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This is the IDTechEx master report for Wearable Technology

Prognosen zur tragbaren Technologie: 2020-2030

This report is the culmination of IDTechEx's research in wearables over the last decade, containing summaries and outlook for each wearable technology product, sector, and trend. The report contains historic data back to 2010 and market forecasts to 2030 on 52 different product categories. The report also comes with a significant section discussing the effect of the COVID-19 epidemic on the different sectors, updated over time to give the latest outlook.
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Tragbare Sensoren 2021-2031 

This report provides a comprehensive overview of every type of sensor technology used in wearable devices today. Based on a decade of dedicated research focusing on the hardware in wearables, this report covers existing and future technology options, the commercial landscape for sensors today, and the key players involved in each sensor type and end market.
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Optik und Displays in AR, VR und MR 2020-2030: Technologien, Akteure und Märkte 

Optics and displays used in augmented, mixed, and virtual reality displays impact the user experience of an immersive environment, hence the quality of these technologies are of paramount importance to future device adoption. This report disseminates the different types of optics used in different devices, and forecasts their growth in the future. Within displays, six key technologies are identified and compared across both AR/MR and VR devices. After this detailed analysis, both topic areas have market forecasts up to 2030, totaling to over $28Bn by 2030.
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E-Textilien und intelligente Kleidung 2020-2030: Technologien, Märkte und Akteure 

Electronic textiles involves the combination of electronic functionality within textiles. From active heating or lighting in textiles, to biometric monitoring and other advanced functionalities, this emerging industry includes a wide variety of technology and product options. Developed over 5 years, this report is a comprehensive overview of the industry, including the entire value chain and reviews of the activity of over 200 companies.
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Hearables 2020-2030: Technologie, Akteure und Prognosen 

Hearables are wireless electronic products worn in, on or around the ear. They include products such as headphones, hearing aids, cochlear implants, and related areas. They have applications including combinations of infotainment, hearing assistance and augmentation, health monitoring and more, based primarily in the consumer electronics and healthcare sectors. This report is the most comprehensive review of the whole hearables market and technology landscape.
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Augmented-, Mixed- und Virtual-Reality 2020-2030: Prognosen, Märkte und Technologien 

VR, MR and AR products are used by many companies for day-to-day workflow management and on production lines. This market, which IDTechEx forecasts' predict to be over $30Bn by 2030. This is a diverse market, and this report reviews 100 products and details of over 80 companies. The report includes trends from the past decade of products, comparing attributes such as weight and field of view.
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Fortschrittliche Wundversorgungstechnologien 2020-2030 

The market for advanced wound care technologies is forecast to exceed $22 billion by the year 2030, driven mainly by the increase in demand by aging populations and the increasing prevalence of diabetes worldwide. With this increasing burden on healthcare systems around the world, advanced wound care products will focus on improving the wound care patient pathway and increasing the cost effectiveness of treatments.
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Sprach-, sprech- und konversationsbasierte Benutzeroberflächen 2019-2029: Technologien, Akteure, Märkte 

This report emphasized the trend of deploying speech/voice-based user interface in emerging devices and various applications. Both hardware and software technologies are introduced including voice-enabled smart speakers, microphone arrays, MEMS speakers, voice SoC, speech recognition, natural language understanding and speech synthesis. These technologies can disrupt tremendous applications such as automotive, healthcare, home automation and education, to name a few as examples. The speech/voice-based user interface is paving a way for new business models and revenue channels, with the potential to change our lifestyle. In 2029, the market value can reach $ 15.5 billion.
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Elektronische Skin Patches 2021-2031 

This report characterizes the markets, technologies and players in electronic skin patches. With coverage across 28 application areas and over 130 companies, historic market data from 2010-2020 and market forecasts from 2021 to 2031, it is the most comprehensive study compiled for this emerging product area. It reveals significant opportunity, passing $10bn in annual revenue in 2021, including sectors such as CGM, vital sign monitoring and many related areas.
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Eliminierung von Batterien in der Elektronik: Marktwirkung IoT, 6G, Gesundheitswesen, Wearables 2021-2041 

Boost your sales of devices and battery replacement technologies by understanding battery-free IoT, implants, wearables, smart buildings. Ride the wave of new enablers from 6G Communications wireless information and energy transfer WIET to triboelectrics, pseudocapacitors, skin biofuelcells and plastic film all-in-one multimodal harvesting with storage. Learn how the research pipeline is even leading to batteryless cellphones, smart watches, body area networks and $121 billion in 2041
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Haptik 2021-2031: Technologien, Markt und Akteure 

Haptics are found throughout many familiar product types, from smartphones and games console controllers to cars and industrial equipment. The technology behind this market has changed significantly in the last five years. Decades-old incumbents have been replaced in key markets, and a rich selection of other emerging technologies approach commercialisation. This report assesses all of the key markets and technologies in the diverse and changing haptics industry.
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Flexible, gedruckte und Dünnschichtbatterien 2020-2030: Technologien, Märkte und Akteure 

IDTechEx has tracked the technology, player and market development of flexible, thin film and printed batteries since 2014. This report provides detailed technological analysis, market status introduction, market assessment, opportunity and barrier discussion, player activity tracking, and gives 10-year market forecast by technology and application.
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Gedruckte und flexible Sensoren 2020-2030: Technologien, Akteure, Prognosen 

This IDTechEx Research report provides an extensive overview of the underlying technology and applications of most types of printed sensors. This includes organic and hybrid photodetectors, piezoresistive and piezoelectric pressure sensors, stretchable strain sensors, temperature sensors, printed electrodes for skin patches, biosensors, and ITO alternatives for capacitive touch sensors. By profiling over 50 companies we map the commercial adoption prospects and challenges for each technology and develop granulated market forecasts that span all sensor types, technologies, and applications.
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Energiegewinnung für elektronische Geräte 2020-2040 

New IDTechEx report, "Energy Harvesting for Electronic Devices 2020-2040" comes at just the right time. The world's first self-powered smartwatches have just arrived. They are not full-function but we are getting there. Then come large numbers of harvesters in Internet of Things nodes, medical implants and wearables. This is the only comprehensive analysis of needs, technologies, their combinations with 20 year technology and market forecasts, gaps in the market.
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Flexible Hybrid-Elektronik 2020-2030: Anwendungen, Herausforderungen, Innovationen und Prognosen 

This IDTechEx Research report covers all aspects of Flexible Hybrid Electronics, including an assessment of the enabling technologies and challenges, over 30 prototype case studies, technology adoption roadmaps, and detailed market forecasts. FHE is set to disrupt the existing electronics landscape, finally realizing the vision of ubiquitous electronics and facilitating novel applications. The trends, forecasts and innovation opportunities outlined in this report provide a roadmap to this transition.
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Flexible Elektronik im Gesundheitswesen 2020-2030 

This report covers the latest applications of flexible electronics in healthcare, including electronic skin patches, electronic textiles, electrochemical test strips and smart blister packs. With increasing decentralization in the healthcare system enabled by the digital health movement, flexible electronics is well positioned to provide comfortable and long-term remote patient monitoring solutions. Flexible electronics enable new form factors and new products in health monitoring, a significant market worth over $8.3 billion in 2030.
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Herz-Kreislauf-Erkrankungen 2020-2030: Trends, Technologien und Ausblick 

The prevalence of CVD and the high economic burden it represents to healthcare systems demonstrate the urgent necessity for solutions to address this epidemic. This report highlights current trends, analyses market landscapes and offers insights into opportunities and challenges for the future. Its investigation into emerging technologies is divided into three parts - detection, monitoring and treatment - to provide an in-depth assessment of recent and upcoming developments.
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Flexible, gedruckte OLED-Displays 2020-2030: Prognosen, Märkte, Technologien 

This report provides a comprehensive assessment of OLED display technologies and markets. Granular forecasts and historic data are provided for eight market applications - cellphones, tablets/computers, TV, automotive, wearable, industrial/professional, Micro OLED and other - by substrate (glass, rigid plastic and foldable) - broken down by area, average panel price and market value. The report covers global progress with particular focus on Asian activities. Technical progress is assessed by technical IDTechEx analysts with roadmaps towards flexible or printed displays.
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Flexible, gedruckte und organische Elektronik 2020-2030: Prognosen, Technologien, Märkte 

This report provides the most comprehensive view of the flexible, printed and organic electronics industry, giving detailed ten year forecasts by device type along with assessment of the trends, capabilities and market successes (and failures). The market is analyzed by each component type in addition to assessing the market value by printed vs non printed, rigid vs flexible electronics and much more. Key components covered include displays, sensors, batteries, logic, functional ink, e-textiles and more.
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Patientenfernüberwachung 2019-2029 

As healthcare spending around the world increases, innovative methods of delivering cost-effective healthcare must be developed. Remote patient monitoring (RPM), referring to the measurement and analysis of a patient's health status without needing to be physically present at a medical facility or in the presence of a medical professional, has emerged as a promising technology to drive down healthcare costs while maintaining a high standard of care for patients.
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Dehnbare und konforme Elektronik 2019-2029 

This report provides you with everything that you need to know about stretchable electronics. It provides the most comprehensive and insightful view of this diverse emerging industry, discussing each of the different stretchable materials/components available and/or being developed today, referencing over 60 product types that may integrate stretchable electronics, covering the progress of more than 100 companies and 25 research institutes including first-hand primary research on 62 companies, and providing ten-year market forecasts segmented by more than 14 material/component areas.
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Technologien für die Diabetesbehandlung 2019-2029: Technologie, Akteure und Prognosen 

This report covers the entire landscape for diabetes management devices, including mature, emerging and future options. The report has been researched via primary interviews with companies, physicians and diabetic individuals to characterize and predict the technology landscape for diabetes devices over the coming decade. In total, activities of 75 companies are covered throughout the report, ranging from the largest players to technology developers and startups developing the next generation of device options.
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Nicht toxische Materialien für Elektronik/Elektrik: Große aufstrebende Märkte 2018-2028 

Poisonous materials are arriving in many electronic and electrical devices and structures. Mostly, there is no listing of them, assessment of risks, description of alternatives. For the first time this report looks at the toxicity and likely prevalence of the burgeoning number of materials and devices of concern, making recommendations concerning better legal constraints. It reveals many little known alternatives that are safer in manufacture, use, abuse and disposal.
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Invasive und nicht-invasive neuronale Schnittstellen: Prognosen und Anwendungen 2018-2028 

Neural interfaces have garnered increasing attention allowing us to gain insight on the brain, improve treatments, and interact in greater depth with the world around us. EEG probes currently dominate this space, a traditional, low-cost technology; they account for more than $1B a year in revenue. The invasive probes market, however, is expected to rise in the coming decade as more innovative technologies and treatments are on the horizon.
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Neuroprothetik 2018-2028: Technologien, Prognosen, Akteure 

Neuroprosthetics is a growing field that has the potential to re-engineer a patient's lost sense of sight, sound, and even touch. Projected to reach $18 billion by 2028, this report details the emerging technologies and steps that are being taken by multiple companies working to bring these innovative devices from the bench to the bedside.
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