Sweden Aims To Be Top 10 In Using Graphene For Industrial Needs (Graphene & 2D Materials Europe 2020)

Dr Anna Carlsson, Founder/CTO
Bright Day Graphene AB
Dr Mamoun Taher, CEO, Founder
Graphmatech AB

Speaker Biography (Anna Carlsson)

Anna Carlsson has a M Sc in Chemical Engieering from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden and a PhD in Chemistry and Fuel Cells from University of Ulm, Germany. Anna has worked 10 years with fuel cell development where she started to see the need for more environmentally friendly materials for electrochemistry. She cofounded Bright Day Graphene AB in 2017 together with Malin Alpsten in order to develop high performance environmentally friendly materials for energy storage. Anna is the CTO of the company and the inventor of the material.

Speaker Biography (Mamoun Taher)

While working as an advanced materials researcher, Dr Taher experienced firsthand the complex challenges often encountered in applications of graphene, particularly the tendency of the flakes to form back into many-layered graphite, dampening its unique properties. Driven to solve this issue, in 2017 he invented Aros Graphene®, a graphene hybrid which overcomes the agglomeration issue, retaining the powerful properties of graphene. Having discovered the key to industrial scale production of advanced graphene materials, he founded Graphmatech in 2017 as an adventure to turn his invention into business. Dr Taher is CEO and CTO, with a mission to take the world into the graphene age.

Company Profile (Bright Day Graphene AB)

Bright Day Graphene has developed a graphene from biomass, with unique properties. The material combines a new form factor and the ability to produce in bulk, which creates a new unique market niche for graphene. Our Green Graphene is especially suitable for electrochemical energy storage.
Bright Day Graphene invents high performing, biodegradable materials for energy storage. Our vision is that the materials we invent should leave no imprint on this earth at the end of its life cycle. All our materials are high performing, environmentally friendly AND cost effective. When we say environmentally friendly, we mean, non-toxic, climate neutral and from sustainable resources.
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Company Profile (Graphmatech AB)

Graphmatech AB is a materials technonogy company that invents, develops and sells graphene-based materials. Graphmatech is a Swedish company made up of a diverse, international team spanning nine nationalities.
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