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Neue Bildsensor-Technologien 2021-2031: Anwendungen und Märkte 

The market for emerging image sensors technologies includes hybrid image sensors, event-based vision, large-area solution-processable photodetectors, flexible x-ray detectors, hyperspectral imaging and extended range silicon detectors, which should both reduce costs and enable adoption within new applications. The report outlines the emerging image sensor landscape, providing an extensive technical and commercial assessment along with market forecasts.
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Mikro-LED-Displays 2021-2031: Technologie, Kommerzialisierung, Chancen, Markt und Akteure 

This report provides a detailed technological analysis with available options and emerging possibilities across the whole manufacturing process, from epitaxy, chip manufacturing, mass transfer and assembly, bonding and interconnection, testing, defect management, repair, light management, full colour realization, to backplane and driving. With addressing the challenges and opportunities, together with the supply chain evaluation, market status assessment & prediction, and player activity analysis, it helps the readers to make better strategic decisions, to find the best technological road map, to seek commercialization and new business opportunities, to know reliable partners, to track the activities of key players, and to get the latest industry progress.
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Materialien für transparente Elektronik, Märkte 2021-2041 

Understand the $20 billion market emerging for transparent electronics as windows in buildings, greenhouses, trains. Include electric vehicle skylights making electricity and darkening at a touch. Consider smart watch glass, radar-enabled headlights, see-through billboards with OLED and micro LED images, "floating in space". Add conformal overlayers as invisible circuits, sensors, heaters, antennas. Metamaterials, 5G and 6G communications are involved and even new transparent photovoltaic overlayers boosting silicon grid power.
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Lidar 2020-2030: Technologien, Akteure, Märkte und Prognosen 

IDTechEx present a comprehensive analysis of 106 players who develop unique 3D lidar technologies, primarily for the ADAS and autonomous vehicles market. Our interview-based company profiles and company backgrounds cover all 106 players. Forecasts are segmented into six emerging lidar technologies and four types of vehicles. The global 3D lidar market for autonomous vehicles grows to $5.4 billion by 2030, with MEMS lidar emerging as the largest market segment.
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Flexible, gedruckte OLED-Displays 2020-2030: Prognosen, Märkte, Technologien 

This report provides a comprehensive assessment of OLED display technologies and markets. Granular forecasts and historic data are provided for eight market applications - cellphones, tablets/computers, TV, automotive, wearable, industrial/professional, Micro OLED and other - by substrate (glass, rigid plastic and foldable) - broken down by area, average panel price and market value. The report covers global progress with particular focus on Asian activities. Technical progress is assessed by technical IDTechEx analysts with roadmaps towards flexible or printed displays.
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Laserdioden und direkte Diodenlaser 2019-2029: Technologien, Märkte und Prognosen 

Emerging semiconductor laser technologies will revolutionise industrial material processing and optical sensing markets. IDTechEx forecast the global laser diode and direct diode laser market to reach a size of $13.985 billion by 2029. Remarkably, the optical sensing segment grows by an order of magnitude during this period. Automotive and electronics industries will benefit greatly from advances in laser manufacturing, 3D sensing and imaging, lidar, and industrial machine vision.
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Barrierefolien und Dünnschichtverkapselung für flexible und/oder organische Elektronik 2019-2029 

IDTechEx Research has been analysing the technologies and markets for barriers films and thin film encapsulation since 2010 when it was published in the first version of this report. Since that time, it has stayed extremely close to the latest research and market developments via its interview programme and company and conference visits. Each year, IDTechEx Research has updated its assessment, staying up-to-date with the latest technology and market developments.
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Faserlaser 2018-2028: Technologien, Chancen, Märkte und Prognosen 

The report provides coverage of highly innovative laser technologies and the rapidly growing fiber laser market, which are rarely explored by market research companies. The report is authored by an analyst with a technical background in laser physics research.
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Intelligentes Glas und intelligente Fenster 2018-2028: Elektische Beschattung und halbtransparente PV 

Smart Glass is electrically active glass mainly for use in automotive, architectural and avionic windows, with demand growing to $1.1 billion in ten years. It is typically for electronic shading in place of physical blinds, or a semi-transparent PV window to generate electricity locally. As the only comprehensive report covering the technologies and markets, it will assist all in the value chain including building and vehicle designers, sellers and users.
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Perowskit-Photovoltaik 2018-2028 

This report gives a detailed introduction on the status of perovskite solar cells both in the technology perspective and business aspect. Technology benchmarking and market analysis are performed to analyse the potential of perovskite solar cells in a number of applications such as utility, BIPV, smart window, outdoor furniture, etc. By 2028 the market is expected to reach over $500 million.
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Möglichkeiten der OLED-Beleuchtung 2017-2027: Prognosen, Technologien, Akteure 

OLED lighting is an emerging solid-state lighting technology. It potentially provides a route into the large and growing global lighting market. It however faces a critical differentiation challenge vis-à-vis incumbents such as inorganic LED lighting. IDTechEx has assessed the technology and markets for OLED technology in the lighting sector. We find that the market will be slow to take off until 2019/2020 but will reach 2.5 billion USD in 2027.
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Metamaterial- und Metasurface-Märkte Elektromagnetisch 2022-2042 

Uniquely, this 307-page report gives the essential 20 year forecasts, roadmaps, latest strategy, market, company, technology appraisals presented in clear new infograms, tables, graphs and pictures. It is for those wishing to make, integrate or use new compounds, metamaterials, metasurfaces, reprogrammable intelligent surfaces. See best practice and gaps in the market - formulations, printing, laminating, city deployment etc. without blinding mathematics. Identify partners and acquisitions to create a billion-dollar activity.
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Bewertung des Marktes für Graphen und 2D-Materialien 2021-2031 

Graphen gilt seit langem als „Wundermaterial“ und als die Lösung für viele weltweite Herausforderungen. Die Realität sieht ganz anders aus, und die unmittelbaren Auswirkungen sind nicht zu beobachten. Die Branche hat jedoch in den letzten zehn Jahren Fortschritte gemacht, und es ist jetzt ein Wendepunkt zu beobachten, an dem bemerkenswerte Versuche zu Aufträgen, bedeutenden Kapazitätsinstallationen und Preissenkungen führen. Dieser Bericht befasst sich sowohl mit Graphenpulver/Plättchen als auch mit Filmen/Wafern. Benchmarking-Studien, granulare Prognosen, Unternehmensprofile, Herstellerkapazität/Einnahmen/Gewinn- und Verlustrechnung sind alle enthalten. IDTechEx blickt auf eine lange Geschichte in dieser Branche zurück und nutzt umfassende Primärforschung, um dem Leser die genauesten und aktuellsten technischen und Marktinformationen zu liefern. Über Graphen hinaus gibt es eine neu aufkommende Familie von 2D-Materialien, jeweils mit einzigartigen Eigenschaften und Potenzialen für eine Reihe kommerzieller Anwendungen. Fast alle befinden sich in einem sehr frühen Entwicklungsstadium. IDTechEx bietet eine Bewertung und einen Ausblick mit besonderem Schwerpunkt auf Bornitrid, Übergangsmetall-Dichalcogeniden, MXenen und Xenen.
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Tragbare Sensoren 2021-2031 

This report provides a comprehensive overview of every type of sensor technology used in wearable devices today. Based on a decade of dedicated research focusing on the hardware in wearables, this report covers existing and future technology options, the commercial landscape for sensors today, and the key players involved in each sensor type and end market.
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Transparente leitfähige Folien und Materialien 2019-2029: Prognosen, Technologien, Akteure 

The market for transparent conductive films and materials has been rapidly changing. This continuing transformation is taking place at all levels: technologies, applications and suppliers. In this report we provide the most comprehensive and authoritative view of this industry.
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Quantenpunktmaterialien und -technologien 2020-2030: Trends, Märkte, Akteure 

IDTechEx Research has been analysing the technologies and markets for quantum dots since 2013. Since that time, it has stayed extremely close to the latest research and market developments via its interview programme and company and conference visits.
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