1 City, 100 Million Sensors (Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2011)

Mr Thierry Martens, Executive Vice President, PlanIT Sensors
Living PlanIT
Juni 21, 2011.


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Speaker Biography (Thierry Martens)

Thierry Martens joined Living PlanIT in November 2010 as Executive Vice President of PlanIT Sensors. He will be responsible for the development of sensor technology in the next generation intelligent and sustainable communities.

Company Profile (Living PlanIT)

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Living PlanIT is an international business that focuses on developing innovative and sustainable city-scale technologies. The context for this is a world increasingly characterized by escalating and often uncontrolled urbanization giving rise to problems of stress and sustainability throughout the urban infrastructure. Living PlanIT's response as a business is to bring together corporations, educational institutions and people, as partners, to stimulate, accelerate and incubate the technological innovation that is essential to provide better city living, and to bring these solutions to the world market. Living PlanIT also pursues a strong educational mission - to provoke intelligent new thinking about the dominant trends in global urbanization and to help find the solutions that create knowledge economies and improve people's lives.
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