An IDTechEx Conference SeriesElectric Vehicles - land, sea, and airElectric Vehicles - land, sea, and air
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"Good event. Lots of smart ideas and presentations"
Ford Motor Co
"Variety of speakers across the different areas of subject matter made this conference well rounded"
Trust Automation Inc
"I think you did a great job of pulling together people who do not normally cross paths at other conferences"
AFS Trinity
"This was an excellent conference"
IEEE Vehicular Technology Society
"It is a good mix and will be difficult to better"
KleenSpeed Technologies
"Interesting conference and mix between industry and academia"
Eindhoven University of Technology
"I was very impressed by their professionalism and expert execution of the conference"
"The event was wonderful and I learned a lot!"
"I enjoyed it very much"
KillaCycle Racing
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Electric Vehicles Land, Sea & Air Europe 2011

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The only event that gives emphasis to the 50% of the EV market beyond cars

Major breakthroughs in design and technology appear in other electric vehicles before they appear in cars. Whether by land, water or air, electric vehicles need motors, controls, batteries, and often supercapacitors (ultracapacitors) and advanced structural composites. Marine vehicles, military vehicles and oddly buses are often the first to innovate in electric vehicle design and componentry.

There are many lessons to be learned for on-road vehicles. These include the way some marine vehicles employ multiple forms of energy harvesting, how unmanned electric aircraft have successfully used third generation lithium-ion batteries and from aircraft and boats using nothing but solar power. The trend to AC traction motors has been impeded by cost, lack of superlative performance and difficulty in making compact in-wheel versions, but these limitations are rapidly being overcome with the results first seen in unusual forms of e-mobility.

Many EV manufacturers are now more efficiently leveraging their skills by broadening their ranges to capture the economy of scale.

Why attend Europe’s flagship event for Electric Vehicles?

This is the only event encompassing all forms of electric vehicles; land, sea and air!

• EV industry giants will be speaking – they cannot afford to miss the opportunity of a $500 billion new business in the making... can you?

• Find out the current global market size, analysis, roadmaps and latest ten-year forecasts – plus benchmark best practices across all EVs.

• Excellent networking opportunities – make new contacts and create new business opportunities with a broader customer base.

• Learn about the activities of the most important EV manufacturers.

• Discover investment opportunities and perspectives.

50+ speakers will provide you with the latest innovations from across the industry for:

Land-based EVs: on-road and off-road

Sea-based EVs: on-water, underwater and AUVs

Air-based EVS: manned aircraft and UAVs

New components: including energy harvesters, photovoltaics, energy storage and printed & flexible electronics/electrics

Plus: hybrid supercapacitors/batteries, third generation traction batteries, smart skin and gas turbine range extenders... and much more.

This event provides a platform for:

  • electric vehicle manufacturers to diversify and make vehicles for many uses
  • components and subsystems suppliers to make their products available for as many vehicles as possible - land, sea and air
  • electricity suppliers, regulators, analysts and investment experts to assess the whole market while others miss most of these aspects
  • research efforts, challenges and future breakthroughs to be covered
  • Exhibitors at Future of Electric Vehicles USA 2010 included:

    Conference & Exhibition Venue
    Tainer Straße 7
    Fellbach, Stuttgart
    D-70734, Germany
    Tuesday 28 & Wednesday 29 June
    Registration from - 7:30am
    Conference start - 8:30am
    Gala Awards Dinner Venue
    Tainer Straße 7
    Fellbach, Stuttgart
    D-70734, Germany
    Tuesday 28 June
    Reception Drinks - 7:00pm
    Gala Awards Dinner - 7:30pm

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