Material Extrusion Of High Performance Polymers And Metal Filled Filaments (3D Printing Europe 2019)

Saif Khaja, R&D Engineer
Apium Additive Technologies GmbH


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Europe 2019 (audio) Presentation - IDTechEx*

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Presentation Summary

Additive manufacturing became a manufacturing tool covering vast industrial branches. It's reach is only limited by the materials which can be used by each manufacturing method. One of the most accesible manufacturing methods is material extrusion by using filaments as a feedstock material. The variety of materials, that can be used to produce components, results in a wide variety of application potentials. An overview is provided to illustrate the potentials with high performance polymers and specialty materials.

Company Profile (Apium Additive Technologies GmbH)

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Apium Additive Technologies GmbH is a technologies based company located in Karlsruhe (Germany) that provides solutions for processing high performance polymers with Fused Filament Fabrication 3D printing technology. The company provided the first commercially available PEEK filament and developed the first filament based FFF 3D printer optimized for processing high performance polymers used in industrial applications.
With our research and development studies, we aim to provide innovative industrial solutions based on the fused filament fabrication (FFF) 3D printing technology and high performance polymers. We have a vision to become a professional leader in the field of FFF 3D printing technologies.
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