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Overview Report

3D-Druck und additive Fertigung 2024-2034: Technologie- und Marktausblick

3D printing is a dynamic industry composed of a multi-faced ecosystem essential to mass market adoption, including hardware, materials, services, post-processing, and more. This report will examine the status of 3D printing technologies and materials, identify emerging trends, analyze the current market, and provide detailed market forecasts for 3D printing hardware and materials. This report supplies key insights and essential knowledge across the 3D printing value chain.
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Markt für 3D-Druck-Materialien 2022-2032 

Materials present the strongest revenue opportunity within additive manufacturing, but understanding the variety of polymer, metal, and ceramic materials within 3D printing is critical to capitalizing on this opportunity. This report examines the status of established 3D printing materials, presents technical comparison studies, analyzes trends, and provides detailed market forecasts for additive manufacturing materials. For companies involved in 3D printing materials, this report presents key insights and essential knowledge.
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Metal Additive Manufacturing 2022-2032: Technologie und Marktausblick 

Metal additive manufacturing offers compelling value-add for high revenue generating verticals and applications, but understanding its potential is key to exploiting its benefits. This report examines the status of established and emerging metal 3D printing technologies, presents technical comparison studies, analyzes metal materials, and provides detailed market forecasts for metal 3D printing. For companies in and outside metal additive manufacturing, this report presents key insights and essential knowledge.
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3D-Druck-Keramik 2022-2032: Technologie und Marktausblick 

Ceramic 3D printing presently exists as a niche of the overall 3D printing industry, but recently more companies - from start-ups to ceramics materials suppliers - have joined the field. This report will examine the status of ceramic 3D printing technologies and materials, identify major players, highlight interesting applications, and provide market forecasts for ceramic 3D printing. For any company looking to enter this small but growing specialty, this report is essential.
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3D-Druckhardware 2022-2032: Technologie und Marktausblick 

IDTechEx's 3D Printing Hardware: 2022-2032 report is designed to explain and analyze the growth of 3D printing hardware technologies and sales; it is made to be useful for any company in the 3D printing supply chain: materials makers, printer manufacturers, service providers, end-users, and more. This report breaks down the market into 17 technology segments to create 17 COVID-19 adjusted forecast lines for each individual segment. The forecasts provide a ten-year outlook for 3D printer installation base, new installations, replacement unit sales, and revenue from 3D printer sales, all broken down into 17 forecast lines.
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3D-Druck-Verbundwerkstoffe 2021-2031: Technologie und Marktanalyse 

3D printing of composite materials is reaching a commercial tipping point. 3D printing of polymer materials can have mechanical limitations that benefit from fiber reinforcement (or other functionalities), and composite manufacturing is known to be costly and challenging that can benefit from the moldless, rapid prototyping and automated approach that additive manufacturing enables. IDTechEx forecast that the market will rapidly rise to reach $2bn by 2031. This market report provides a comprehensive view for 3D printing market for composite materials, including granular 10-year forecasts, material and printer benchmarking studies and interview-based company profiles.
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3D-Elektronik/Additive Elektronik 2024-2034: Technologien, Akteure und Märkte 

This IDTechEx report assesses the competing technologies that will enable PCBs to be replaced with integrated electronics. It covers technologies, materials and applications of electronics added to 3D surfaces (LDS, aerosol, valve jet/dispensing, LIFT and emerging techniques), in-mold electronics (IME), and fully printed 3D electronics. Also included are 29 market forecasts lines, over 40 company profiles, readiness level assessments, and identification of technological challenges/opportunities, thus providing a clear picture of the emerging 3D / additive electronics landscape.
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Additive Fertigung von Polymeren 2023-2033: Technologie und Marktausblick 

Though best known for low-volume, low-cost part production, polymer 3D printing is expanding beyond prototyping and one-offs to penetrate higher value applications, reaching $21 billion in market size by 2033. This is supported by innovation in polymer printing technologies that expand access to a better-performing polymer materials portfolio. Players interested and active in polymer 3D printing would benefit from IDTechEx's technology and market analysis to stay ahead of the competition.
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Aerogels 2024-2034: Technologien, Märkte und Akteure 

This comprehensive report assess the aerogel markets, technologies, trends and players. There is coverage across 21 key commercial and emerging application areas, with an granular market forecast covering 2023-2034 by application. The report characterises the fast growing application area of aerogels as fire protection materials in EV batteries.
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In-Mold-Elektronik 2023-2033 

In-Mold Electronics 2023-2033 analyses the technology and market opportunities associated with this emerging manufacturing methodology. Drawing on over 20 company profiles, the majority based on interview, this report evaluates the technical processes, material requirements, applications, and competing methodologies associated with IME such as functional film bonding. It includes 10-year market forecasts by technology and application sector, expressed as both revenue and IME panel area. For the largest target market of automotive interiors, these forecasts for human machine interfaces (HMI) are segmented into mechanical and four distinct types of capacitive switches.
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