel Electric Vehicles 2015-2025 (co-author)

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