E-mobility Reinvented
10 - 11 May 2017 | Berlin, Germany

Vehicles on Show

Nuon Solar Team (Stand J05)

The Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing exhibition will feature the world record-holding solar racing car 'Nuna', developed by the Nuon Solar Team. The Nuon Solar Team have won the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge six times, which saw their solar car crossing Australia, 3000 miles from Darwin to Adelaide.

In October 2017 the Nuon Solar Team will participate in the World Solar Challenge in Australia for the ninth time. This is the ultimate sustainable challenge. The solar car 'Nuna' uses solely the energy of the sun during the race of 3000 kilometres through the Australian outback. The combination of the high-end technology, renewable energy and the excitement of the race reflects the vision of the Nuon Solar Team towards a sustainable future in which energy is used in the most efficient way possible.

Solar Team Eindhoven (H05)

Solar Team Eindhoven will be exhibiting the Stella Lux at the Electric Vehicles: Everything Is Changing exhibition. Solar Team Eindhoven has been developing and building practical, energy independent vehicles since 2013. Stella Lux, the latest model, is energy positive. This means the vehicle gathers more energy than it needs for average driving in the Dutch climate, by an average Dutch driver.

Solar Team Eindhoven is based in Eindhoven, Netherlands and is entirely run by students. Solar Team Eindhoven has been the winner of the last 2 editions of the World Solar Challenge Cruiser class. In 2015, they received a Techcrunch Crunchie Award for "Best Technology Achievement" beating Apple, SpaceX and ESA