Product positioning and competitive analysis

IDTechEx will support you in evaluating your competitive advantage and unique selling points, and in finding the best way to develop and position your product portfolio to meet existing and emerging market needs. IDTechEx can help you if you want to:

  • Identify market gaps that your technology or product can address
  • Differentiate your product and technology in a crowded space
  • Evaluate risk from emerging competing suppliers and technologies
  • Map the global competitive landscape and assess the state of competition
  • Understand market requirements and performance targets
  • Narrow the strategic focus of your enterprise

Methodology outline

Product Details
Competing Solutions Solutions Assessment and SWOT Player
Define USPs and Value Propositions Product Positing and Marketing Advice
  • Sign NDA with client
  • Visit client to learn concept, technology and/or product details
  • Identify target markets
  • Determine key performance and cost requirement and trend per sector
  • Highlight potential selling points per sector
  • Identify all existing and emerging competing solutions per target sector
  • Detailed assessment of all rival solutions
  • Perform detailed parameterised SWOT on client’s product
  • Benchmark client’s product against competing solutions
  • Identify key players developing and/or commercialising different solutions
  • Detailed company profiles based on direct interviews
  • Identify market gaps and technology needs that client can address
  • Define the best selling points per sector
  • Recommend the best way to position and market the product in the market
  • Provide introductions to potential customers, suppliers or other partners

Why choose us?

  • Dedicated analysts have significant experience and benefit from an independent bird’s eye view of the global landscape. Most analysts are PhD level or have a technical degree as a minimum. Critically, our analysts include successful business people that have grown profitable global businesses.
  • Strong relationships with end users which are vital in assessing the market opportunity. 48% of people on our contact database are end users (typically B2C companies) or system integrators.
  • Detailed knowledge of companies throughout the sector to draw on reasons for their success or failure
  • We have tracked a broad range of technologies and can leverage lessons from one technology to another
  • Broad end user industry knowledge and needs which are vital to initially identify all the key possible markets that may otherwise be missed

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