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23 Mar 2020

CamX Power

CamX Power are a company focussed on battery materials and design. They have licensed cathode material to Johnson Matthey and BASF.
11 Feb 2020

Leclanché (2019)

Leclanché are a premium European battery maker and energy storage solutions provider based in Switzerland. The company supplies battery solutions to many industries, from industrial vehicles and stationary energy storage to robotics.
22 Nov 2019

BMW Forges Ahead with E-Mobility and Secures Long-Term Battery Needs

The BMW Group is forging ahead with electromobility and deepening its existing business relationships with battery cell manufacturers CATL and Samsung SDI.
8 Nov 2019


Silatronix is a Wisconsin-based firm that has developed flame-retardant additives for Li-ion batteries based on organosilicon compounds. This profile is an updated version. IDTechEx senior analyst Lorenzo Grande interviewed Silatronix VP Global Sales Carl Thoemmes in 2016.
9 Nov 2018

BMW sets out electric vehicle plan

By 2021, the BMW Group will have five all-electric models: the BMW i3, the MINI Electric, the BMW iX3, the BMW i4 and the BMW iNEXT. By 2025, that number is set to grow to at least twelve models. Including plug-in hybrids - whose electrically powered range will increase significantly in the coming year - the BMW Group's electrified product portfolio will then comprise at least 25 models.
25 Oct 2018

BMW to develop sustainable life cycle loop for batteries

The BMW Group, Northvolt and Umicore have formed a joint technology consortium in order to work closely together on the continued development of a complete and sustainable value chain for battery cells for electrified vehicles in Europe.
28 Sep 2018

Will battery second life have an impact on recycling?

2018 is regarded as the beginning year for battery recycling as the first batch of batteries are gradually coming out of electric vehicles. Umicore has recently announced their investment plan in ramping up battery recycling capacity in preparation for the boom of spent EV batteries. By 2018, we will already have around 33,000 retired electric vehicle battery packs (including electric passenger cars and buses) which amounts to around 1GWh storage capacity.
16 Apr 2018

BASF Battery Materials

BASF is arguably the world's largest chemical company. After a successful stint with NiMH batteries, the company is trying to replicate that success with new cathode materials for Li-ion batteries.
7 Apr 2018

Umicore Rechargeable Battery Materials

Umicore is a Belgian company with the largest market share of LCO for Li-ion batteries. The company is now operating facilities for recycling spent Li-ion batteries
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28 Mar 2018

Leading Players Speak at Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing

The electric vehicle industry is on fire. Leading players of the emerging electric vehicle industry to speak at Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing in Berlin on 11-12 April.
17 Oct 2017

Launch of European battery alliance

Battery alliance announced in Brussels aims to expedite European battery cell manufacturing.
20 Dec 2016


Silatronix is a Wisconsin-based firm that has developed flame-retardant additives for Li-ion batteries based on organosilicon. All major battery makers are testing their compound at the moment.
17 Apr 2015

IDTechEx analyses the high stakes of the future automotive industry

Why BASF sues Umicore, Toyota launches fuel cell cars, VW buys a solid state battery company and all car companies are rushing behind Google for automation? The bigger picture of the high stakes of the future automotive industry.
21 Jul 2014

Can the world's most promising electric-car battery be saved?

Over the last half-dozen years, a swarm of companies from around the world including General Motors has snapped up licenses for a lithium-ion electrode that promised to deliver the next big step in making electric cars competitive with conventional vehicles.
25 Jul 2013

Batteries 2020 - towards competitive European automotive batteries

The Basque R&D Centre IK4-IKERLAN is leading the European project 'Batteries 2020', which anticipates reusing the batteries as accumulators for renewable energies once they can no longer be used for automotive purposes.
6 Mar 2013

Honda reuses rare earth metals from NiMH batteries for hybrid vehicles

Honda Motor Company has established a process to reuse rare earth metals extracted from nickel-metal hydride batteries for new nickel-metal hydride batteries to recycle precious resources.
22 Nov 2012

Lessons from EU Project Day on eMobility

In Brussels, Belgium, on November 19, there was a day devoted to presenting most of the European Union projects on eMobility. This is a term used in Continental Europe to mean what they call Full Electric Vehicles (FEV) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), mainly on-road.
24 Mar 2011

European battery project SOMABAT begins

The SOMABAT (SOlid MAterials for high power Li polymer BATteries) project is a recent venture that aims to produce working prototype lithium polymer batteries for use in commercial electric vehicles. Various parameters will be explored by a European research conglomerate consisting of 13 partners with the primary goals set to decrease environmental impact, increase stability and enhance performance.
17 Nov 2010

Dyesol and Umicore announce alliance in dye solar cells

Dyesol Limited and Umicore have signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) and entered negotiations to establish a business alliance covering the development, production and marketing, at high quality and industrial scale, of Ruthenium-based dyes, as well as other potentially relevant metal-based chemicals, for the global dye solar cell market.
12 Mar 2010

Flexible PV with storage - basic hardware platform

There is a new energy harvesting project that IDTechEx believes could lead to a basic hardware platform for the new printed flexible electronics, incorporated in many products in most applicational sectors from military to consumer packaged goods.