Game market - possibilities for printed electronics (Printed Electronics Europe 2007)

Mr Titus Lindl, Managing Director
Menippos, Germany


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Presentation Summary

  • Case study - HurraFussball - first game based on printed electronics
  • Possibilities for printed electronics in the game market

Speaker Biography (Titus Lindl)

Titus Lindl is Managing Director of Menippos GmbH and college lecturer at BA Glauchau and FH Mittweida. He was previously the management assistant and product manager of printed systems GmbH, the producer of HurraFussball.

Company Profile (Printechnologics)

Printechnologics logo
"Printechnologics has developed game changing technology enabling printed circuit structures on paper."
(Stefan Gabriel, president of 3M New Venture)
Our vision is breathing digital life into all printed products.
Printechnologics is the leading technology developer in field of printed electronics.
We are able to offer a dramatically new technology enabling print products to communicate with the online world by only one touch. Printed during a regular offset printing machine process, our invisible identification tag - which we named AirCode - interacts with online world just by one touch. Holding on smartphone - being online - as easy as it sounds.
Using known materials and processes, the AirCode is thin, flexible, recyclable, invisible and robust. But furthermore, the additional production costs are just a fraction of a cent.
Including all these advantages, the AirCode comes down to everyday end user applications like marketing, brand protection, ticketing, publishing or gaming - just to name a few.
Since 2010, we are a 3M Company.
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